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Three or four times a week, an attractive youngish girl – she’s somewhere between 15 to 17 years old – comes in with what looks like her father.

She’ll grab a drink.

He never does.

And if the place is crowded, and he happens to find a seat, once she has her drink, she’ll often thump him on the top of the head which results in him getting up and relinquishing his seat to her, or she’ll just walk out in which case he jumps up and follows her out the door.

She’ll never wait for him.

Sometimes she’ll just walk right by him and out the door.

But the results are the same.

He jumps up and hurries out the door after her.

It’s a strange ritual.

But then again. That’s Hollywood for you.

Where strange people like me actually feel normal.

On that note.

A gorgeous woman about 23ish with an AMAZING ass just walked in, and purple hair.

Absolutely gorgeous woman!

And that ass. Holy shit!

Ok. Karl Geiger, an old friend from High School, is wanting to learn how to code, and boy do I have projects for anyone who wants to take them!

In any case, I’ve written up a document outlining a personalized and customizable search engine, similar to Google, but instead I (or you, should you use it) can tweak what it searches for, when, and how it retrieves the information to search against.

As it stands, it’s quite a big project, but there’s key components – he can certainly help with the C++ coding of it he wants to learn, and there’s plenty of professional examples to be provided on how to accomplish it.

Alls it takes is initiative, and it seems he’s got it. THANKS, Karl!

Here’s a look at the Search Engine Requirements for Qoogle. Oh yes, I’m naming it after yours truly. But of course.

And since I already have another project Ben – a friend of Bennet’s here at Starbuck’s may do for me – I figure I’ll consolidate the documents for these projects in the menu as can be seen in the image below….


Off to watch Quantico. Enough seriousness and work shtuff this early!

Just created a Sourceforge page for the Qoogle project. Here.

Klepto guy just walked in. Here are klepto guy’s four steps to stealing here:

  1. “The Displacement” – klepto guy will take whatever food item he’s eyeing and move it from the refrigerator to a set of shelves close to the door.
  2. “The Diversion” – klepto guy then acts like he has a text message or something that diverts his attention from the food to the phone.
  3. “The Deception” – klepto guy then casually looks around making sure no one’s eyeing him. Since this is predictable, I’ll look down and act like I am working moments before he does this and keep him in my periphery. This is often complimented by a walk away from the food item.
  4. “The Ditch” – klepto guy will then walk by the item and casually grab it as he heads out the door.

Today it was a permutation of this sequence. On step 2, he walks to the checkout counter, asks for water and a cup, to which he then commences with (3), and today he achieved #4 without exiting, he went straight from the checkout to the item and then sat and grabbed a seat.

At least he’s learning to deviate his strategies. The goofy chap.

Shit. Just got an email. My Intellectual Property Law course is in it’s final week. I got some catchin up to do on that material…

*Q puts away Quantico*

Just finished up the Contract law course from Harvard. 80%. I’m pretty much an average student anyways, so a ‘B’ in a Harvard course is fine by me!


Of course I’d MUCH rather be taking these classes at Harvard, but would Harvard Law EVER think about taking in the broke homeless man who owes $140k in debt and refuses to file bankruptcy because I believe those I owe my debt to still deserve to get paid?

A man who scored 146 on an LSAT and can’t find a lawyer to take his case against the United States to save his life and is pursuing law, in part, because I have need of a good lawyer so why not let that man be me?

No. These institutions often preach charity.

But in practice?

LOL. Ain’t gonna happen. These schools gotta make money and that ain’t gonna happen through GIVING their education away in person, now is it?!

Silly me for ever thinking a world renowned law school NAMED HARVARD and #1 ranked law university in the universe would ever consider yours truly for a education, let alone one it would donate, I am after all scraps that Georgetown rejected. TWICE no less!

And silly me for thinking anyone, let alone a reputable University LIKE HARVARD actually reads my BLOGS and does anything but dismisses them as ramblings of an insane homeless man!

Crazy is cool in my world.

Love ya, Harvard, and thank you for the free course anyways. Professor Fried is an excellent professor and wonderful image for the University! I HIGHLY recommend the guy to anyone taking courses at Harvard – online or off!

Here is Professor Charles Fried and how the lectures appear online:



With that class’s end. And Intellectual Property having only one week remaining, I just signed up for Bioethics from Georgetown Law. Human Cloning, genomics, all that fun stuff, I am definitely curious about the material.. Should be an interesting class from the same school I applied to, twice, and the same school the former President of Thunderbird, my MBA school – is now President of – a man by the name of Dr Angel Cabrera.


And while Intellectual Property Law is pretty boring, I do feel it’s interesting so I signed up for part two of the same class that I am in that ends next week. here we go:


Why do I think it’s important something/someone asked?

