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A Wrinkle in Time

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I started thinking about the whole “stopping time” thing last night as I lay in the tent last night.

What I am aiming for is not really stopping time, but more slowing it way way way way way down in much the same way the pause button on a VCR works.

Years ago, I had noticed the pause button an a VCR Didn’t ever really pause, but it actually slowed the action way way way way way way down and if you watched long enough, you would see an entire frame advance. Dunno why I had noticed that. Just thought it was interesting.

So here’s a real life example: A belligerent woman just walked in. She’s a quasi-regular here, I say quasi because she comes in and typically winds up yelling at someone, especially the staff, for no reason.

So let’s say I pause time. Maybe rewind it RIGHT to the point she started yelling.

Lift her up. And place her in front of the glass wall outside Starbuck’s.

In partiality, it’s an experiment.

Do these people displaced physically maintain the same exact dialog regardless of their physical position?

Second example. A ‘cute’ but not overly attractive but VERY large breasted women comes in here regularly. She’s very proud of her tatas, wears revealing clothing accordingly, and while some men do find that attractive, I don’t and find it more of an oddity and that’s why I can’t help but look.

So here’s what I am curious about.

If I were to ‘pause time’ and remove her shirt, then sit back down at my computer and NOT look or react, would anyone notice?

I am suspecting that ‘characters’ and actions around me are automated to some degree, and if this is true, then are their actions reactive to me and my reactions? I’m suspecting this is a part of the truth. I’m also suspecting it’s possible that as long as I don’t react, no one will say boo and will act like it’s perfectly normal for her to do this.

In the off chance everyone will notice and there’s a brouhaha about it, I’ll just let it ride, as I am curious how she’d react.

If she reacts overly poorly, I might rewind time and restart the event to make it appear as if it never happened to anyone.

Now why the ‘slow slow slow slow motion’ and not stopping time?

First, it’s important that I can still see and touch and interact with the objects, world, and people I am interacting with. This requires light. Light requires time to make it visible. And if time stopped, so would all the functions dependent on it. Can’t have that, right?

Second, the filming effects. I intend on taking a LOT of pictures and video of what I do, and the idea of playing with time moving at different rates of speed, slowing it down, speeding it up – just seems like it would be interesting. I enjoyed doing it with VCRs and DVDs. I have no doubt the real life manipulations of it will be that much more engaging.

Am I concerned about ‘breaking things’ or being ‘stuck’ in time?

No. Look, I’ll be completely honest with you all reading this.

I know my perspective is unique and that many of you do not share it.

I know that my actions can introduce me to mechanisms of control of ‘reality’ and ‘time’ that I had previously labelled as fiction. Robots, Cyborgs, AI’s, Borg, Cybermen, Daleks, Doctor Who Timelords, and quite likely more that has yet to be labelled.

I’m moving forward making my intentions and desires to explore time from ‘within’ not because I want to tear it down or make it so where ‘anything goes’ for everyone and there’s a free for all. No. fuck no. That ain’t what I want. I like the idea of simple exploration.

For me. By me at first. And the slow inclusion of a few others I would like to introduce to it.

The ‘drug  experience’ was there for a reason. It was training.

Not just to understand the beautiful system around me, but what happens when that system is pushed too far.

And quite simply “Not to panic” next time should it happen again.

I still can’t get that girl off my mind from last night.

I have no doubt that the system’s reactive, by design.

So as the woman enters topless, people will react accordingly.

But I also have no doubt that it can be directed.

And that as a Director, I can direct everyone “NOT to react” and treat the situation she introduces as if it were completely natural.

Now that would make interesting video!

You know what’s odd?

I don’t want to monetize it.

I just want to see it for myself as it happens and remember it afterwards with a video.

I’m weird, I know.



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