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A conversation with God.

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“Why did you forsake me when you were a young boy?,” God asked.

“My young mind could not imagine you. It was simply incapable of imagining something that knew everything,” I responded

My answer, while truthful, I could feel wasn’t entirely respected.

“And yet you expect me to accept this now, despite everything?,” God responded.

Now it was my turn to remain quiet.

No, I wouldn’t expect a part of my own mind which was not understanding the difference between the artificial limitations it had been developed with and where I was now to accept me having emerged from it as a butterfly would emerge from a cocoon.

Yes, it was possible it knew more than me. But it was also possible it wasn’t at the same time. As such, I regard myself as neither master nor slave of this being who regards itself as God which speaks to me in my mind, I regard it as an equal in it’s own ways.

Is it something in my head that was always there? Is it a being with technology outside my own mind transmitting the voices inside my head? Is it living? Is it programmed? I do not know, so I choose to regard it and what it says as an idea and possibility to consider. And nothing more.

I ask it on occasion to provide a physical presence. A face to the voice.

But it seems limited to what it’s capable of doing at least in my visual reality.

So I didn’t respond.

But I did think to myself

“No, I do not expect you to do or be anything other than who you want to be. Respond. Don’t. The choice is yours”

I heard a branch move after I thought this.

I looked, not with my eyes, but with my mind.

And with my eyes closed I saw a squirrel jumping from one branch to another.

As clear as if my eyes were opened.

The world I saw was lit like it was daytime.

I opened my eyes and the skies were grey, overcast.

I closed my eyes again, and said “Now, if that was you, when I am at Starbuck’s and close my eyes, maybe you could make it so where every cute woman is not wearing clothes. I might close my eyes and listen more often. At night, as I prepare for sleep in my nightly ritual, I’d prefer seeing nothing. As I wake up, and go through my daily ritual, then it’s ok to change things up when I close my eyes. And during the day, to modify what I see to see what I want to might be fun. And seeing ONLY the attractive women naked would be awesome”

There was no response from the voice.

But I could feel it was deliberating and considering my request.

I wonder. Can this part of my mind differentiate what I think is cute and not?

I will not taint the outcome by trying to predict the results.

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