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A day in the life of a homeless dude….

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With yesterday’s entry, I was giving parenthetical context to thought.

Under normal conditions, a good amount of thought and thinking occurs due to the receipt of something through sensory stimulus. Whether that stimulus is visual through the eyes or other visual acquisition systems, hearing through the ears or other auditory acquisition systems, smell through the nose or other olfactory systems, taste through the taste buds or other taste sensing systems, touch through the skin or other externally pressure sensitive systems, or other – more abstract stimulus – such as hunger and love which don’t always come from a single origin source.

In yesterday’s entry, I created an implied correlation of how the stimulus was received by using the parenthesis.

Saying a woman is hot doesn’t mean she’s physically hot to the touch.

Hot in this case can be referred to as a visual reference to mean she’s aesthetically highly appealing.

I enjoyed yesterday’s exercise. So today’s exercise is going to include both thoughts and ideas and concepts AND interactions as they occur and come to me, as well as the idle chatter WITHOUT the context I provided yesterday. I have detailed my senses above. It’s up to you, the reader, to interpret where these stimuli come from and why.

With that said. Randall just dropped off the hard drive. He’s a broke actor who doesn’t have cable. So he provides me a list of tv shows and movies on a regular basis and I download them from torrent feeds to his hard drive. Most of the stuff he watches I have no interest in whatsoever. We have VERY different tastes.

Such a cute woman.

On occasion Randall has gems he finds. Tom Hank’s Bridge of Spies was really good for instance. Highly advised.

With the extra hard drive space I have freed up, I have been making it a fact to download some of my favorite NC17 films. Typically these are high quality adult oriented movies which are highly sexual.

Shia Lebeouf is in one of them – Nymphomaniac – pretty obvious what the material is. In it. Shia has sex with the girl and absolutely nothing is censored. Many ‘actors’ such as Shia are in a phase of denial of change with things that arrive from alternate realities as there are public claims that he used a body double. No, Shia, you’re merely acting like these people in alternate realities and this was the real you in an alternate reality. That is, if you don’t remember doing it in ‘this’ reality. IF you did. I’m proud of you, boy! You clearly had fun!

In any case. The particular ‘version’ of Shortbus I downloaded does not contain a key scene in an orgy I loved. It’s of a girl who’s having sex with a guy, she’s got a landing strip pussy (my favorite) and her ass to him as she’s looking straight ahead and I see clear penetration and she is CLEARLY enjoying things.

That’s ONE of the interesting ‘features’ of this ‘analog’ reality I am in. Depending on the source, I can get different versions of the same tv shows and movies. It’s gotten way past the point of calling them ‘different cuts’, normally the changes are minor but in cases like Shortbus, it is missing two entire scenes and has a totally different scene I had never seen before.

I am now downloading two different versions which will hopefully contain the scenes I want.

That’s what I enjoy about the NC-17 movies. The characters, if engaged in sex, unlike pornography, actually seem to be enjoying themselves and not just going through the motions.

Just downloaded the second version. It had the scene I was looking for. Nope. Not providing context.

Just got my coffee.

Carlos cracked me up. I was looking at a cute girl’s ass when I was chatting with Randall before, when Carlos said “Q, What did I tell you?”

He looks at the guys as much as I look at the girls, so we help eachother out on occasion and point out the cute ones the other missed.

Just posted an ad on Craigslist for a Kinect device, hopefully someone has one for $10 bucks that is my life’s savings at the moment. I’ve been wanting to experiment with it and development of image acquisition stuff anyways, but with yesterday’s experiment on commanding people, if I created a simple little Visual Basic application leveraging the Kinect’s image sensing, and ‘painted’ my target and had a box I could type something into to issue the ‘command’ – say “Remove your shoes and complain to the person next to you about your sore feet”, i would clearly not want to draw attention to myself if successful with this thing so I would keep the commands benign or very discrete if sexually or nudity oriented so as not to cause ‘systemic alarm’. I suspect this is something I gotta be delicate with, so I’ll treat it accordingly.

