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Q’s Log Stardate 93793.59 – 03/10/2016 07:46PM

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Last night, I had a pretty remarkable ‘self discovery’ in linear timelines.

Now I had known prior to all this that given a long enough period of time, that history and this planet repeats itself and numerous permutations.

At any given time, these alternate versions of Earth are available to me – and to us – through alternate realities and through time travel.

“Reality” has a tendency of encouraging developing minds to overcome the fear of exploring, and in particular, to encourage the exploration of time and alternate realities to create and/or discover variety.

Put specifically, when you or I make a choice that’s different than you may have in a world you or I explore for the first time, that creates a permutation in the timeline and thus an entire new branch of time.

Which makes it highly important to branch those timelines.

Branch, branch, branch away!

On that note. I had a series of dreams last night, one of which stuck in mind because of the lesson learned on regression.

Which begs the question. For myself, since I am ‘self contained/self balanced’ entity, when I go back in time, I’ll have no problems retaining my memories and mind. However, for other beings – particularly someone who’s collectively led or guided remotely, how do you mitigate the risk of them losing their mind?

Put specifically, your mind was and is developed through a series of ‘runs’ of planet Earth.

Everything imaginable is tried out. Disastrous. And blissful. And everything in between on a planetary scale.

This develops the individual mind, as a decision to omit Bill Gates from history on ‘one run’ has a trickle down effect of causing a completely different career paths and development for some because of his invention, which leads to entirely different lives.

Lives which you and I ‘remember’ through our instincts. We’re guided as individuals based on the long long history of this planet and the potentially infinite number of choices we make based on an infinite potential number of factors.

But herein lies a problem: Let’s say on one developmental path I take you back in time to a prior version of Earth from 10 trillion years in the past and you choose to do something which influences countless versions of you in the future and the history of the world itself.

So much so. That the ‘you’ from the future does not exist any longer.

Now if you’re the one making these choices, as I have, then I know firsthand you will experience many many different things that others will label you nuts for. You gotta overcome this, and words called ‘fiction’, ‘delusion’ and such when enough are miffed you did not choose their reality.

That’s easy to mentally and logically overcome, believe it or not, choice.

The tough part is – allowing the seeming mental contradictions your choice brings that defies others of their choice.

Put specifically: I know that many decisions I am embarking on. Such as choosing Jackie and Rachel both as soulmates. Are going to defy them of the choice on who they wind up with themselves if they do not agree with my choice.

So how do I ‘respect’ everyone’s choices, and get everything I want at the same time?

TADA: Enter the cyclic nature of Earth.

On one cycle you get everything you want. On another I get everything I want.

And this is my cycle.

Here’s the dream from last night.

With that said. I’m off to my Intellectual Property Law class.

Well, not ‘off’ in a literal sense, but hanging up on the BLOG for a few moments while I watch some exceedingly dry videos that I know are important for my body and mind to understand.

Oh before I get to that. have I told you how much I FUCKING HATE ADS?

I’m playing Words With Friends on Facebook, and now – Zynga – in their not so infinite wisdom – displays an AD EVERY FUCKING move I make. Not only is it exceedingly annoying, but it’s making the game downright unplayable on this otherwise average machine with 4gig of ram. All their nifty graphics and then you get this annoying as fuck Flash ad that takes 30 seconds to load up to which I – the MAN WHO HAS NO MONEY and cannot purchase jack shit anyways invariably says LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE.

FUCK YOU, ZYNGA, for creating a wonderful game and THEN FUCKING it all up with worthless ads that don’t offer ANYTHING other than repeated annoyance.

Back to Intellectual Property.

About 2/3 done with this section in IP.

You know, the wonderful thing about Studio City is the sheer variety of women here and, in particularly, what they wear and their ‘artwork’, ie: Tattooes. I’m looking at a very attractive taller blond with a buzz cut – maybe about 3/4 inch hair – she’s about 5’9″ tall who is wearing a white half top with spaghetti straps exposing her bare midriff and her size Cish boobs. With ‘flowing’ pants, a silk type that accentuates her amazing body extremely well. She also has a tattoo on her right shoulder blade, writing I cant see from here what it says, and a ‘sleeve’ type tattoo on her right ar, as well as a designed tattoo running from behind her left ear to her back, as well as a few tattoos partially covered by her scant clothes.

She has very much an Annie Lennox style to her.

This is something I NEVER see in the conservative and relatively boring IT world.

Too bad there’s no money to be made for homeless guys that like to play games and write, right?

