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I want to be a shapeshifter

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I would love to shape shift.

I’ve worked so hard to try to shape my body through traditional means – diet, exercise.

I’m beginning to think it could be and has always been so much easier than that.

I imagine the figure I want. The image I want.

And ‘voila’

I’ve got a six pack abs and look like I’m the same me – only I am now in the best shape of my life.

For the women, it’s a win/win. I become the perfect 29 year old male of their dreams with an amazing body.

And I have fun cavorting with women.

Heck I might even get into porn for a living.

Homeless dude gets off street through porn.

Or let’s say I feel real wild one of these days.

I imagine myself as a 24 year old woman who looks like a supermodel.

And boom. I’m a woman.

I then go work at a strip club in Las Vegas for $1000 a night.

I’d have to learn how to dance.

Lol. Not really. Most of those women don’t do much of anything beyond shake their ass. I’d be fine with that.

Or I could be Bill Gates just long enough to make a few purchases. Buy a jet. Plunk down some money on a new movie studio I’d head up as myself, a movie studio geared towards making rated NC17 high quality science fiction using high priced intellectual property franchises such as Star Trek.

Heck I might make the man broke in a heartbeat with my penchant for hiring or creating clones or androids of the original women who looked and sounded exactly like the real women did at their young age when they made their appearances on the show.

Oddly enough. Female form sounds like fun though.

To have an orgasm as a female. Heck, I’m not gay, but having sex with a guy as I would most certainly do would still decidedly not make me gay just enjoying the female body for a change of pace.

Do I fear getting ‘stuck’ in these other forms.

No. not really. It’s like taking a hallucinogenic I figure. The if it appeared like I’d gotten ‘stuck’ in a form, I know that would only be temporary and I just need be patient for the effect to wear off.

Would I impersonate the President?

A personal rule I’d have for myself as a shapeshifter would be to respect the man in the office. Period end of story. Even if asked BY him, that’s something I’d just not be willing to do for personal reasons.

Would I rob a bank? Look, let’s be honest with eachother, there’s no need. I sincerely don’t feel like dipping into Bill Gates’ accounts would be theft, for the simple reason that we all have our own different version of reality to bend, twist and play with as we see fit. It’s a philosophical belief.

Which is why I’d have no problem with taking Rachel and Jackie as slaves. But that’s another entry altogether.

Actors and actresses. I might do impersonations here and there, but take an acting gig using their name or likeness?


Why? Simple: These people have entertained me for years, and I respect their body of work and wouldn’t want it contaminated.

Hopefully they’d show me the same respect for me and my life.

I suppose as a shapeshifter I’d just try things out. I might experiment with color. Turn myself into a blue alien for fun, and avoid backwater roads in Kentucky as I experimented like this. I might experiment with height, change myself to someone small who actually fits in airplane seats for a change. I might experience with weight, with hair and hair color, with tattoos and other markings, heck I might even turn myself into cyborg and set someone up to pretend I’m on a remote control as steer me as a Terminator through crowds at Universal Studios.

I might experiment with animal form and permutations. If I sprouted wings, could I actually leverage them to fly? Could I become a real centaur? Could I alter my form to look like the devil?

I might approach Hollywood with my gift.

Tell them “You don’t need costly CGI technology. I can play any character. and do it live”

And show them myself as a nude male and female, and then as a variety of characters based on superheroes and comic books.

Mystique needs her counterpart.

Heck they might even make movies just for me to perform like a puppet on a string.

That could be fun…

I might trace down my old friends, and try to seduce each one of them.

Just because I could.

I might try to find others like me. And make games of seduction and create a list and compete with them on who we could bed.

Then again.

I might just kick back in my normal form.

This dude named Brian.

Call it my base. My primitive.

And see if I couldn’t shapeshift into both a man and woman simultaneously.

Just to have sex with myself without involving my hands.

Would I go insane?

Could my own mind handle it all?

I think so.

But then again.

This is reality, right? These things I want to experiment with are just impossible, aren’t they?

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