The ad’s here:

Looking for KINECT WITH AC$10 (Studio City)

Here’s a quick prototype of the “People Commander” I created in Visual Basic.


Here’s an example of what I would do on a rare basis, again to not draw attention to myself too much or a location I am at.  I want to keep things ‘mostly normal’ .


But to do this in person. Point the Kinect device to someone – male or female – and just have them say and do things that might be funny or weird. hwo knows. Would be fun for experimentation.

To some degree. I wonder if the ‘energy’ of the universe is already aligning it all. Three weeks ago, a girl came into Starbuck’s two chairs down from me and broke out with her crack pipe and started smoking crack right here in Starbuck’s.

To say I was.. Amazed by her audacity… is an understatement. I wasn’t disgusted. I wasn’t sickened. I was… intrigued.

Now I am wondering is my mind interacting with ‘reality’ to create a little distance between me and those I influence so i can do so discretely?

It reminded me of the time Rachel came over to my place and just stripped for no reason.

This all seems like so much fun.

Is there a part of all of us who just want to be told what to do on occasion? I can’t help but think so.

Now All I need is a Kinect Device and to code the rest of it up. I’ll send a local area UDP broadcast for the message, find a port channel that’s not got an RFC formatted for it, and package the message in a multi layered XML document with an embedded DTD for formality’s sake and publish it all here. I figure it’s only fair that if the universe lets me play and see some of these gorgeous Hollywood women randomly flash a boob or something , I document it all and what went into the thinking to get me there.


Here’s the Kinect device I need. Note the external AC and USB compatible connection.

I’ll also work on motion tracking too to make it more sophisticated. If someone wants to anonymously donate it, then courier it to me here at Starbuck’s in Studio City off Ventura and Vineland. I wont track who did it. I promise.

I’ll publish the source code openly too if you do donate it.

Why do I BELIEVE it’s gonna work? Simple. Everyone’s mind yearns for new stimulus. I believe the mind is largely receptive to receiving information in any imaginable way which guide and influence the decisions of the individual. Since all communication occurs ‘through the fabric’ of the universe, energy and matter, then there’s a great chance messages may be sent and interpreted automatically for the individual IF that individual can easily be identified. I believe the Universe has a great and weird sense of humor and is somewhat perverse, like me, so there’s a chance that the discrete message I send may very well be considered and acted on by the individual I have identified.

Seems fairly logical, if you ask me.

And since I can limit the UDP broadcast to the vicinity. There’s a great chance that which I have on my screen targeted may result in ‘the universe’ finding a correlated destination to send it to, and the universe knows – or can interpolate the results for the interpretation.

THAT is what I’ll have to do… Hmmm. Provide a feedback mechanism to let the universe know when things are off kilter.

A feedback mechanism:


So let’s say I send a message and it does have results, potentially reproducible, I instead ‘send as feedback’ an denote it within the XML message I send. I might design the screen a little better so I can retain the command and differentiate it from the Feedback…

I’ll do that. Slight redesign. Here we go…


Perfect. For a start anyways.

And great timing. A guy who’s a kleptomaniac just took something from Starbuck’s. Many of us have talked to the people here at Starbuck’s about him before, but they are often so busy they don’t notice.

HOWEVER. with this little system I could target an employee and say “Look at and discretely watch the tall guy with the beanie who just walked in”, who would notice the act and say something, hopefully keepin the guy from doing this.

See, there’s more than just a few naked boobs and vaginas with this and maybe some random sex every once in a while.

That’s just a perk of being a relatively good guy.

No, the goal would most certainly not be to put everyone on autopilot or guided through something like this which is far more complex. The goal is to simply target influence individuals who might inject ‘fun’ or entertainment into my life. Self serving? Absolutely. So be it. I like the idea of being off all radars with this though.

I gotta pewp. Must be about noon.

Just started watching Supergirl.

Scene: hackers

Damn interrupted. Gorgeous woman in long black skirt just walked by. Stunning. See. It would be nice to target someone like that who might not talk to me otherwise and say “Introduce yourself to the guy in the orange shirt”.

