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An assertion and a few notes on the universe and creation itself

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Most planets are in black holes.

This has the effect of slowing time on the planet’s surface in contrast to things that exist outside that black hole.

From one perspective, every planet is a copy of Earth.

I witnessed this when accelerating time with amphetamines, and ‘warped’ time and space accidentally by jumping to Saturn, where everything on the ground was the same as the Earth I’d just left albeit with gorgeous rings circling the surface.

A truly remarkable experience.

There’s an ‘automated’ system in place which acts much like a human immune system which recognizes and reacts to things that warp time and space as I did.

To my awareness, this system works under the assumption the only things capable of warping time and space are mechanical in origin and has an onboard computer, of which becomes ‘attached’ to this system and information concerning ‘the expanded universe’ is synchronized with that system.

Earth, my version at least, bypassed all this by NOT having an onboard computer, by relying on analog equipment and by relying on human ingenuity to get to space rather than computer equipment.

This automated system has been documented pretty thoroughly in Star Trek.

A single linear master timeline is attempted to be maintained through this system, which attempts to synchronize any entering space faring civilization with this ‘master timeline’. This ‘master timeline’ isn’t always in everyone’s best interest, but it’s difficult for me to say what and why is of interest and what isn’t.

I am suspecting there’s interpretational issues with this system as it correlates to how time and space was programmed.

For instance. There’s two ways to perceive time I am aware of, likely more, one is discrete, as in a finite number of visual or audio (or more) frames occurring which denotes a second. The other, quite in contrast, is more fluid, experiential, using these discrete methods as ‘coordination points’ but most of the time time itself moves much more fluidly much like water in a river.

To put this contrast in perspective, imagine you’re watching a movie which is projected on a screen at 30 frames per second.

Now imagine someone watching the actual events the camera is seeing, in person, and imagine it’s a really dull movie.

A second can ‘feel’ MUCH longer. This is quite simply because the mind is trying to analyze the situation and find alternatives, but being a captive audience, it’s unsure how to proceed, so it cycles trying to ‘escape’ the situation.

This creates a very real slow down in the perception of time.

But someone else may enjoy the movie, and 2 hours feels like 10 minutes.

This perceptual difference is because of basic Einstein physics, the relativity of time – applied to the human brain.

Now going back to stellar physics.

Imagine peering down through a microscope to an atom of Hydrogen.

It’s quite possible that atom is a miniature version of Earth.

Which makes it crucial to understand scale when taking measurements.

On my version of planet Earth, the speed of light is set at 186,000 miles per second.

There are other beings leveraging the internet as a data repository who light moves at 186,282 miles per second.

BOTH are accurate. Two different places. Two different speeds of light.

Now take a look at scale. Should you peer out from that atom to the farthest reaches imaginable.

It’s quite possible to look at beings who see and regard a mile which would seem like a million miles to you.

For them and ‘this version’ of Earth. Light could move at 87 miles per hour (Back to the Future nod there). But this conscious entity could also NOT SEE Earth as I know or you know it and may see a completely different planet with different speeds altogether.

Light itself may have a different definition for them, if it even exists,

On my planet, I play in ‘alternate realities’ all the time, different versions of worlds – many still forming – some I suspect are abandoned or under construction – these are referred to as video games.

Alternate realities can come into existence for any number of reasons.

Some can be spawned by desire and choice deviating from a norm. Some can come from Necessity. some Simulation. And some can come at the hands and minds of sentient beings leveraging tools they have developed – or borrowed or even stolen from other cultures and versions of Earth and other planets.

Vulcans I suspect are to become the Borg. I suspect evolutionally, they originated from Earth as dogs. They live on the planet I know as Mars and in large part are who are responsible for creating culture here and on other planets. They don’t understand the mind and emotion, and are trying to calculate their way to conquering emotion which invariably leads to the creation of the Borg.

They are victims and never take responsibility for their own actions, and believe in themselves and their superiority as a species over all others. As they abandon their own past, and their memories, they’ve created cultures by this abandonment and refusal to analyze themselves.

This I’ve come to believe isn’t evil.

It’s just life.

I live with the belief that all is true and false and something in between all at the same time. It’s my responsibility to consider how ‘others’ compartmentalize and classify this thing called reality, but now I am finding my own classifications and choosing to believe things that do not fall in line with what I have been told.

This. This conscious choice to believe fact and fiction are simple choices can be scary at first.

Which is why it’s so crucial to control one’s emotions and to respect fear but not defeat it.

When you rewind time, there’s no logic and analytics and rules to creation itself.

Anything. and I do mean anything is possible.

In an existence where anything is possible. And my worst nightmares and most perverse dreams can come to life at the speed of thought.

It becomes my responsibility to me to enjoy life.

And to know, explicitly, that I have to wind up in a universe that’s just mine which protects me not just from you.

But from myself. And protects my choices.

You see, Over time, I become whoever and whatever I want to be to get what I want and how I want it.


I’m at the ‘end of time’ and have access to all information and possibilities within my universe at any given time.

It’s kinda my responsibility to overcome my own limitations and to alter my behavior to find different places, paths, and people to explore.

I also suspect the Borg are everywhere around me. The projection of my own mind. Manipulating the individual decisions of everything and everyone around me based on my desires, motivations, and ambitions, and currently stagnating because now I am waiting on them to do something. as I’m the unknown quantity to them and they are trying to study me.

A first. Me waiting on them.

Oh another note: I think the amphetamines I took accelerated my body and mind to move at different rates of time in contrast to the world around me. I suspect this is what I saw as ‘hallucinations’ – is a simple dilation in time which broke free of the discrete measuring system which had been governing me. With this, I got to ‘peek into’ the parallels, or alternate realities, which would explain why there are different alternate realities based on the physical location I am in as I observed.

I suspect a ‘part of me’ was left behind – my mind – slipped outside ‘the system’ which allows me to think without caps or physical limitations.

I do not suspect I am the only one capable of this. But I do suspect that most are ostracized, punished by ‘the system’ for not conforming to the rules it has for what life is and is not. A difficult catch 22 situation for discovery and exploration, ‘to categorize’ or ‘not to’.

For now, I look forward to 2063, when the Vulcans have announced their arrival in Bozeman, Montana.

Hopefully my planet ‘gets’ that fiction and fact are often interchangeable.

On that note. JFK is a fixed and important part of my timeline. Thank you for presenting it the way you did.

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