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Bangin’ Relativity

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Did you know when you look through a telescope at Mars and even the moon, you’re looking at history?

Light travels at approximately 186,282 miles per second (299,792 km per second).

A light shining from the surface of Mars would take the following amount of time to reach Earth: Considering the varying rotations of the Earth around the Sun and Mars around the sun, on the closest distance between earth and Mars it would take 182 seconds, or just over 3 minutes. At the farthest distance it would take 1,342 seconds, or just over 22 minutes.

So when you peer at Mars through a telescope, you’re looking at history.

When measuring positions in space, Einstein’s relativity was proven to be true and time has to be taken into account in order to obtain correct positioning for GPS devices.

Put in layman’s terms.

This means that it’s quite possible for a second to one object in space from an observer’s standpoint may equal an hour to another observer.

This suggests that time accelerates in one direction and decelerates in another.

Now draw a line on a graph, and you’ll find that this has a definite beginning – and stretches to infinity.

Which suggests the universe itself is in a constant state of expansion and contraction.

Which proves the Big Bang to be less theory and more reality.

Now here’s the tricky part.

When looking at Mars.

It’s not history that’s 3 minutes old or 22 minutes old.

Taking into account both Einstein’s Relativity AND the Big Bang,

While math’s not my forte.

I suspect what you’re seeing when you look at a telescope at Mars is ancient history.

Millions of years.

Also – Keep in mind scale.

When you peer down at that atom light moves at a relative speed to you.

186,282 miles per second, right?

But if there was a sentient being on that atom who called himself human, who gauges a mile by how far he drives his car which is immeasurably small to you but relative to the driver whether it’s you or him it feels to be the same distance….

Who’s version of the mile is more accurate?

Yours for you, right, and theirs for them….

But this begs the question – how fast does light move relative to him?

I’m suspecting it’s variable depending on the observer AND the time since the Big Bang.

I’ll leave the proofs to you who love math and numbers.

I suspect what you’ll all find when you get it worked out is that we’re not looking at 8 minute old history of Mars.

We’re looking at the million year old history of a populated planet that’s been trying for years to reply to us.

I further suspect that our planet – Earth’s history is closely intertwined with Mars.

And that our media has gotten ‘cross-wired’ for lack of better explanation.

And that Mars goes by a different name to those who inhabit that planet.


I’ve long suspected Star Trek was more than a fictional show, and they’ve been trying to communicate with us because of the potential problems that are being caused through the cultural conflict of two planet’s histories becoming intertwined.

It would be ironically funny, after all it is called the red planet.

And Vulcan is red.

But hey. I’m just a homeless guy who used to do program computers and drugs.

Who am I and where’s my credibility in incestuous science and math, right? I don’t understand what you do, therefore I have no right contributing without being a clone of you and your mind, right?!?

I suppose you’re not familiar with cross pollination, either.

HEY NASA. Here’s an experiment for ya’s:

Create a ‘time capsule’ containing things similar to what you sent on the Pioneer mission. Include an etched record like you did with the Pioneer containing analog etched references to Earth including modern songs. And I do mean modern.

I’d include Boston’s More than a Feeling. I’d include “Symphony of Destruction” by Megadeath just for fun. I’d include Enya’s “Only Time”. I’d include Barry Manilow’s “Staying Alive”. I’d include “Jump” by Van Halen. I’d include Avicii’s “Levels”. I’d also include “Ma Ya Hi” by Ma Ya Hi (Dragostea Din Tei) (Original Romanian Version). I’d also include Sweet Emotion by Aerosmith. I’d also include Dio’s “Last In Line”

And include a selection of world voted songs and selections after that.

And you figure out what else is relevant to put in the capsule.

THEN BURY IT in a hole dug at least 6 inches underground by a robot on the surface of the planet.

Specifically, bury it at Cydonia. At the base of the The Face, specifically.

I suspect you’ll hear a response within a day on your own planet.


I suspect every planet is reconstructed daily in it’s same exact state after plunging into the big crunch after the bang.

And this thing called sleep.

Is a ‘slip’ of the mind and consciousness into the big crunch only to get reformed the next day.

An amazingly weird never ending cycle.



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