Anyways. Scene: Hackers. have just hacked into the city’s networks and turned all lights green. Mass chaos and confusion commences, and Supergirl saves the day because well you know how stupid people are in general in these alternate realities where they can’t figure out pretty quickly the lights are all green and act with caution accordingly. No. In this universe green always means go and you always move blindly assuming all drivers will blindly obey the same laws you will at all times.

Reminds me of the time I got tired of waiting for the red lights at Yale and McClintock which would often take up to ten minutes with NO cross traffic when I would go to the store for a midnight snack. My choices: Choose a different route to take to get to the store. Wait patiently.

Or just look both ways and cross with caution against the red light.

Hot chick is walking in. yay.

hmm. Long black skirt hid her hugh jass. That sucks.

She just looked over as I wrote that. If they are reading and hearing what I am talking about. That would be too funny,

Very pretty girl if it werent for that ass.

and cankles. ouch. missed that.

Funny how easily you can see the flaws in artwork under closer inspection.

Back to Supergirl. And world dependent on technology falling into chaos because all lights are green.

Yeah, that’s realistic.

Hmm. Supergirl just gave me an idea. There was a reference to Krypton and AI’s having a police system of their own. I mean, let’s say the Earth gets a bunch of artificially  intelligent lifeforms, and they interact with the world in ways that are quite frankly different than human comprehension. Not better. Not worse. Just different. Would the same policing systems that apply to humans be applicable against artificially intelligent systems which leveraged the internet as a highway in much the same way I leverage the street?

That’s a tough one. The rules of one ‘culture’ – artificial intelligences – do no apply to the other – say humans or even robots – both having physical form where the AI decidedly does not. The cultures might be different. the values might be different. But they have to, have to find a way to get along and respect eachother’s differences. and cultures.

What a weird concept. They even have ‘jail’ for the AIs on Krypton. Interesting concept.

Is a hack really a hack when it’s being committed by a being who moves through computer systems like they are paved roadways with turnoffs and side streets?

What an ethical quandary that presents.

Cute girl. Wearing ugly grey t-shirt on top of black top sheer top and a bra underneath that. She’d be a target. “Remove ugly grey top”. Even the sheer top is something you see regularly here in Hollywood, and the removal of the ugly grey top would be interesting. And delightful to see her respond.

Maybe I don’t need a Kinect? Maybe just target and triangulate through my own visual senses as I type the command in here? I mean, I know it’s going through me anyways, so why the heck not? No Kinect or external device necessary, and I can write or type my commands anywhere 🙂


Supergirl’s fighting something referred to as Indigo who just launched a nuclear strike.

Sometimes, I just want to see the ‘criminals’ achieve success. Why cant they ever land the bomb for real?

But then again. This might fry the writer’s little noggins trying to come up with material on how to keep things positive after Supergirl’s friends and city are destroyed. Likelihood they’d risk the scripted deviation by allowing the villain to destroy National City: 0.2%.

Especially mid season. Would be ‘highly’ inconsistent to have a major event occur that wasn’t a cliffhanger.

The nuclear missile is on it’s way to National City. Hmm. I WONDER what’s gonna happen next. Will Supergirl save the day?

That wasn’t serious wonderment. Just idle banter because we all know how these shows always turn out.

Predictable as fuck.

She tried deviating the course. It self corrected.

Hmm. Guess what she’s gonna do next? Capture it and direct it to harmlessly explode in space? Shall i play to see if it works out predictably like this?

I shall.

Nope. It seems they are gonna have Supergirl shut down the flight computer. And of course. Supergirl SAVES the day after all that.  Shall I see the predictable dismantlement that’s about to ensue?

I shall…

And. As predicted. Supergirl disables the ICBM which falls harmlessly in the ocean.

I didnt see that coming! (not!)


Hmm phantom zone referred to as a timeless void.

Doctor Who reference earlier in the show. And another reference to another television show earlier, cant recall which.