Among the reasons having a Kinect camera would be fun here.

I’d take pictures of the amazing creatures which grace this place.

In this intellectual property class, the instructor discusses two different responses in measuring the validity of claims through something they refer to as ‘claim construction’ in determining whether a patent infringement has occurred.

I had long criticized law for being too literal.

Good people with little money going to jail and bad people who could afford to hire good lawyers getting off.

I also hadn’t really investigated law enough to understand where the hell I was getting my information from.

So as the instructor discussed the Federal procedure for review, he explains how the two different ‘response methods’ in reviewing claims that reach Federal courts are either holistic and procedural.

Holistic meaning ‘is the the work explained by the patent’ infringed upon – in spirit by those the infringement claim is being brought against? For instance, if a chair is describe with a board with a flat back, and someone else ‘invents’ a chair with slotted backs, the ‘holistic’ approach would still regard the entire ensemble as being ‘in the spirit’ of the original design. That is. A chair is a chair is a chair.

Conversely, with a procedural approach, since a flat back is not the same in a literal sense as the slotted back, the literal design is different, and the infringement case would be considered invalid.

Now interestingly enough, 2/3 of the cases which hit Federal courts are gauged procedurally, while 1/3 of them are holistic.

Now the instructor’s interpretation of this was “It’s like a flip of the coin” which side they will go with.

Over the years, I have learned that human behavior, even collectively in cases like this, is never like the flip of a coin.

Each judge has their preference. Each juror and expert preferences of their own.

So with court systems at all levels having a variety of judges who will take cases. And a finite way of jury and expert witness selection. To me, it seems like any GOOD lawyer would take into consideration the likelihood a judge will side with your perspective, and then select expert witnesses accordingly. As for the jury. Ultimately any verdict lies firmly in the judge’s court, so the key is to reinforce getting a judge who will philosophically side with your case, and with jury selection, simply ensure a lack of bias by widening the variety with the jurors, letting the judge sway the decision through his or her management of the courtroom.

Manage the managers, I say.

The ‘holistic’ approach, I suspect, is in my opinion quite likely a discontent judge siding against those he or her opposes, or a happy judge who’s siding with those he or her is in alignment with. An unbiased judge? is there such a thing?

Now they try to mitigate manipulation of Federal judges by randomly assigning three who will officiate your case.

This is where desire and serendipity and trust and simple belief comes into play.

Oh and doing the right thing, by you, for you.

It’s like this. I didn’t think of the law and rules when I broke the law and went to Cuba. I went there out of curiosity, and also – somewhat calculatedly – because I did NOT respect someone or something being punished ‘that long’ through ostracization.

It just didn’t seem.. right.

Who am I to question the law?

I’m a sovereign being in and of myself and it’s my right as a citizen to question my country and it’s laws.

Would I want to be excommunicated for that long?

Not really.

So it was a statement.

And what I am learning is – what I believe in – sets up the feedback mechanism for how reality responds to my infractions.

In Cuba’s case. The system didn’t respond, and seems to agree with me, as restrictions are being loosened against Cuba as we speak.

For me, this suggests that the most powerful statement you or I can make as an individual is choosing to do what we want when we want to. Sometimes that requires impetuous action. Sometimes, in the case of dealing with Federal Court systems – it requires a great deal of planning and contemplation to consider your tactics.

But in any case. Choice. It’s always there for us to make.

Not always easy though because ‘the system’ in general seems to prefer a procedurally oriented approach.

I’m in the infringement section of IP law.

Something apologized to me a few years back – and at the time the apology ‘felt like’ it had been directed at something that happened between Rachel and I, and it also ‘felt like’ it had come from her husband – Chris Gooch.

This ‘exchange’ for lack of better words came with two distinctly different perspectives. He’d ‘taken’ Rachel from me, believing Rachel and I were one and the same and this act, at least from his observational perspective, wound up driving me insane.

At the same time, I had another perspective. That he was a future version of himself from the year 2409, and was ‘repairing’ his own timeline, by directing himself to take these actions that he had later discovered were good and bad at the same time.

He’d done it previously to spite me.

But later, in trying to cover it up, he realized he was doing me a favor because she was imaginary prior to then and this split – while driving me insane – was a part of the process of creating a soul mate.

In last night’s dream. I saw another perspective. What happened with her when this split occurred.

I am sure you have seen the warnings which appear from the FBI before you play a DVD, right?

Here it is as a reminder.



I often wonder. Are there tiny people inside of me holding clipboards who, when they see a screen like this are exclaiming

“Here he goes again. That’s 10,495 years in prison for this one now! He shore is a trubble mayker!”

