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Uninspired And Tired of Struggling

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Ok. here’s my theory.

Everyone and everything around me, men, women is much like a Matrix program.

Where if I learned how to ‘tap into it’ through the computer, I could quite literally issue commands to people to do things.

To me, in ‘my world’ and reality, I am effectively ‘alone’, with the world around me as a complex simulation which provides the illusion of life. I am effectively the only consciously self aware being in this, my reality, and the choices I make in this reality create feedback and influence other realities and conscious entities within them.

So if I direct a woman to ‘take off all your clothes and send me the pictures’, not only is there ANY guarantee that she sees herself as I do, but there’s also a possibility that she’s not a conscious entity, or that she’s even lived a life yet. So my question or request, in this – my world – doesn’t defy her free will – it may appear to in a calculated sense but in a real sense it does not – and merely feeds back into her life and conscious decisions to a point she may never be made consciously aware of me or my command in this world.

So the concept is simple.

Let’s say I connect directly to Scarlett Johannson’s mind.

I would send her a command which says “Go to Starbuck’s at Ventura and Vineland. When you go there, you will see a man in the corner who refers to himself as Q who for some reason you will be overwhelmingly attracted to, and be surprised to learn he’s actually homeless, so attracted to him – you openly fight the urge to want to have sex with him right then and there. You’ll fight that feeling successfully, at first, but you will go up and start a conversation with him, learning that he’s a science fiction and fantasy writer, and you will then offer him a spare room in your house in exchange for developing you as a character – with you – in his writing. He’ll agree. While he’s there, you’ll start a romance with him. You will initiate it, and tell all your friends you don’t know what’s come over you, but you will make something up and they’ll believe you.”

I suppose I’d spend a year living with her if that was the case. I’m already hugely attracted to her anyways and find her character in Lucy a compelling reflection of the woman I might spend time with in real life.

And once we were done with eachother. Or IF we were. I’d try other things like this.

Tell other real life stories.

Becoming bolder with the real life stories.

And mixing them with elements of science fiction and fantasy to shape this world.

This life.

Into something incredible and of my design.

No, I don’t feel guilty for doing these things. I’ve had to work my ass off my entire life to learn that I spent the first part of my life struggling to expand my reality and possibilities.

And the latter part of my life.

It only makes sense that I reap the benefits of that hard work.

And since I have NO DOUBT that alternate realities exist and are real.

What I do here. To anyone. While it MAY cause them harm.

I can’t help but think it will influence them to choose their own path – like I am – as well.

The net result is greater diversity and possibilities for all.

It simply makes sense.



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