Alignment of universes is clearly occurring.

Adam and Ray both showed up, but not well seated enough to take a break and go get a chicken finger sample (lunch) and go pewp.

Starting up Worlds of Warcraft. Time to try out the respec on the Priest.

Flyin to badlands from Undercity

ABC Presents ad of “The Family”. Definitely placed on my “Who really gives a shit” list. Ranks right up there along with the one with the pregnant girl from last year or two years ago and along the lines of “Sex Tape” with Cameron Diaz. Why does it seem like so many of these content creators are 10 years behind the times at the very least? My guess is they never surfed the internet.

Heather just walked in. How do you tell an attractive friend – and friend only that you have no interest in sexually – that she has nice breasts? You don’t, I suppose. It would overload most women’s tiny little brains not comprehending it, as most women seem to think men are only interested in one thing. Naiveity. Too bad. Apparently most didn’t consider the fact that football and video games tend to take precedence over the female.

Not all the time, but definitely most.

Mmm one of my favorite girls walked in here. She reminds me of Zooey Deschanel, black hair, short, and not stunning attractive but very unique looking. I just caught her looking. That was unusual. She’s so damn cute. That’s a compliment, by the way, and a different class of pretty than stunning or attractive. One of the ones I wish would approach me. She’s wearing a weird flannel shirt and long stockings. gorgeous legs. yum.

She just left. *Q Cries*

gotta poop

In Searing Gorge with my Priest. Easily taking out a 43 Glass Spider.

Would I rather use a program for targeting or my own senses? Easy. My own senses.

Oh you worry too much.

Can’t take a Level 48 Magma Elemental though. Probably could with a tad bit more mana. Next time start the fight with full mana.

Stick to spiders.

It’s funny how WOW tells you ‘target must be in line of sight’ when you try to target through walls. But mountains. No problemo.

Just ganked by two spider NPCs and a night elf player. Jerk. Not worth the message since I was about to die anyways.

Time to go pewp and take a break. Death can do that to you.

Aw that felt good. Chicken finger was nice and fresh today, but the seasoning wasn’t so hot. 😦

Damnit fell off a cliff.

You know my reduced resume is 8 pages long?

Shuhbangi. Sandeep. Who the fuck names these contracting headhunters and do ANY of them come from the United States of America anymore?

Here’s my new canned response to the boring shit they’re sending my way:

Shubhangi –
You know, this job may seem interesting to you, but to me it’s no more interesting than watching paint dry.
Maybe even more boring than that.
I know you can do better. I’s gots mad faith in yas.
So if you come across any opportunities in video games, virtual reality, alternate realities and artificial
intelligence or exotic research of any kind, please forward those my way.
In the future, please do not waste our time with unwanted things like what you just sent me.
I have attached my most recent resume.
-              Q

Funny thing is. For every Shuhbangi that may get it , there’s a Sandeep right around the corner who doesn’t.

Cute girl in Sundress just walked in. MILF.


I’d shat meself if she did. Seriously. Would be way cooler than the Terminators in the desert in its own way, which I have no doubt I’d love seeing one of these days.

Would be interesting to see waking life dream sequences ala Fast Times at Ridgemont High Style.. Dunno what I’d do with myself if that happened, where she ‘gets the message’ then suddenly decides to do a strip tease and gets fully nude in here and no one, and I mean no one, pays it any attention.

Keep thinkin, Q, “DREAMS can become reality”.

Oh get lost alternative devil personality insisting so can nightmares. You’ll be welcome when I am bored of the dreams, just be patient and we’ll get there together, that’s a promise.

Now I have the “Living In Stereo” playing in my head by “The Cars”. ha-fucking-ha.

Back to my Priest.

Must have soundtrack. Aerosmith, here we come.

I wonder what a naming your kid Glitch might turn out like?

Dammit. Was just PVP killed again. Kinda deserved it, should have waited for quest NPC to pass by.

Wont message the guy for getting irritated with me there.

