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I used to live in Scottsdale.

I just received an email from an exclusive and very expensive gym in Gainey Ranch called ‘The Village’, from a woman named Kimber, for the low low price of $400 a month I too can be a member.

Now if you could imagine an exclusive hoighty-toighty gym.

You know, the likes where you’d work out with local athletes and local news anchors when they’re not using their private recreation facilities.

This is precisely where you’d go.

That’s why I checked into it.  I enjoyed Lifetime Fitness and was using it regularly – paying $110 a month. So at a time I was considering dropping my coke habit of $1200 a month and figured I could hobknob with the local elite as a gift to myself, at the advice of Rachel Gooch who herself was definitely in ‘the class’ I was interested in being a part of, I considered joining the club…

Now back to the email:

If you could imagine a hoighty toighty snobbish club in a ritzy area.

Is it hat hard to imagine it’s a woman with the name of “Kimber” who would be sales staff?

Now it wouldn’t be the same and fit ‘the image’ of a ritzy club like this if the woman’s name was something like Jessica or Michelle, would it?

No. Kimber.

But look. I’m a sucker for the imagery, I admit it, and actually smile at the artificially imposed class distinctions put in place by this wonderful, this beautiful, this magnificent system around me.

Peering ‘behind the curtain’ as I am, seeing the reality of games such as “The Sims” and “Civilization” and how they have been used to develop societies and cultures, along with creating predictable behavior for someone like me who needs this predictability…

I’m sincerely.


To this planet.

Whether it’s understanding our digital history served in part to help create and shape this world around us.

Or it’s the predictable visuals.

I can spot a CEO or C Level executive in any crowd because of similarities in their faces.

All news anchors sound and act the same on tv, despite supposedly different educational and experiential backgrounds, complete with the same down tones on every ending.

Highly predictable.

Lawyers. In the ‘real world’ mind you – all tend to have the same elongated face.  As if the impression made by Lincoln required this look.

Whether it’s names of people you’d only find in the hood such as Javis, or names you’d only find in the past ‘elite society’ such as Buffy.

Is the world a projection of me?

No. I can say that for certain.

You. it’s you. You beautiful, amazing creatures who refer to yourselves as humans.

I can’t say I fully understand you.

I understand many of you regard form like I would a vehicle, and you have the capability to shift between different bodies like I could a car.

Not all of you are like this.

Look. I made a mistake growing up and into who I am today.

And that mistake was simple ignorance.

But I am THANKFUL I made that mistake.

I tried things. I made choices. I experienced life. I made mistakes. Horrible mistakes. Wonderful mistakes. I also made choices I’m proud of that helped define me, who I want to be, and what’s important to me not just in the past – but in the present and moving forward.

I’d told myself the story that video games were modeled after the real world.

That story is largely not always true. More times than not, video games are actual paths this thing called ‘existence’ experimented with much like i experimented with drugs and alcohol and sex.

Social Class.



All provide highly predictable influencers on what to expect in a general sense when analyzing this..




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