Mark, an older gentlemen who I helped optimize his laptop and removed a few viruses (and virus protection, the chief #1 contributor of viruses to any system) from a few weeks back just dropped by with his desktop machine to do the same thing with it.

After 20 minutes, with him watching, I took care of business and have $20 bucks to help with the Q needs new shoes fund.

No, these shoes won’t be the cheap 25 dollar shit shoes which are made in China from Marshall’s. It will be the $100 shoes I’ll get from a luxury store. Fuck it. Homeless guys still deserve nice shit.

Thanks, Mark!

And YAY just finished up week seven of the Intellectual Property Course.

Five days left, with Week Six to go and a final.

Tough class to keep engaged with, that’s for sure.

OFF to finish watching the latest installment of Limitless (favorite, well done, beings who made it, well done)

and then… Worlds of Warcraft. I got a mage jonesin for attention.

First. A message of interlinking events.

In Limitless, A Bacteria is released which absorbs energy directly from an energy plant which causes a blackout for all of New York.

The ‘normal investigative FBI mind’ is looking for human culprits.

But there’s an allowance.

IF ‘Brian’ – the investigator – started to investigate the possibilities that this was extra terrestrial in origin, which is what’s first alluded to, he would find evidence accordingly. But BECAUSE he is looking explicitly for evidence to support his more terrestrially based beliefs and employer.  He is influenced by that collective to find evidence supporting that.

Now interestingly enough, there’s also a door open which outlines how money is truly disposed of. There’s a cosmic/universal process which ‘picks up’ the money that’s being discarded, and converts it into energy, and they’d caught glimpses of this process actually occurring.

For every ‘level’ of mind there was further matter related explanations. But in the end, when it gets converted to energy, this ‘process’ of how money enters a system and then is disposed from the system was/is pretty evident.

Put specifically:

  1. For the mind looking for ‘grounded’ explanations, the FBI’s imagination is provided breadcrumbs to find it’s killer.
  2. For the mind looking for external influence – ie: ET’s, the bacteria not being terrestrial of origin – if they would have followed this ‘lead’ to it’s source rather than looking for terrestrially based methods of development, I have no doubt they’d have found off planet influences causing the ‘problem’ they’d then have to confront.
  3. And for the mind understanding matter/energy conversion processes, there’s evidence to suggest there’s something ‘in energy’ causing the ‘robbery’ of energy via the transformation of matter from this planet.

Everything I have found has numerous explanations and root causes.

It’s up to us to understand our own background, experiences, and beliefs, and how that influences what we investigate for root causes, and when we are ready for change, aim the compass according to WHO we want to be and then start adopting that background, experience, and beliefs and watch the root causes alter themselves to be something that defies prior logic.

Was just kicked offline while jumping onto WOW.

On that note, I found a bunch of new RSS feeds that are more ‘up my alley’. First, a whole lotta good ones surrounding gaming, game development, and the game industry as a whole. That should be fun. Second, since I’m a whore for research and development, there are a number of ‘patent feeds’ I connected to which outline new patents as they reach the public sector in a wide swathe of fields – from Chemistry to Computer Science to Electronics and more.

What I just noticed was ‘missing’ was more neurologically and psychologically related fields. I wonder, is this because innovation there and associated ‘intellectual property’ when it’s applied to education is not deemed ‘patentable’?

That doesn’t make sense, right, that methods of instruction and psychologically innovative areas are not included in patents.

Maybe I’ve not gotten the right feeds. Gonna do a double check to see if there’s other areas where I can obtain them.

On that note.

You know, I had always wondered why – in this day and age of terrorism – the blueprints on how to obtain uranium and create a nuclear bomb were readily available to anyone who had an internet connection? Why were chemical compounds to Ricin and VX gas, and diagrams on how to make large scale fertilizer bombs available to absolutely everyone.

Took me a long time to understand that one.

That they weren’t available to everyone.

Only me.

I’m still trying to figure out how others ‘see’ and ‘regard’ the information I look at on the internet.

“Life is 100% what you put into it and 100% what you get from it.” – Q

Ok. Just played a little WOW after annihilating Bennett with Words with Friends while simultaneously getting my ass handed to me by my mom…


It’s time to go.

Time to look at the stars.

At Deep Space 9, the space station in orbit of Earth..

And wonder..

Are they on that space station capable of coming here?

Or is this a black hole to them and do they not even see Earth?

Curious minds wanna know.



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