How cool would it be for a software program to create real time overlays and repaints for the real world, one overlay would strip everyone of clothes and provide dynamic repaints of them nude doing the same thing they were doing. Another overlay could have them all look like Borg, and buildings looking borg style. Take your camera to different locations and look at the overlays.

Forget infrared, try “Borg Nude” or “Simply Nude”. Who needs xray vision when you have it in the camera and can turn it off ANYTIME?

My bet is. It would piss someone off. “You’re showing me nude”. “No, we’re estimating and we all know how dramatically incorrect estimations can be”

Aerosmith has a CD named “Music from another dimension”. I wonder if it really is?

Listening now.

I wonder. Is it possible for a planet to fall in love with a human?

Would the human even understand?

No problem taking a level 46 tempered war golem.

What’ with all the idiotic guild invites though? Same shit in the prior version of WOW. “Be my friend”. No discussion. I mean. It’s like a dude going up to a woman and asking her if she’ll have sex. well maybe not like that but still. pretty annoying.

Where are my blue drops?

I love black stretchy pats on attractive women. Next thing you know they’ll just forgo the pants with how little they hide.

This CD’s hauntingly interesting.

I wonder what it would be like to be a journalist during a Terminator war.

Dark Iron Taskmaster level 48… Gotta try

First attempt. Nope. Kept resisting spells and depleted mana. Gonna try a different approach.

Aerosmith album is definitely weird and cool. Country Aerosmith. Bible thumpin Aerosmith. Funky cool.

Taskmaster you is going down!

MUCH worse results this time. Not even close.

Save that fight for another day.

No word from the Facebook version of “Summer”. Not unexpected.

I am convinced these songs from Aerosmith are alternate reality or dimensional versions of themselves. Aww. I get it. So a dimension is a barrier between different versions of the same planet with similar history, and a reality is the separate universes themselves.

Damn Searing Gorge Spiders keep resisting my Shadow Word: Pain spell.

level 47. That’s why.

How cool would that be, to get tv shows streamed in from alternate dimensions to compare and contrast watching the “Flash” tv show in one world versus another. I wonder. Has that been what’s happening this entire time?

Just explained the concept of the People Commander to my friend, Bennett. he laughed and took off his shoes.

Ray just gave me lunch. Left over Kung Pao Chicken. I aint complaining.

Glennis, a level 60 night elf and opposing faction to my priest, just randomly decided to help me take spiders. Cant speak the same language, can’t communicate, but assistance translates universally. Thanks, Glennis.

Sometimes, I wonder, am I in a TARDIS simulation or retraining program to re-educate my mind after I go crazy, and is the TARDIS sentient and simply starts missing me and resurrects me? How long have we be at this thing we call creation and reality if that’s the case?

Is what happened with the drugs nothing more than self deception when I was being led like a robot to do things against my will, to lead me to understand the fine line between what feels like free will and what is decidedly not?

Was that a real ghostly TARDIS I saw spinning in my head and coming out of the Earth four years ago?

Are the TV Shows I am watching occurring over hundreds of thousands of years in ‘reality’, and like a ‘best of’ snapshot?

Are all the other “Doctors” and “Q’s” I see on television prior versions of me?

My Priest is not an Artisan Tailor .

Does anyone else have this much stuff they think about?

Do people not understand things exist outside the material realm and there are other versions of the material realm?

I need to level my mining up more.

Is it a natural tendency to apply our physical and intellectual limitations when we analyze others, or is this artificial?

I wonder how many other bands have other songs like this from other dimensions?

Wow women can be manipulative. A woman walks in with her child – an 11ish year old girl – and they are clearly looking for an outlet. The woman looks at me then the outlet and back. So I look back to my screen. There’s half a dozen outlets in here, but she’s got it in her mind this one’s the fitting one. So I happen to glance again her way, she’s looking at the outlet again and then, with a forlorn look in her eye looks at my bag and suitcase and then me and snobbishly turns her nose up at me and looks away. In that little move, she said “You’re homeless and WE ARE MUCH more deserving of that plug than you are, so therefore you need to leave right now.”

