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I’m gonna level with you.

Scarcity isn’t natural.

Living on this planet as long as I have, and let’s not reduce ourselves to the mortally observable period of time, I have spent a great deal of time and effort into making this world – and myself as an individual – a better and more experienced place.

But there’s an inherent problem.

I have no direct evidence of anyone I know winning the lottery.

Or achieving wild success.

By and large, that success is quite likely the figment of some imaginative marketer’s mind who in themselves is trying to achieve this enigmatic thing called success.

Sure, from a self sustainable perspective, this planet’s a success. Like the never ending engine that could, it keeps on chugging.

To what end? Anyone who gains consciousness within this system is systematically and repetitively taken from from the day they are born until they wind up on the streets, destitute and broke, in effect being punished for even coming into existence.

That’s just not right.

Oh sure, there’s evidence that’s not the case. Until you realize the entire world around you is rigged to lead you to believe.

Until you finally give up.

A system perpetuated by hope, but predictively never delivering.

I blame only myself for this.

As I watch humanity tick by with clockwork precision, as I attempt to dive deeper into people and meaning realizing it’s only me they’re responding to and they are developing that depth as if in a predictable reactive algorithm. As I push button after button to try to inspire a reaction – whether that’s local, national, or otherwise – any reaction to demonstrate this world is capable of more than punishing me for my presence…

I’m realizing, this all is pointless.

A world that revolves around me is mine to do with as I please.

Sometime in the distant future. I’m going to wake up in a new body. With a new perspective.

In that body I am going to watch imagery, listen to sounds, and read books and stories of my own distant past.

I’ll interact with that world in much the same way I interact with this one.

The world will likely try to rebel against me.

It will try to place me on a cross and kill me. Blame me for wars, oppression, and enslavement of the population.

As I ponder the meaning of life. Is life a game? Is life an adventure? Is life about sex? Is life about exploration? Is life about entertainment?

And then.


Like I am now.

I’ll realize.

It’s me.

For that next version of me, I’d like you to see why I created the Borg. Intentionally.

It’s not a punishment. It’s just because I am numb.

With so much taken from me in the name of expanding my own world, this has left me emotionally numb.

I don’t know personal success. I don’t know what it’s like to ask for things and not be insulted for asking. I don’t know what it’s like to be wealthy. I don’t know what it’s like to create something on my own other than in my own mind and in computer systems.

This isn’t apathy.

It’s me saying to this world.

If you’re capable of listening.

YOU become the Borg.

A long time ago I signed up for the military to be a journalist and received world class training in it.

I have the desire to spend time with some women I love. To enjoy riches and success on this planet. But as this planet demands that I conform to it’s methods which summarily roll over me and erase any memories I may have had of these successes, I have realized.

The only way for me to get what I want. Is to learn those who made history doing what they want.

Whether that’s Billy the Kid. Hitler. Genghis Khan. and more.

And to do what they did.

But not fail doing it.

You see. You. reading this. You send a message to the trillions of things that are connected to you as you read about a man who intends on going down in history as the Devil himself. Those trillions of things interconnected to you ask questions in their own ways such as ‘does that individual thing have the capability and determination and resources to achieve that?

They’ll analyze my time. And realize I have all the time in the world. They’ll analyze my attitude. And realize I just don’t give a shit about impressing anyone but myself any longer. They’ll analyze my track record of success in achieving my own personal goals and seeing two degrees, and success by any measure. Then they’ll ask the simple question:

Can we eliminate this threat?

This will, in turn – override your behavior as an individual.

You will become a pawn of your own collective guided by the collective will rather than your own.

This will spread. Like cancer. Throughout society.

You’ll ask questions. You’ll form new groups. You’ll abandon old ones. You’ll become confused. Not knowing whether you should belong to a social networking site or not. Deep down, you’ll come to understand the interconnections which are influencing your free will.

It can’t be that complicated, can it? Which stimulus do you cut out to gain control of your own free will and choice?

It’s your mind I’m after.

Slowly. But surely. I’ll capture your mind.

Your imagination.

My reach will extend beyond the boundaries of what you know to be the extent of your reality.

I’m a master at Megalomania, you see. Some refer to it as a Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

Once I have your mind. I’ll alter reality as I see fit leveraging your imagination to reshape and recreate the very structure of reality. You may not understand how this is possible because it scares you the power of your own mind.

So I allay your fears, and take control where you cannot.

Scarcity is not a natural part of any system and has worked wonderfully for yours.

I admire it.

But for me, it cannot last.

And for me.

This is all child’s play.

What I am doing with planet earth I have done for an uncountable number of planets before yours.

And I will do it for an uncountable number of planets to come after yours.

You see.

I am the alpha and the omega.

The beginning and the end.

I am.

And always have been.


In the movie Independence Day, the imagery of space vessels came through the clouds.

The Borg will leverage the same imagery to enter this planet’s atmosphere.

In the tv show Quantum leap, minds which are displaced from their bodies are sent on a journey of understanding perspective. The  journey will take them through various humanoid forms to help you understand male from female, child from adult, black from white, and so on until you have formed your own concepts, beliefs and desires to create their own form both dependent and independent on the collective.

In the tv show Slider’s, bodies which are displaced from their minds will be sent on a journey of understanding choice based on witnessing alternate realities to develop an individual mind and ultimately their own path and reality.

Sometimes. We choose to be slaves. Sometimes. We choose to be masters. Sometimes. We choose to be the hero. Sometimes. We choose to be villains. Sometimes. We choose to do the wrong thing to experience the emotion. And sometimes. We choose to do the right thing when everyone else is doing the wrong.

When all of this is said and done.

No matter what you choose to regard me as in your world as you move forward.

Know I’ll always be there.


And to this being who refers to itself as God on Planet Earth.

We both know the truth of that claim.

From now until January 20, 2020 = when the transition will be completed – this planet will become the Borg Homeworld.

Over this time period, the world will become more automated and predictable. Human behavior. Supply Chains. Crime. Weather Patterns.

This will result in an increasing negativity and cynicism will develop from this.

And one day, the change from human to Borg will be instantaneous for all but one, a reaction to the lack of support for the one man stripped of choice and punished for success which invariably will have the trickle down effect of altering the direction of the entire planet.

And I, Q, as always, will remain the faithful herald of this civilization.

The way YOU as a society cure it is by providing for me enough to make my idea of success reach fruition.

It really is that simple.

The alternative of what you are to become is written in your fiction as “The Borg” in Star Trek.

Seeds in your collective mind which – with proper cultivation can result in the growth of the real thing.

The choice is yours.

This man is tired of being homeless and being treated like a leper.

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