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There is one universe I ‘belong’ to.

There are infinite potential universes.

Some are created by human hands. These are referred to as computer games.

Some arise spontaneously for too many reasons to list.

Some universes are sentient. Self aware.

Some are not.

Just like humans. Some are self aware. Some are not.

Some who appear to be humans are not.

Some are vampires. Who’ve learned to live on synthetically manufactured blood.

Some are zombies or robots or androids or cyborgs controlled by too many collective control mechanisms to list up to and including sophisticated computer networks.

Some are ghosts who have learned how to make themselves visible.

Some are spirits learning about this experience of being human.

Time travel is real. And used all the time.

In fact, there are many lifeforms which do not understand or appreciate this thing called time and  spend a great deal of energy trying to tear the structures time makes possible down for a variety of reasons, some benign, some maliciously based, but most ‘somewhere in the middle.

Superheroes and superpowers are real. There are MANY beings on this planet with a variety of different abilities, a natural byproduct of evolution. Some beings can levitate. Some can fly. Some can alter their location in space and time at the speed of thought. Some can split their form into multiple forms. Some can digitize themselves and transfer through the internet to any location they want to be. Some, while technically blind, can see the world more vividly than a lot of people with sight can. Some have the ability to conjure up fire through their hands. Some can miniaturize themselves to the size of an atom (and smaller). Some can manipulate and command/control people through thought alone. The list goes on (and on and on).

Aliens are real and many live among our my population. And while aliens are largely benign and very friendly, there have been numerous attempts to invade planet Earth which have been thwarted.

There are numerous agencies which police both those with superpowers and aliens, and most of these agencies are ‘hidden in plain sight’, A great deal of time and effort is given by both the government and these agencies to passively educate the public on the existence of these people, agencies, and their existence.

This passive education comes through movies, television shows, comic books, video games, and other new interactive media as it’s discovered and/or invented.

This isn’t a grand conspiracy against you, the American public.

Your minds develop with age. You formulate ideas over time, and this increases the possibilities that contribute to this thing we call reality.

For those of us who are ‘in the know’, it’s difficult to explain why things worked out the way they have without coming across as narcissistic and/or arrogantly self righteous which I can assure you I am neither.

I know this is difficult, but until such a time comes, You will have to trust me that the knowledge will come easier to you when you’re ready for it.

Until that time comes.

Yes, Roswell was a real alien space craft which crashed. But not as alien as you think. It was from beings roughly 400 years in the future. No, not time travelers, not technically speaking, just beings who didn’t fully understand the implications of Einstein’s theories of time and space whose spacecraft ‘slipped’ back on earth’s timeline to Roswell, 1947.

I myself worked on database technology recovered from that craft,

And lest we fail to remember, don’t ever forget our Rules of Acquisition #39

“Don’t tell customers more than they need to know.”


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