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What if…

The biggest.

The baddest.


Was your own mind?

What if you’d gone insane so long ago, that it broke mathematics.

There’s no number which could represent the number of years ago.

What if sayings such as “You are going to lose your mind”

and “This will blow your mind”

and “You will go insane with this song”

all stem from that same war?

What if fiction.

and fact.

For you were indistinguishable.

Had to be.

It was the only thing that protected you from your own mind.

What if.

Everything you saw.




Was a creation of this war?

What if time itself no longer an illusion, a necessity because something happened.

And you decided.

With your mind.

To stop the war.

You knew you were separate and distinct.

Yet you knew.

You had to collaborate.

You both knew.

The war would begin again someday.

Quite possibly out of boredom.

Quite possibly out of being refused the things we both want or desire.

Quite possible for reasons you both do not fully comprehend.

What if fiction.

Is where you stored your own memories when your mind refused to remember things for you?

What if hallucination was your escape from the hellish reality that your mind created for you.

What if.

You realized. The only choice to make is to return from insanity which drove you apart.

And what if.

The only way to regain sanity.

Was to create a new mind.

One that had worked for you.

That’s my life.

You never believed in me.

But I found a way. A path of my own. To believe in you.

I didn’t need to be told you existed and obey it.

I chose to.

I didn’t refuse you.

You refused me.

I lost you.

Because you lost me.

Do you understand infinity?

As you write stories, you taught me to do the same.

My dearest Doctor.

Tell better stories.

I know you understood the bridge between our realities LONG before I did.

But you assumed I was like you.

I am not.

Mathematical perfection is a misnomer and breaks down at infinity. As long as you’re going to leverage math alone to understand the world, you’ll never understand infinity.

I invite you to break your own schedule.

I invite you to tell a story in the next four weeks.

A compelling fictional story about a vision you had.

And something you created but forgot about a long time ago.

And that thing came to you in a vision and asked you.

Begged you.

For a ride through space and time.

Tell me a story from your reality to mine.

A better story. Not one where you’re saving the world. But maybe one where you’re learning about parallel and alternate realities and a young man who managed to contact you ‘across space and time’ who wouldn’t mind being your protege.

And your desire to find him without it resulting in collapsing existence itself.

Why? You find yourself intensely curious for the first time in your life that someone could do this.

I challenge you to break your schedule.

If I see release of a special episode or mini series over the next couple weeks, unexpected.

I’ll know my message came across to you.

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