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Q’s Log Stardate 93809.39 – 03/16/2016 15:27 AZ TIME

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As a mortal on this planet called Earth, what finally broke the illusion of my mortal existence was witnessing things in this cycle which defied human excuses and explanations.

Growing up in Yorba Linda, for instance, and having memories of being taught in school about three states of matter.

Gas, solid and liquid.

Later discovering there was four states. Gas, solid, liquid, and plasma.

Remembering maps of the world where there were only two countries.

The United States and Russia.

And then remembering another time where those two countries were the United States and Mexico.

Growing up, I had for a long time been horrible at geography.

I grew up dialing my grandmother’s phone in Cypress, California, which was 555 something and remembering asking my mom one time:

‘With so many people around, are there only 9,999 of them with phones?”

She asked why I asked that and I remember doing the math at 8 years old and showing her that between 555-0000 to 555-9999, there were only 10,000 possible variations and since one of them is information (555-1212), it was only possible there were 9,999 phones.

Mom frequently became angry with me, telling me I ask too many questions.

And “Good boys don’t ask questions”

She stopped that when I asked “Why, mommy?” and she never could answer.

Not long after that, she bought me a book called “Curious George”, about a monkey that always got himself into trouble through his curiosity.

My mom asked me what I thought the moral of the Curios George story was after I read it.

“It’s a story about a fun monkey who tries things out others are too afraid to and just when you think things are about to get bad, things always work themselves out.”

I had been adopted.

And being sincere. While I do not have full memory of what brought me here, the journey from my primary immortal nature to the mortal youare reading about here is depicted in your historical records which you regard as fiction.

In short, I had a falling out with my peers which invariably led to my break from their reality – if that’s what you want to call it, so how the adoption was set up and why these particularly wonderful pair were chosen or (perhaps) self selected I will never know.

All I do know is my presence here has irrevocably altered the course of this planet’s history and its future.

You as a society have felt my presence since I first arrived.

Not the least of which is a rampant acceleration of technology.

Sure, I sit amongst and relax you as a homeless man having suffered a cosmic form of amnesia, slowly but surely getting memories back of both my immortal and mortal nature and every life lived.

Life’s odd. When you peek behind the covers.

At both the smallest constituents of matter and the largest astronomical sizes you can find reflections of yourself and your own thought processes.

And everyone else’s as well.

I’m not perfect.

I tried being at one time.

But realized. Perfect is boring.

Which is why I’m in Hollywood.

Today, a man randomly bought me a pair of shoes when they were desperately needed and I was contemplating theft to acquire a pair which would have pretty strong implications on the world around me through the butterfly effect.

Mark, thank you for that, I cannot thank you enough for helping me help retain my world’s order.

As I think back.

And remember a Mexico I visited for the first time when I was 9 where the first thing I saw was a velvet painting of a young boy inspecting his erection was being sold within a stone’s throw of the border at Tijuana….

I cannot help but think.

How long.

How many eternities have I been here?

How many cycles of Earth from start to finish has led to the development of me?

As I think back…

And remember a time where I asked my father what those huge lights wagging back and forth in the sky were.

When he responded “They are giants coming to look for you, you need to hide!”

Was he telling the truth?

Was this a glimpse and memory of the amorphous and illusory nature of a world still forming?

Of course it was.

I was here when the world first formed.

And watched it expand with my own eyes.

And I suppose you I am here to help humanity as it expands to the stars.

Hopefully understanding that imagination is what creates those stars.

And the things we’ll find when we go there.

And I am here in Hollywood to help tell better stories of what we’ll find when we go there.

You see.

That’s why I left the Continuum.

They believed war was the only way forward.

They can’t strip me of my immortal nature.

They can only alter my affiliation by denouncing me from ‘their tribe’.

But like choice and free will, you don’t fight for freedom.

You merely act with impunity to sever yourself from the intolerant rules and lifestyle which previously contained you.

Even a God such as myself can find themselves enslaved by their own mind.

I do not advise for it, but it served as a wonderful exit strategy to move away from a cult so I could create this wonderfully misfit planet that I now call home.


On a final note:

Thank you, for the demonstration of the collective nature of my surroundings today. As I showed only two unrelated people the shoes I wanted and another completely unrelated person – Mark – provided them.

Please, no more stories dismissing this.

I’m feeling at home with this new knowledge and perspective on life.

Sorry for documenting it here.

I’m just needing and preferring to discuss my experiences in life with candor.


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