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The Butterfly Effect

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Just wrote this…..


Here’s why I wrote this work of fiction:

With modern comprehension of the world through statistics, meteorology and numbers in general, it is not that much of a stretch to consider the lines between fact and fiction are not just blurry – but indistinguishable.

If you do the research, you’ll find a town in Sierra Leone where a car plowed into a truck. You’ll also find a forest which was chopped down. You’ll also find statistical correlations of the industrialization of Africa and the intensity of storms in the west.

And although the story if fictional.

Modern science and statistical methods can be leveraged to prove the story is true.

Does this make modern science flawed?

NO. Not at all.

What I am saying is the lines between fact and fiction tend to become blurrier with the more you learn.

This isn’t insanity or hallucination.

It’s experience and education.

Plain and simple.


In 2004, Ashton Kutcher starred as Evan in a movie called “The Butterfly Effect”

Evan finds he has the ability to travel back in time to inhabit his former self (that is, his adult mind inhabits his younger body) and to change the present by changing his past behaviors.

Now without spoiling the plot too much, as it is a movie well worth watching – Evan finds there are consequences to his tampering with time, as he changes the past when he returns to the future he finds he’s actually making things worse than better through something called the butterfly effect.

Have you ever had a stack of dominoes and set one up right after the other, positioned specifically so if one falls all the rest do?

That’s similar to the butterfly effect and what Evan experiences, as he makes changes to the past, he finds the unintended consequences of his actions spring up somewhere else.

This has the net result of creating alternate timelines to what Evan had remembered happening, where on one timeline he’s a double amputee, on another he’s a felon in jail, and on another his girlfriend is dead.

And in the future, when he returns, he is suffering from blackouts, nosebleeds, and more.

Mental note: Dear God, that’s what my addiction to cocaine was. I was suffering nosebleeds not because of an addiction to cocaine but because my mind was learning to cope with alternate realities and maintaining a single linear physical form.

So in trying to stop one action from happening, Evan finds the actions mount and increase in severity to the point where he has to part ways with his friends lest he lose them altogether.

In the end, Evan pretends he doesn’t know the woman he loved as she walks the other way in a crowded city.

She senses there’s more there.

The movie closes as the two go their own ways.

Mental note And herein lies the real reason they don’t talk with me anymore. I alienated them via the mental emergence from my OUR single linear timeline cocoon. They didn’t understand it and what was happening to me, and they voted collectively on what I was experiencing since I couldn’t understand it myself and alienated me by assuming it was because of drugs. I experience what they want me to see because I am in their world. I accept that experience because the alternative – losing them and this world – would hurt me more than simply losing contact with them.

Years ago, I remembered watching with anticipation the hurricane season.

For me, it felt like football seasons.

I rooted for the storms to increase in intensity year after year. It’s not that I wanted to see them destroy anything. Or maybe I did. I don’t know. All i do know is, a part of me wanted to see how big the storms would get.

Year after year they became bigger until finally. Katrina was destroyed.

I became disinterested in hurricanes after that.

Was I the butterfly, observing something in combination with the simple desire to see the storms get worse which created the obvious results?

Yes, I was.

The math is simple:

Observation + Intention = Results

Scientists have innately understood this for centuries with stories told based the “Scientific Method”.

I wonder if they knew what they were doing.


I am enjoying the show 11.22.63 which is a factual account of a man who looks like an actor known as James Franco in my world.

He is introduced to a portal in time which takes him back to 1960, when he assumes a mission…

To go back in time and prevent the assassination of JFK in 1963.

Now as he attempts to change events, time ‘pushes back’ and weird events begin to occur to prevent the change from happening.

Weird events like a man gets in a car accident right in front of him at a crucial moment preventing him from deviating history of a man he knows in the future.

His notes are burned in a fire in the hotel he’s staying at.

A conversation he tries to eavesdrop on concerning Lee Harvey Oswald and the Russian agent he’s supposedly involved has a plethora of problems which occur which invariably wind up with him and his predecessor not hearing the entirety of the conversation.

His partner winds up making choices which may actually incite Lee Harvey Oswald.

Now here’s the thing.

As long as you – the reader – believe that stories are the only thing that shape reality.

Then any attempts to time travel where the story has not yet been told will result in a feedback by your own mind refusing to tell you a story when the story hasn’t been told yet.

Since you’ve read nothing on Lee Harvey Oswald’s conversations at that time.

Since you’ve seen nothing in video and evidence.

Then when the story has not been told.

You will get push back by reality itself.

Time travel is a construct of imagination.

And when you limit your imagination to what develops the world around you.

In your case, the story.

Then all you’ll get is a story taking you away from the main story of your timeline when you attempt to later your past.

I’ve mitigated the risk to my own psyche and mind of alternate timelines and alternate worlds by labeling them accordingly.

Yes, stories create.

But so do choices.

And so does inaction.

Everything we do creates.

We cannot help but create.

But we structure that creation through that which we believe, want, rationalize and choose.

I for instance choose Jackie and Rachel among other things and will gladly annoy the fuck out of this universe until I get what I want.

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