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A Classified Installation I want to visit – CHEYENNE MOUNTAIN

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IF I ever get what I’m owed by the US Government (About $11 million USD+)

One thing I’d like to do is pimp out a luxury Motor Home. You know, the million dollar kind. Paint it all black and deeply tint the windows to make it as conspicuous as all hell. Outfit it with all kinds of surveillance equipment. Satellite. Transceivers. Cameras and radio equipment viewing all spectrums. Lots of computers. Alienware. Of course.

Hire some REALLY gorgeous women in a variety of professional who also have VERY with flexible morals.

And then tour the secret sites of the United States.

Sites that are frequently referred to as fiction and most unimaginative people accept as such.

And. Well. Patient man with two gorgeous and morally flexible women wants unfettered access to these complexes asking for a tour.

Man gets what he wants.

Here’s One place WE would visit on that list:

The Cheyenne Mountain Complex, Home of STARGATE


Most people have heard about it. And much of what lies beneath the mountains is no longer classified as Top Secret as it once was.

There’s a trick to Top Secret though for it to work right – it HAS to be placed in public awareness for it to remain in existence.

Originally created to house an artificially intelligent program called WHOPR and protect the general population from it, Cheyenne Mountain, is the de-facto home of the very real Stargate Program that’s been up and running since 1978.

What most people don’t know is Stargate was incepted at Fort Meade, Maryland, one and the same place that yours truly received his training!

What Stargate is is something called a stable wormhole which takes those who pass through the ‘event horizon’ of the wormhole, once opened, to alternate versions of Earth. It literally deconstructs , atomically, anything that passes through the event horizon and reconstructs your atoms ‘on the receiving side.

Sound scary? Don’t be. It’s all Elementary Physics 101.

Now what’s interesting to note is Project Stargate is the first project commissioned by the not so well known National Science Agency – a counterpart to the National Security Agency – which had one explicit requirement when developing ANY NEW exotic technology based on fictional shows.

For ANY and ALL devices, apparatuses and computer based material which would be used in the actual operations of a project, a language would be created for OPERATIONAL USE only.

What this meant was – Project Stargate was the first project which those participating in it were required to create a language for operations. The primary goal was to deter espionage activities, followed by other goals which Hollywood would learn about later.

Here’s an image of the entrance to the Cheyenne Mountain Complex itself, built into the side of the mountain:


Here’s an image of the primary entrance to Cheyenne Mountain (always guarded):


Here’s a screenshot of the dialing program which is used to open and shut the wormhole:


And here’s an image of the actual Stargate in operation:


Now interestingly enough, Hollywood was tapped creatively to develop the language as well as the Translocatable Access Pad (TAP for short), which was set on the other side of an open wormhole to open up the return Stargate portal – pictured here:


And here’s a list of the characters created for triangulating destination points of the Stargate based on constellations.


I won’t get into details of how the Stargate works. In 1994, 16 years after Hollywood had been approached about the project and assisted the US Government, Hollywood released a movie based on their knowledge of the Stargate referred to – cleverly – as “Stargate”.

In 1997, the TV series was released which detailed the actual day to day operations. It was briefly suspected that there was an ‘inside man or woman’ feeding Hollywood information about the missions.

Due to Hollywood’s influence, The Senate became involved, and in 1999, oversight of Project Stargate was shifted to civilian oversight.

The US Military still has a strong presence there, to this day.





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