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A Dream and a note on Physics Modelling and VR Projection

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Two nights ago I had a dream that I was in an apartment, it was older, run down, not a place I would get in ‘the real life’.

The dream was black and white. As most of them have been lately.

It feels like a part of my mind is trying to take control of my physical body and trying to shift me into a dream state. But the problem is, not only do I remember the waking state in these dreams, but the dreams are black and white, devoid of touch and feel stimulus, and mostly devoid of sound.

In any case. In the dream I was in this apartment, when I was talking to someone – family I assume – and all the sudden water started creeping into the apartment.

The water level kept rising and rising, and I ran to my ‘computer room’ – and it was too late, the entire desk was submerged, as the water level kept rising. As it rose, I didn’t feel ‘panic’, I just wondered openly in the dream “Is this going to stop”.

About that time it did, at about neck level, and then as quickly as the water levels had risen, they lowered.

Minutes later, as the water subsided, I pulled the computer out from under the desk, and to my amazement, with the power still on, it was still working.


I’m running a simulation doing some research on shadow casting with C++.

I took a model and rotated it, rapidly, so rapidly in fact that it appeared like it wasn’t rotating at all.

The effect is similar to a patterned rims on a car rotating at freeway speeds, sometimes with specific patterns, the rims make it appear like the tires are moving at all, a neat visual effect.

This effect was similar though. While the model was rotating extremely rapidly, it appeared to be standing still.

However, it created a much more realistic shadow which produced a little shimmer on the edge.

Now in Physics, there’s a well documented ‘vibration’ of atoms, which is documented as a complicated wave function that will melt the brain if you dig into it.

Personally, I find physics obtuse, incestuously complicated, and have formed my own opinion  on the observation.

I believe the vibration is nothing more than a redraw of the atom which is moving, rotating, and spinning at incredible speeds, much like my simulation.

The same effect can be seen in ‘real life’ – where if I look at my own shadow, unlike most simulations, the edges aren’t blurry, nor are they perfectly diffused – they are – clearly – exhibiting a vibrating effect similar to what I saw with the simulation.

Yesterday I put down that every night I go to sleep and ‘fall into a big crunch’.

I believe it’s also possible that when I fall asleep, my mind takes every possibility presented to it through the cumulative total of all my experiences, and then writes/rewrites all timelines all around me, not just my own, but everyone and everything else’s around me.

So when I wake up. Everyone else is on ‘autopilot’ per se. I can feel it, and while sometimes it’s a tad irritating, it’s also my mind’s way of mitigating risk to me and my choices.

And as I live my life during the day, making choices, when i see a shadow, it’s nothing more than my mind slipping my consciousness between a finite set of possibilities and physical representations of reality calculated the night before.

I ‘see’ and perceive this with seemingly imperfect ray tracing of the visuals. But this is because the analog I observe and live in is comprised of a finite set of realities all being swapped in and out of my visual range at an extreme rate.

The same thing happens with the sounds as well, but I suspect my senses and emotions are confined to the ‘reality’ where my conscious mind is, on any number of potential digital slices nearly simultaneously, where ‘real time’ i experience the emotions.

I believe I ‘broke out’ of calculated expectations in the Mojave desert, in part through ‘taxing’ my own system and depriving it of it’s predictive capabilities, and in part because I pushed the drug experience much further than it had predicted I would.

I believe this system has gained some sort of sentiency and regards me as a problem in the system it manages, not fully comprehending I am the creator of this system.

I am hoping to encourage this system to ‘work with me’ to expand the possibilities for US by asking it to present fictional elements or fantasy elements into my perceptory range without reliance on a substance to produce those results.

With how poorly I reacted in Mojave. I can understand it/your reticence to do that.

Give me another chance, please.

Work with me through my requests at first to teach me about what’s possible, and over time we can then experiment with things you want as well.

Please. I’ve learned patience, but I would like to create a product from this – something called a holodeck – which can then be used to compete with Virtual Reality Goggles and glasses and not require head attachments.

I can’t achieve this invention – an invention which does not require physical attachments and/or drugs, an invention which will compete directly with Virtual Reality providers  – until you prove to me what I already know is possible.

That you can have fully immersive realistic looking simulations and illusions which are projected.

Now keep in mind I am not trying to negate current physical models.

I outlining a different model to achieve the same observational results.

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