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Encounter at Farpoint

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When I put humanity on trial, as documented in human fiction Star Trek: The Next Generation, “Encounter at Farpoint”, I went away from that encounter, for lack of better words, questioning myself for the first time in my recountable life.

The events as depicted in Encounter at Farpoint are incredibly one sided.

Let me provide you my perspective on those events.

In 1969, Earth had unexpectedly come on my radar as you humans had made your way to the moon much earlier than I and the rest of the Continuum had predicted.

Shortly after this, I dropped by your planet and investigated it, incognito of course, and was aghast with the technology your species had used to get to achieve what you had. What you had done – was leverage deplorably antiquated technology – you didn’t even have transistors yet, let alone computers, and had used duct tape and bailing wire – all to Jerry-rig your space vessel together and successfully make it to the moon.

I was amazed.

Appalled, mind you, as I had still considered your species to be neanderthals who had barely emerged from your caves a mere 66 million years prior to then who – to make matters worse – had only 6 years prior to these events had assassinated your leader.

One and the same leader who made this feat possible.

Was there something I was not seeing?

I suspected so.

But alas, to give you credit, you had achieved the impossible.

You had gone to the moon leveraging simple will and brilliant use of science and engineering and a GREAT deal of showmanship.

So I followed your culture.

After your trip to the moon in 1969, your timeline began changing in dramatic ways from my observation point. Something called the Cuban Missile crisis occurred in 1962. Shortly after that, keep in mind this was from my observational perspective, the Vietnam War occurred reaching way back to 1955.  As if that wasn’t enough, the Korean war began in 1950.

The Q Continuum, which if you are not aware of – is comprised of a number of beings similar to myself – who while we all have original and mostly unique adopted names, we refer to ourselves publicly as Q to promote the solidarity of the Continuum and to reinforce taking responsibility for eachother’s actions and building a societal framework accordingly.

So when your species timeline began altering as I looked on, this intrigued the rest of the Continuum.

Prior to our observations, technology had naturally progressed, but as we looked on, the rate of progression occurred at a dramatically higher rate than anticipated. This caused concern in the Continuum who considered taking action to impede your progress.

Following 1969, the level of conflict globally maintained a consistent pace.

The Continuum argued that no species who is still enduring open conflict deserves to travel off planet.

I begged to differ.

So in 2025, a series of World Wars erupted due to a number of reasons, largely due to a systemic imbalance in your distribution of wealth and the mass dissemination of information to create any technology imaginable.

And then some.

The things we saw you humans do to eachother is repulsive and unfathomable.

These wars are documented in your fiction, I think you refer to it as “Terminator” wars.

As you experimented with time travel technologies, we had realized that you were the reason your timeline had been rewritten and wars that hadn’t existed on our records – the Korean and Vietnam wars – were a direct result of your own battle across time with yourselves.

This put you front and center of the Continuum’s concern list.

Many felt you were mismanaging your information.

Many felt threatened by your meddling with time, and grew concerned that you could interfere with our timeline.

The Continuum voted – and agreed – unanimously – to mitigate the risk to our species and other interplanetary species that your technological advancement poised by extinguishing you as a species altogether at your inception.

Yes, they can be that drastic with the action.

Now here’s where things got really interesting.

Our scientists began trying to trace your ancestry through your DNA.

Meanwhile, I was intensely intrigued by you as a time aware species, and in part due to my fascination with you as a species and arguing vehemently against your eradication, I was barred from further observations of your species.

Well, you should know how well this sits with muah. I’m not one to let anyone to tell me what to do, particularly when there’s a personal interest involved, so I skirted the rules a bit and .. well.. let’s just say I found a way to observe you without anyone knowing what I was doing.

“Oh you little imp, Q” I can hear you saying now.

Heck, I don’t even know who this proverbial you is… .Does it really matter? I suppose not.

In any case, your robot and eugenics war ended in 2053, and out of that war came a rugged civilization who was unlike any potential space faring civilization I had ever seen.

You seemed truly tired of war and your petty squabbles, and had begun to forge a society which honored those who gave their lives.

And your technology progressed rapidly along with this.