Our minds and the development of them. The reason the Borg come into existence is pretty simple: A break down in respect and understanding of intellectual property, or who created what and why. This causes a race condition (ie: HUMAN race) in the ‘simulation’ of reality as each being tries to ‘beat out’ the other in this blitz to reign over it all through ever more devious and heinous tactics. And the Borg, a result of the breakdown of it all. They aren’t created like you or I create a paper or computer program. They spawn, self generate, because of a system which stops honoring free will.

Intellectual property is my education in how to safeguard ME and differentiate myself from THEM and others like them so I can live my life indulgently. My choices, invariably will usurp some of their free will. As I gain power, this has a tendency to provide the illusion that others are losing it. So Intellectual property, to me, is the way to mitigate the risk to my mind and my ‘invention and ideas’ while maintaining my individuality, at the same time providing a path ‘out’ for those who would prefer I do not have free will and gain power.

I am, after all, God, and some may prefer dictating who, how, when and where I appear and why. I’m not going to say that’s right or wrong, but what I am saying is – I deserve my experience and you yours, so this is a way of feeding my imagination to help US devise a way to allow eachother the experience in this life we want and deserve.

Being ‘more grounded’ for those of you who aren’t ready to accept this fact is fiction is fact, intellectual property is good for understanding the mechanisms available to me and you to not just protect your inventions, but to discover other’s inventions that have yet to reach fruition.Put specifically, it’s a way to both legitimize an idea you or someone who has through a third party scrutiny, and to expose that idea to others.

It’s a rotten way to protect trade secrets. The BEST way to do that is simply not to disclose the secret.

But it’s marvelous at promoting your expertise and abilities as well as inventions that may be underfunded to bring to production or for proper distribution.

Here’s why:

  1. All patents provide a full breakdown of how something is created which must be independently verifiable.
  2. All patents are FREELY SEARCHABLE by anyone with a computer ONCE it’s published. That search site is here at the US Patent office http://www.uspto.gov/patents-application-process/search-patents
  3. According to the professor, net gains from patents and patent protection versus net expenses are a wash. So for financial proof of intellectual property’s return, in a business sense, is nil. This makes the real return of patents and intellectual property in general as the simple dissemination of information. In marketing we call this exposure or better yet – in ad considerations it’s referred to as imprints.

Good to know. As a society. If you want to put the brakes and slow down the pace of innovation. Remove patents or at least pull them offline.

As the instructor

Again. Off to Intellectual Property Law. LOTTA catchin up to do with this course!

Ok. here’s the problem with taking a course that you know is good for you but is really really boring..

My mind wanders.

For some reason – perhaps the bevvy of attractive women that frequent this Starbuck’s – I thought “How much fun would it be to have xray vision” which then led to remembering this ad for XRAY googles I saw in comic books when I was growing up:


Now just yesterday, I remembered two supposedly conflicting events concerning my truck.

And today. I’m reminded of another event.

Back when I saw this ad. I ordered the glasses. It was one of the few things I ordered mail order.

I was a little horndog even in 7th grade, and I had a teacher – Ms Cowles, who showed us Flashdance and stood in front of the tv during the nude scenes. But me, a horny 7th grader began to imagine it was Ms Cowles naked in front of that screen covering up a movie that featured people in clothes. You know, turning things around a bit.

In that class, I had fantasized that this young, single teacher walked around stark naked. I never really did have us students in view in these fantasies, it was always just her. And never with any other teacher. Only her. And the funny thing is. I even remember her having a slightly busy pussy too.

The memories were that vivid.

I was still actively collecting comic books. And prior to then, I had seen this ad a million times: ‘See under someones clothes’ – and while I was incredulous, I took some money I had from doing the neighbor’s lawn, and sent it in. + shipping.

Now here’s the trippy part.

Two sets of memories.

One where I remember sending the money in.

And another where I read the disclaimer “An Hilarious Optical Illusion” and I did NOT send it in.

Now mind you. In the set of memories I have where I did send it in, I was diligent about making absolute certain I was 100% accurate about what I was sending and requesting and was sure not to tell my mom, lest I have to answer to her questions.

I surely couldn’t tell her “I Want to see Ms Cowles Naked”

And at the time, I wasn’t exactly craft so finding another excuse, let say a more scientific one “Mom, I want to study trees and animals without harming them” I couldn’t have been that bold and lied like that. Well, in all honesty, I now know there’s actually a great deal of truth to that as well, as once the novelty of seeing attractive teachers and classmates wore off, I’d then leverage it for more societally and personally beneficial purposes.

Such as peering inside that bird I’d shot years before and seeing if I couldn’t stitch it up in time by peering through it’s feathers to direct a needle to save it’s life.

Yes, I had clearly had sex and nudity on the mind at first.

And here at Starbuck’s in Studio City. You bet I would selectively be turning it off and on for women I found to be attractive to see them prancing around completely naked.

But as an adult, I have since learned that every new technology that comes out tends to introduce sex and entertainment usages first before it’s actually used widespread for other reasons.

