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Tonight’s Dream

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This message is to my mind….

For the rest of today and until you can figure out how to achieve it – in my waking state – mind – can you do two things:

  1. First – please begin working on the real life special effects for my physical body in my waking state for wormhole travel.Take this example of the TARDIS in this video as an example (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DNEjx6XUbfQ)

    What I like the most about this is the ‘creation’ type special effects. So if I am traveling through this ‘wormhole’, particularly with a ‘passenger’ , you can hear the crackling of space and time as well as see amazing visuals.Now I do NOT like spinning. So regard the TARDIS in this example as a fixed reference point that basically does not move, it’s just ‘space and time’ warping around it to transport me from one location to another in space and time. To repeat myself. NO SPINNING!To ‘keep it interesting’ – maybe showing glimpses of locations ‘between’ the two points in space and time I’d be traveling between could make it interesting and ‘give me hints’ for places I might want to explore and check out or that you may want me to explore.

    As usual, keeping the ‘feel’ of this as natural as possible: Ie: no glitchiness and no digital tells. Yep. I fully understand the potential digital nature of everything. Nope. It doesn’t have to be demonstrated, particularly with those who may take part in my journeys.

  2. Start finding places in space and time of interest TO YOU. I have some that are interesting to me, but I’d like these journeys to benefit both of us and I’m all too aware that you and I have different perspectives and agendas.

Now, as for tonight when I am sleeping. I’d like to work on these dreams. Direct them.

Here’s some places I’d like to see ‘in the dreams’, and if you’re concerned with me being ‘stuck there’, just introduce shallow inconsistencies to the simulation that will make me question my waking state, or show digital artifacts or evidence of simulation. I’d like to make a rule between you and I – – and that’s to confine simulation and immersion in the digital world to waking state only.

When Virtual Reality and Holodeck technologies reach the public, I will actively ‘play’ with the digital realm – introducing digital artifacts intentionally into what ‘looks’ like an analog realm on everything from design phase to testing out theories and ideas – perhaps even on and with entities similar to myself. Not to cause them harm, but to engage their imagination and hopefully inspire them to become creators themselves.

So with that said. For tonight’s dream. And for the next several nights. I’d like to revisit the Rachel dream.

Several nights ago, Rachel and I were traveling in a real TARDIS to the nude world. That was highly entertaining, so I’d like to work with you on developing the story, personalities, and the environmental cues:

Keep in mind that DIGITAL is a giveaway and our ‘safe word’, a  way of having me do a self test of emotions, passions, thoughts and experiences and waking me up from the experience should I find misalignment.

HOWEVER, if the simulation is immersive enough and fun enough, I may choose to stay in it and not return. Put specifically, If I KNOW this is a dream I may choose to stay within it if it’s good and fun enough. If this is the case. I’d like to retain ALL the memories and personality of this ‘external being’ should that happen and SHIFT it to ‘inside’ the ‘simulation’ and we’ll work on it from there.

Here’s what I would like to experience in the coming night’s dreams:

  1. A newly developed TARDIS interior. Please develop a new model that is based on this model. You by now should know what makes me feel comfortable. Keep noise levels down when it’s idle. Lights adjustable. So take this model and develop it accordingly:fanart-wonderwig-steampunktardis[1]
  2. SEX. What’s HIGHLY important to me is that I FEEL stimulation physically, especially sexually in these dreams. If it ‘feels real’ then that’s a GIANT step in the right direction to enjoying the immersed experience. We can work, later, on things like pain, but first, let’s try pleasure. No wet dreams, just simple skin to skin contact in an emotionally meaningful context.
  3. LOCATIONS. Let’s do this: I would like to create a planet based on Risa in Star Trek. In Star Trek Online there’s a single island that’s created, with some clearly high tech things such as jetpacks and hoverboats. Please start working on that ‘physical location’ as a getaway…. I’d love to ‘experience’ this place – see it, HEAR it, feel it, taste it – fully immersive.
  4. Two VERY important people to simulate immediately are Jackie and Rachel. These are my COMPANIONS (plural) initially that I would like our stories to be filmed from. I’m with both companions MOST of the time, or I’m with one doing something with one and the other on, we’ll ALWAYS have a story for why the other one is disposed of, and SOMETIMES they will be a PART of that story.

My goal with all of this is to contribute to ALL realities an American version of THE TELEVISION SHOW Doctor Who FEATURING OUR REAL LIFE TRAVELS with definitely more liberal values and morals for the American Public, and TWO attractive female companions rather than one, as the two companions from the onset will keep me entertained and more than busy. I might ‘aim for’ up to three companions, but two will be fun to start with.

So please begin simulating these two women based on my memories and other material you can gather. IF either one is a blank slate, that’s fine too, we can ‘develop personalities’ as we go.

Thank you. Whoever. Whatever you are helping me.

To you. free material all you have to do is assist me with traveling through space and time.

For me. The benefits are obvious, aren’t they? Two marvelous women and traveling through time and space?

A few extra notes on the video and translation to the real life experience:

  1. At second mark 20 to 22, the ‘sound’ of the TARDIS leaving the area it is in is visceral and very clear. The transition from ‘normal time and space’ to the wormhole through time and space in my opinion needs to be this substantial, every time, as well as the transition to the sound of the destination environment.
  2. The TARDIS is seen spinning in the black hole/worm hole. I and anyone I am holding hands with will NOT be spinning. IF there’s a vehicle, such as TARDIS I am provided, then I would prefer it’s a straight shot to it’s destination. SURE the spinning looks cool from the outside, but what I would LIKE to do is observe the transition INSIDE the vehicle IF we are inside one. IF not, then observing the transition ‘sliding’ without being out of control falling is important too.
  3. IF there is to be a TARDIS, then having the ability to create a large viewing swatch both around (on the walls) and on the ceiling would be GREAT! Let’s say I want to hang out and watch a planet from Orbit, turning the ceiling into a window and some of the walls – and MAYBE even parts of the floor into a see through material with a clear view of the outside world would be freakin amazing.
  4. Atmosphere/environment internally: Calm. Non-metallic. Comfortable. But definitely made for a guy comfy. Steampunk cool.


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