In 2063, you made first contact with a species from your own solar system called the Vulcans. A planet you had long referred to as Mars, and long had told tales of Martians, you had come to understand went by an entirely different name.

You had also discovered the flaws associated with time in your digital observation mechanisms to come to understand the planet Mars was populated long before the Vulcans had actually arrived, and had spent a great deal of time educating your own population for their inevitable arrival.

It was about this time the Continuum began actively fearing the rise of the humans.

To me, you seemed to understand time much better than our best scientists were, which had me openly questioning – why are we reinforcing our timeline on any species such as the humans when we ourselves are learning from the discoveries and inventions of the humans?

There were others who felt like me.

There were protests. Protests grew into disagreements. Disagreements grew into factions. Factions grew into dissent. And with this lack of consensus came the Great Time war, which some cheekily referred to as the “civil war” as they preferred the non-warlike historical timeline which had predated the flight to the moon.

It’s about then I bowed out of the Continuum altogether, faking my death through a suicide and planted myself firmly on Earth.

AND It’s about then Earth became my pet project and responsibility, somewhere in the late 21st century.

Keep in mind, that we Q tend to abhor responsibility and treat it like the plague, but there was something about your species which was refreshing to me. You had vile imaginations. But at the same time you also had a delightfully entertaining side to you which stretched even my own comfort zone.

I felt alive with you.

Feel alive with you.

I stayed with you and watched your civilization recover from the wars. You were different than the Continuum. You weren’t interested in hiding your history and the events that had happened, you found lessons in them and they became a part of your society’s DNA.

I moved around a lot over the years. Taught classes, mostly in Physics and Math, sometimes English and History – and while I tried very hard not to influence your development of your own timeline, there were key things I altered just to add my typical Q flair to it.

For instance, I had discovered sex and thoroughly enjoyed it, and found most scientists and astronomers utterly repressed so I renamed the nonsensical “expansion theory” to “The Big Bang Theory” to draw obvious analogies to the physical act of intercourse.

Uranus. The Big Dipper. The Little Dipper. You can thank yours truly for those.

But in the mid 2100s, the same telltale indicators of war began occurring again. I had grown a little bored and suspected these indicators were correlated to my own mind at the time, but not knowing how to investigate it, I simply sought to diminish the threat.

I had learned that your civilization had discovered evidence of it’s own timeline manipulations, and had discovered a great deal of material outlining the peaceful state of the civilization. Unfortunately, Purists sought to go to war to realign the timeline with the peaceful timeline.

“Go to war for peace?”

This seemed counterlogical and… lest I sound judgmental – absolutely asinine.

Stupid in fact.

Were these people idiots?

I had to find a way to educate the population on how it was they themselves who had altered their own timeline.

I had to find a way to teach them how civilizations tend to wax and wane from collective behavior to individualism and back, and while I knew alteration of timelines was not unique, there’s a certain insanity to a civilization in peace who repeatedly goes to war for peace.

But how?

How could I avoid tipping my hand for who I really was without alerting the arrogant Vulcans and without manipulating the natural growth of humans?

I founded Starfleet in 2161, in an effort to instill not just an education in those of you who were venturing to space, but to also instill sound moral values and judgment and understand why one does not fight for peace.

I was delighted to see Starfleet become successful, from the start, an affair I was able to walk away from – mostly – as the organization grew organically.

I still stayed around, and taught Elementary Temporal Mechanics from the inception, which oddly enough on more than one occasion saw the Vulcans attempt to remove as a course at the Academy. The Vulcans were stalwartly against introducing time travel into the curriculum, pressure which was so intense at times that had it not been for a level head such as yours truly reminding the manipulated politicians that had it not been for understanding time and it’s derivatives in the early 21st century, it’s quite likely we wouldn’t have a civilization to begin with.

And, I added “We’d be remiss in our duties as educators by not encouraging further philosophical and explorative research in this field.”

Little did they know I was speaking from personal observation and experience.

Over the next few centuries, I almost forgot I was immortal. I had taken lovers, both male and female, from that I had taken wives, I had found friends, and on a timeline I had never seen in my immortal life, I had come to enjoy not knowing what was going to happen next.

So in 2330, a transmission was received by a species I had come to know as the Borg.