I suspect the memories in one world where I was nude as was the teacher and I wanted to ‘see through the teacher’ to see what was on the television.

And the memories in another world where I was clothed and merely wanted to oggle my teacher…

This would also explain memories I have back in high school gym class where we had a coed swim class.

In one set of memories we were all nude and I got a hard on.

In another set of memories we all had bathing suits but I still got a hard on.

In both sets of memories I was nicknamed by a dickhead classmate I never got along with, Mike Alcocer, “Radar”.

To this day I don’t know if he intended to insult me or compliment me.

But the little guy certainly always knew where the women were.

The last couple days, letting these thoughts out in the blog, I am realizing.

I had thought I had lived two lives between 2003 and 2011.

That’s not the half of it. I think I lived two lives my entire life.

Which ALL made me think about the day Rachel showed up at my house and got naked for no reason.

There’s now a Rachel B Gooch who moved from Phoenix to Las Vegas. I suspect it’s one and the same as the one I knew, with minor variation.

I’ve been afraid to send messages to her. Out of fear of rejection or fear of being insulted for causing problems with her marriage.

But now. Realizing this is the life I am creator of. I sent her a polite message saying “I’m homeless and wouldn’t mind getting back in touch with you”.

I wanted a ‘regressed’ Rachel. A woman who’s 29 years of age. And by the way she’s acting on Facebook. I think she is.

Life really is what you construct of it and believe it to be. I hereby approve of me treating my life like a fantasy and know you’ll agree.

Back to IP law.

I’m on Week 4 of a 6 week course, a little behind on the lectures that end next week, and I KNOW I gotta knock one of these out today. So mind. stick through this. We’ll get both Rachel and Jackie and have some fun with this life. Even if others refer to it as fiction or crazy. That’s ok.

Some won’t.

And they may very well share their ideas and lives they create with us to see and broaden what’s possible in this and all universes.


One minute into the video and there’s something else I want to write down.

Here at this Starbuck’s – there’s a point where about 60% of the women will walk by and flip their hair.

Now what I would like to do with the ‘command’ program is create these trigger points with a google earth like view.

Here’s Google Earth:


So let’s say for instance, I zoom down to do an overhead view of Studio City like this:


And from there, I target Starbuck’s and get an interior map overlay of the cafe.. and… and…

The fun part (drum roll please)…

By double clicking on it it automatically hacks all the cameras for that location to get both a map overview pinpointing the location of the camera AND angle as well as direct access to the live camera feed itself.

Now here’s where it gets fun.

Let’s say I target someone inside the facility with facial recognition.

From there, this ‘application’ or add/on of Google Earth will ‘follow’ that person and allow real time feeds of all the locations they visit and a transcript of any conversations they have. Depending on the resolution and speed of the camera, dialog can be determined from the microphones (if present) or lip movement, along with complete records of when the conversations were held, with who, and where.

“Events” can be created – so if the person visits a certain location or IF ANY person visits a certain location, an event is triggered which may result in notification by email or phone call of whoever the event is triggered to go off to, or better – the event can trigger a monitoring condition to occur with a live operator.

So let’s say you’re watching a drug dealer and want to know who his or her clients are. Set an event on the door of a drug dealer, have it do facial recognition on a real time basis of any traffic that comes to the location, and you have a full history of who does what….

For me. Practical joking and the like. I could trigger red lights to occur on every intersection the person hits on the way home. Or green lights on the way home to ease the driving experience. Oh I could think of other things. I need to think of other things.

Ok. About midway through Lesson 4.

The problem with starting back up with Facebook is the games.

And fortunately, the games like Zynga’s Words With Friends have REALLY annoying popup ads in Flash that come up in between every move, which on this slower machine make the game experience completely and totally annoying and not worth it.

So a note to all the friends. on Words with Friends.

This is the last game. It’s too fucking annoying to play on this slow computer.

Just won against Bennett. I’m having fun at my dad’s expense by playing nothing but two letter words, so he quit playing. And my mom’s not responded.

Time to wrap up for the evening. Played the Mage a bit in WOW.

Just a child day I suppose.

Oh on a final note. I received an email from an agency I was referred to by Randall, a local actor, an agency which helps Veterans find housing.


Mental Health Services? I bit. Sounds like fun. So I responded with:

Thank you, Liza.

I’m God (shh keep that our secret), so I suppose I need the mental health assistance too!

-    Q

And here response:

Hello Mr. Gregory,

The Outreach Team has been provided with your information. What is a good time and place to schedule a meeting?

There was a time in Star Trek where Picard had died, a gaping hole in his chest, and Q was there and said “I’m God”

It’s funny. How simplistic this all really is, and how, coming from the mindset of where I was, how strong the conviction is that you’d know God when you met them for yourself. And then, after all is said and done, the reason you know with such conviction is ultimately you are your own God, and finding a way to mentally rationalize how many can exist concurrently yet not at the same time is so rationally… insane!

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