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House Party at the Hamptons…

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I had a full color dream last evening.

But before I get to that.

Prior to this version of Earth, Earth had cycled through numerous iterations and historical deviations to finally land on this specific version.

Each of these versions are tens of thousands of years apart, too great of a time to be detected with human technology, as I explained that while humans have frequently found evidence of this history, they almost ubiquitously dismiss it as modern day human error.

There’s two reasons it’s dismissed:

  1. It is difficult to consider rationally and the related historical implications it means to our developing society.
  2. To most intelligent creatures, being caught in a cycle repeating the same thing over and over again is terrifying.

There was a third reason and I was about to find out what that was with Rachel.

In the dream, I was trying to get Rachel to leave a house party.

By this time, we were lovers, had long been established as such, as were trying to find Jackie ‘in time’ to turn our time traveling duo into a trio.

Only the ‘house party’ was in the distant, distant past – a ‘version’ of Earth which looked remarkably similar to our own.

With one glaring exception that I will get to.

Rachel and I had traveled from present day, and I was going to show her the ‘cyclic nature’ of Earth and how there had been prior versions of our very society that some looked remarkably similar to ours to form our world and version of reality.

But something had happened as we traveled in time to this older version of Earth – which made Rachel’s mind begin to revert back to a prior state.

Put specifically.

I had never considered that Rachel’s entrance into my life was a relatively new addition, and among the reason for these ‘cycles’ of Earth was to develop memories, choices, experiences, and decisions which ultimately led to the development of a version of Rachel which decided to be an active participant in my life.

And when I rewound time to a introduce her to a distant past that enchanted me.

I had rewound her personality and mind to it’s initial state.

Which was nothing more than a robot in a simulation.

I soon found Rachel was quite content in this nude world, as we were at a dinner party with her family she’d only briefly spoken about in real life. There was absolutely nothing sexual about the entire situation, it was as normal a dinner party in ‘The Hamptons’ as you would expect, with one glaring exception – no one was wearing a lick of clothes.

I grew bored of it all after a while. The novelty of the nudity had worn off, and now we were just at a family event and I was the outsider, and after long enough, I had had enough smiling and uncomfortably quiet moments being introduced to the family for the first time to fill several lifetimes.

Yes, for some reason she had chosen this moment to introduce me to her family, as she knew that while ‘later versions’ of these individuals may not remember being unclothed for the first time we met,  they’d certainly remember meeting the misfit man who had swept their daughter off her feet and convinced her – to their encouragement – to have an open relationship with him, no less!

But as the day turned into night and that turned into a couple days, I was beginning to realize – Rachel was falling into character too much.

And when she started becoming unresponsive to me, I’d realized my mistake with her and time travel and that she was regressing and in the process remaining in her regression state.

I have had numerous eternities to develop a mind which can be erased and then rebuilt without losing my experiences and memories through a disassociative process that probably bore you to tears to understand in full.

Rachel, however, was much like a computer and I had done the effective equivalent of a delete of everything she had installed on her ‘computer’ after she’d bought it from Best Buy.

So for the life of me, I couldn’t get her to come with me – and time really was becoming an issue but it was like she was stuck on autopilot in ‘the story of the time period we were in’. It became so bad, she started forgetting about me.

I knew it was urgent that we get out and move forward in time.

And quick.

My dreams aren’t normally sexually oriented, and while this part of the dream was – but wasn’t at the same time.

My response to her lack of following me was to shove two fingers inside her vagina and lead her around like that.

I knew, somehow, there  was some form of trigger in her pussy that made her follow me.

She followed, obediently, and just before I got her back to my TARDIS, the TARDIS stopped me from entering with a shield.

The TARDIS then responded “You have to consider this memory erasure is permanent, and perhaps there she needs to develop a mind similar to your own before continuing with you and before you two can move forward in the relationship you are proposing to her.”

The TARDIS was right. I knew it.

I led Rachel back to her family.

Where it became clear to me, this is where she needed to be, for now.

She didn’t even wave when I left.

I had discovered a third reason why the cyclic nature of reality was being dismissed by human minds.

A reason that horrifies even me.

And that’s because I had become convinced there was no exit.

I woke up about the same time that sunk in.

In the TV show Slider’s, a young physicist invents a device which can take him to alternate versions of Earth.

Some TV Shows. And Movies. I had never realized. Were gateways. Wormholes to different times in space. And all throughout my life, a part of my mind was being ripped out of me, consciously, and I was being sent on a journey similar to Rachel’s – reverting me to a prior state.

I woke up this morning, and the processes of reality became clear.

A television show like Quantum Leap which demonstrates how a lost consciousness is placed in human form over and over again until invariably, he winds up ‘accepting’ a form or going stark raving mad which winds up creating energy for a system that keeps doing the same thing over and over.

Then computers came along.

Disassociated my mind from the signals and the wormholes as I consciously began to learn on my own, outside of the influence of an automated system which made decisions on my behalf and reversions for me.

I woke up this morning, smelled my fingers, and sighed.

It was only just a dream…..



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