For two centuries, the Vulcans had pretty much withheld all evidence of other lifeforms outside the solar system, and had done their absolute best to impair the progress of the human’s technological development.

I had eavesdropped on the Vulcan’s conversations, and had learned the Vulcans were chiefly afraid of something they referred to as ‘the mirror’, and were concerned if ANY species were to surpass them technologically, they’d learn the appalling truth of the Vulcans.

They referred to it openly as the “Shame of the Vulcans”

For me, this was all absolutely new to me.

I had long been aware of the Borg, a species of robotic humanoids who assimilated the dead of other species. Technologically, they were far more advanced than the Vulcans, and much more dangerous.

So when the Borg contacted humans for the first time through secure channels, this alarmed both me and the Vulcans.

Now here’s the thing. I had always known the Borg to be repulsive, and devoid of emotion. When you’re assimilating the dead, you’re assimilating corpses which don’t look pretty.And the Borg showed it.

They were, for all intents and purposes “The Walking Dead”, without individual thought.

That is, they thought ‘collectively’.

They relentlessly pursued their idea of perfection, which to them, was a symbiosis of humanoid, math and science and technology, and machine.

Now here’s where it got interesting.

The transmission from the Borg was short, and was an attractive woman who referred to herself as Seven of Nine, which said:

“People of Earth. You are harboring a known fugitive. Please release the man known as Q and no harm will come to your planet.”

The transmission was received from something you humans refer to as The Delta Quadrant, an expanse of space – and originated specifically from a planet which I had come to know as Arehaz.

I created a leak for the secret transmission to the general population, which utterly pissed off the Vulcan’s for the supposed lack of information control, but I had done it for two reasons: I needed to gauge how the population was going to react to my presence and influence on the history of the planet, and I needed them to be aware that they were on the Borg’s radar.

The transmissions occurred, like clockwork, every November 1st, and the distance between the transmissions was tightening. There were clearly vessels en-route, but with how far away these vessels were, I had calculated it wouldn’t be until 2368 that they would arrive.

I confided in a few friends. When I told them I was immortal and had been on Earth since the 1960s, they typically blew me off.

Have you ever tried convincing a member of a species who only lives to 110 years of age that your immortal and can travel outside of time?

It’s not easy. If, say I present something from the past to them that I had just obtained, logically they conclude it was always there. Their minds can’t withstand the rigors of time travel, so showing them is not possible. And if I change history, and do something like write my name in a tree – to them – it’s coincidence and was always there.

So as the rift in trust between the Vulcans and humans grew, I realized I had to take dramatic action which was ‘in line’ with the sentiments and logical understanding of the humans, and did something I myself prefer not to do.

I altered time. I created an invention which allowed the observation of alternate realities leveraging temporal mechanics, an invention which would not have been introduced until the 28th century, and became extremely wealthy.

With this wealth, I commissioned the development of the USS Enterprise, with the sole intention of meeting the Borg in space.

It was a gamble.

Prior to this, I had observed the Borg would only assimilate species if they had not developed large scale space based operations.

It was as I did this that I began to suspect the Vulcans were up to far more than humanitarian missions with their development of human relations. They had, after all, systematically hampered the efforts to advance science and technology. Was there a correlation between the arrival of the Borg, the Vulcan’s secret, and their efforts to slow the progress of Earth?

Conspiring minds want to know.

In 2364, with the Borg only 4 years away and on everyone’s radar, the flagship of Starfleet’s USS Enterprise, was assigned to travel to Deneb IV.

An innocuous ‘first mission’ I suggested because of it being a resource rich world, but for personal reasons, I was hoping to inspire the conservative crew which had been selected because Deneb IV is known throughout the universe as the sex capital of the universe and is a literal sexual fantasy for males, females, and gender uncertain species throughout the universe. Something the crew would discover when they arrived.

Unfortunately, this went awry from the start.

The vessel was re-routed to the Bandi people under the innocent mission of investigating how this race could have somehow been able to tap immense energy reserves and construct something known as Farpoint Station, much to the surprise of the Federation.

That’s when I dropped by.

Showed them I was who I claimed I was.

I was a little bit miffed, admittedly, I wanted this crew to have fun, and not to become this staunch and uptight species like the Vulcans.

