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Why didn’t I think of that? (And NOT!)

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Have you ever seen something so simple, so blazingly obvious that someone’s made a million bucks on which gives you this knotted feeling in the stomach when you look at it as think to yourself “Why didn’t I think of that?”

The United States of America publishes all new patents online – which are available to everyone here:


On the ‘cool new patents’ and ‘why didn’t I think of that’ list are:

1) The telescoping landing gear for aircraft.

More on this patent here: http://www.uspto.gov/web/patents/patog/week20/OG/html/1414-3/US09033276-20150519.html

No longer does your helicopter touchdown have to be perfect to avoid jolting your passengers. No longer do you have to fight winds, inclement weather, and uneven surfaces to land. Yes, you too can have the telescoping landing gear!


2) A less harmful way of dealing with cancer through “Vigilant Cells”

Here’s the link to an abstract and the patent itself: http://www.freepatentsonline.com/9040676.html

Yes, I have often marveled at the human’s immune system and how an open wound will accumulate white blood cells to counteract infection. And while I had never considered leveraging them to create ‘custom’ cells these cellular artists are referring to as ‘vigilant cells’ to treat diabetes, cancer, stroke victims and more.

The interesting thing about these cells is: They stop the progression of the disease they are cultured for!

To explain it in terse terms, what these cells do is act much like the white blood cells of a human’s immune system, responding to problems which occur in the body in the targeted areas they are responsible for. Kind of like police officers for the body, they ‘reinforce’ the rules of the biological system through the genetic encoding they have been programmed with.

While it’s not a cure, it’s certainly preventative for things like heart attacks and to stop the spread of cancer!

3) One of my personal favorites: The ‘special glasses are not necessary” 3D display!

Here’s the link for this FANTASTIC patented device: http://www.freepatentsonline.com/9167234.html

One of my grips about 3D and the promise of Virtual has been this: The head mounted devices and glasses. That is: why should I have to wear special goggles and glasses to see the 3D effect?

One of my Starbuck’s friends has his own system he’s working on which leverages a screen attachment which makes Bluray 3d movies and tv shows 3d without goggles or glasses. SO I can assure you the the technology is getting there. His name is Sidney Kassouf and his web site is here, if you’re interested http://b3dtv.com/.

But what the promise of what comes in a patent like this is remarkably different.

It’s a truer form of 3d. A box with genuinely little people in it! Here’s a schematic of it…


How it works is relatively simple: It’s like a TV, only there are ‘layers’, and based on your angle of view, you get a different image than the person sitting next to you.

Ingenious, right?

I thought so too.

4) Stereo sound. On Steroids. Enter “Sound Localization for user in motion.”

Ok this one comes across pretty dry from the start, right? I almost passed this one by, then I went back and read it further.

Here’s this patent: http://www.google.com/patents/US20130041648

Now imagine this. You’re in your favorite room which has been outfitted for holographic projection (Holodeck coming soon!), but when you move around, the sounds all stay in fixed locations based on your speaker arrangement. Sure, the sound’s in stereo, but stereo sound ALWAYS presumes you’re in the middle of the listening area.

Move around and BOOM – there goes immersion right out the door, right?

Enter this patent from Sony – where NOW – based on your location in the room – the sounds are relative to your location. They adjust, dynamically, so if you see an ‘augmented reality’ image on your Google Glasses of Cortana (From Borderlands) speaking to you from a holographic projection in 3d space, NOW you can walk around her and hear her voice based on the direction of the projection from your viewing angle.

Cool shit, right?

I thought so too.

5) Play games with single celled organisms!

File this one under ‘T’ for Trippy, but you too can play a game with a single celled organism.

Here’s an excerpt from the patent abstract: “The game apparatus includes a replaceable cartridge having a chamber in which a biologically active component such as a single-celled organism or a biologically active compound is contained. A stimulus controller accepts instructions from a human user and provides a stimulus to the biologically active component. A response receiver accepts a signal indicative of a response of the biologically active component. A display is provided to display to the user information indicative of the response of the biologically active component, and a game score. A computer-based game controller includes a set of pre-defined rules of play that define a game and that comprise pre-defined rules of scoring for the game. ”

Here’s the patent; http://www.uspto.gov/web/patents/patog/week21/OG/html/1414-4/US09039504-20150526.html

And an image, where a real live XBOX controller lets is wired to a computer:


I have no doubt with miniaturization a watch will be right around the corner for fun to be had by all while taking that Biology class!

That’s it on patents for today. I’ve got a bunch more to go through, so I’ll keep this conversation thread alive for the future…






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