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Did you know?

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Did you know Einstein proved through Basic Physics that magic exists with his equation e=mc^2?


The equation states – SIMPLY – that mass is directly convertible to energy and back again, which makes it so anything you can imagine is real.

If you’re an IT geek and into TCP/IP programming, this is why you came up with terms such as ‘the data fell in a black hole’..

It REALLY did…

Did you know the President by any face – whether it’s Obama, Bush, Reagan and so on – is one and the same being?

Did you know the President stores his ‘memories’ in a diary that he keeps tucked away inside his desk?

Does HE know that other nations and entities have learned how to manipulate and literally rewrite the pages of this book without ever having to have physical access to it? I have no doubt he does….

… but talk about a never ending story!

Did you know the Terminator wars are a part of our actual history?

And the Matrix? And Fight Club? and the Stepford Wives? and Wargames? And Transformers? Tron? Star Wars? The Simpsons? Gilligan’s Island? Brady Bunch? And so on, and so on, to infinity and b

Did you know Area 51 has a real spaceship there?

Did you know they crash land space faring vessels they ensnare at Area 51 intentionally…?

Did you know Area 51 has technology deployed at it which hides it from all known methods of reconnaissance?

Did you know the vast majority of people working at Area 51 arrive there via underground trains from Los Angeles, Phoenix and Las Vegas? Some arrive there via emergency flights from McCarran airport, there’s two unmarked L1011 aircraft which have an irregular schedule to and from Area 51.

Did you know that China and every country on this planet is formed by taking snapshots taken of the United States over periods of hundreds of millions of years?

Did you know parts of the world are holographic in nature, much like a simulation, such as building 7 which fell for no real reason in New York?

Did you know Hollywood doesn’t believe the moon landing occurred?

Did you know sentient robots from the Terminator wars are largely what control Hollywood?

Did you know that many cannot see outside of their city to know anything exists?

And there are many who believe the world is flat?

None are inaccurate, I might add…

Did you know that many shows regarded as science fiction such as Doctor Who and Star trek are filmed from actual events over millions of years?

Did you know that there’s living music? Not that much different than the living word…..

Did you know that there’s a real Stargate at Cheyenne Mountain and in the Arctic?

Did you know ghosts are real and many can think and that some are led around and commanded like a puppet on strings?

Did you know that some humans are also led around through technology like puppets on strings, or like avatars in a video game as well, and are commanded to do everything from kill to have sex and more through computer systems?

Did you know that every time I think about doing something, a part of me actually does and it integrates this within my experiences? And that everything I think of cascades throughout the world around me by developing the laws, rules, and system to reinforce whatever it is I am thinking.

Did you know this is why the homeless guy can’t find a job.

In the blink of an eye I spend a lifetime doing it and then return to precisely where I am at.

I’m not being offered anything which is in line with my desires and worthy of memory…..

Flat out I just don’t feel like having a job in the traditional way.

Being completely honest I didn’t know much of this until it started unfolding itself to me about 4 years ago.

Just when you think you got life figured out. You’re thrown an unimaginable curve-ball.


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