A man you all know by the name of Captain Jean Luc Picard had altered the mission.

I wasn’t interested in investigating at this point.

I was more interested in teaching this little miscreant a lesson and to make this a lesson for the rest of humanity, that a Q is not to be trifled with.

Now as your records outline it:

“En route, the Enterprise is met by an omnipotent being who identifies himself as Q, a member of the Q Continuum and declares that humanity is being put on trial—posing in appearance as a Grand Inquisitor—and deciding that their actions in their upcoming mission will be used to judge their worthiness and determine their fate as a race. Before letting the ship resume its course, Q warns Captain Picard that he is destined to fail.

As the Enterprise arrives, the awaiting crew members explore the offerings of Farpoint Station and establish relations with their Bandi host, Groppler Zorn. The crew becomes suspicious when items they desire seem to appear out of nowhere moments later, and are unable to identify the power source that feeds the station. Deanna Troi, an empath, senses a being with powerful yet despairing emotions nearby, and the crew discover a strange labyrinth beneath the station, but Zorn does not offer an explanation. As the Enterprise crew continues its explorations, a large unknown alien craft enters orbit and begins to fire upon an older Bandi settlement near Farpoint Station, and abducts Zorn. Before Picard orders the ship’s phasers to be fired at the craft, Q appears to remind him of humanity’s trial and prompts Picard to send an away team to the alien craft. The away team discovers the craft has passages similar to those under Farpoint and they are able to free Zorn. Their actions cause the alien craft to transform into a jellyfish-like space creature, and Picard is able to deduce the mystery of Farpoint Station. He confirms with the apologetic Zorn that the Bandi found a similar lifeform injured on their planet and, while attempting to care for it, they also exploited its ability to synthesize matter to create Farpoint Station. The creature now in orbit is trying to help free its mate by attacking those who hold it captive.

Though Q goads Picard into punishing the Bandi, Picard refuses, instead ordering the Enterprise to fire a vivifying energy beam onto Farpoint after the station is evacuated. The beam allows the land-bound creature to transform back into its jellyfish-like form, and it flies into orbit to join its fellow being. As the crew watches the reunion of the alien creatures, Q reluctantly tells Picard that they have succeeded in their test, but hints that they will meet again.”

I suppose, for all intents and purposes, that’s what happened.

But there’s far more to what led to those events than what had been documented.

I returned to planet Earth and my life there and continued teaching in Elementary Temporal Mechanics, as I began asking myself:

“Was there something more to this encounter that I needed to learn?”

I created a holodeck simulation leveraging circa 3100 equipment with the Enterprise first visiting Deneb IV.

Unsurprisingly, in most instances, the USS Enterprise never leaves. Many of the crew stay on the planet and become sex trade workers themselves. Others work in various different facets of the trade applying their particular set of skills to the societal betterment of reinforcing their status as #1 in the universe.

Earth tends to lapse in technological advancement after the technical loss of their primary ship. The cost of the vessel combined with the complete inability to reasonably retrieve it stunts the growth of their world for eons.

Other versions of timelines show deviational courses which 70% of the time wind up with the USS Enterprise’s destruction.

I revise the simulations. Alter the rules.provide different destinations, but oddly enough, find myself more confused than I was before I started the simulations to begin with.

Being sincere, I do not know what I was trying to learn by testing out the different scenarios.

And while I still have no doubt I’m omnipotent.

I can say that I am blissfully not as omniscient as I once thought I was.

For me, the year is 2407.

I am still a professor at Starfleet, and have been steadily since it’s inception in 2161.

When people ask how long I have been teaching Temporal Mechanics, I tell them the truth, to which they typically laugh, tell me I’m a comedian and never lose my great sense of humor, etc, etc. Never once has one, to my awareness, has anyone – student or faculty approached me and said “you’re not lying, are you?” Curious, indeed.

And these are the diaries of a man who has learned of this human term called fate.

And is hoping that fate finds him.

Oh, I know the Continuum is all in my mind, they are reflections of my own shattered psyche across space and time, and that I, as Q, am truly alone and unique in this universe.

Or am I?

With uncertainty, oddly enough, comes hope that I may not be…

… and another like me may be.


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