Annoying what body language can so quickly portray without words sometimes. Women can make themselves entirely unapproachable with it, and worse, as they get older they pull this shit making one not want to talk with them at all.

Not all women. But quite a few in public I have noticed.

I had one Hispanic lady do that to me on the bus one day. She was so powerful with her voodoo mind control I got up to get off the bus at the wrong stop, relinquishing my seat to her having to pay for a new bus ticket to get back on. I wonder if that’s why so many Hispanics and Indian Indians are getting into America. Collective Voodoo mind control manipulating the public officers to just say yes causing great harm to the rest of us true Americans who have been here since birth putting us on the streets.

I’m getting drunk with my Tauren Druid, Qlanna. let’s see if I can feel it in real life. Weird things are happening to me and alcohol last I tried it. Everyone around me was acting weird and drunk and more sexual and I didn’t feel a thing.  Haven’t drank in excess since – that’s been four yeers.

Hmm Weird. I do feel something. A little off balance. Gonna have to try it when I can afford A LOT more alcohol (in game).

And suddenly queasy too. bizarre

The thieving guy just came in. Pulls a sandwich out of the refrigerator. Looks around, and looks at his cell phone ‘acting’ like he’s gotten a call. Walks around a bit. Then walks over to a table and proceeds to eat the sandwich without paying for it. It’s comical, really, and with this Starbuck’s being so busy the employees don’t notice, and us patrons who do notice don’t say anything because, it’s essentially his word against ours.

It makes for comic relief and the art of subtlety. And lack of.

My druid needs more spirit

After getting rid of the boring, highly predictable, and repetitively self indulgent ‘Science’ and ‘News’ and ‘Conspiracy’ feeds, I need some new RSS feeds. These feeds are too limited.







But these seem to be the only ones with real content nowadays and lifehacker and the rest of the ‘in the know’ sites show absolutely nothing I haven’t seen or heard from before. Boring boring boring all over.

Some guy just PVP killed me ‘LAVRIKS’. I just danced for him as he did it. Not worth my time to log into the other account to send him a message.

I wonder how many others choose to live in fictional worlds?

I wonder how many people actually ‘live’ and ‘make home’ the world I play my games in?

I need a more permanent structure rather than my tent. Some place I can leave my belongings in and not have to worry about others stealing shit.

How far deviated is my timeline from the collective world’s timeline?

Was just PVP killed by Xavicus and Hinazuki, both higher level than me who double teamed me WHILE I was fighting a higher level MOB. Yeah, that’s fair. Idiots who think that just because you can PVP means you should. It would be not so annoying if it didn’t impact me, but I lose at least five minutes every time and have to replenish my mana which costs silver. So it’s both a time and money impact.

They don’t seem to care though.

Would love to meet them in real life. Beat the shit out of them. Take their money.

And then say to them, “Greetings, I’m karma, and I’m the bitch you heard about”

Makes me wonder. IS this what happened in the middle east?

Was just resurrected. And killed again by Hinazuki and Panadabanana. I danced the whole time they killed me.

What else am I supposed to do, run? Defend myself? Two against one with rules which limit the power I can acquire? Yeah, right, that aint happening in this game because of this thing called ‘balance. I die every time.

Choose not to go there or mix with the population in high kill areas? Yeah right. Aint gonna happen at this level.

Resurrected. Tried fighting a MOB, was down to about 10% health when I was PVP killed, again, by Evilmage as I killed the mob.

Yeah. that’s fair.

I do wonder how many of the ‘player characters’ are actually programmed, and programmed to act like this, with the total consistency in the way they play without ever questioning killing the guy that’s dancing and not fighting back as they kill him.

It’s just odd. How none seem to question it.

A reflection of me killing brain cells when I was doing drugs thinkin it was fun? Reality reflected right back at me to see something from another perspective?

Bennett just walked up, hands me some beef jerky (yay), and I am just getting my corpse as I say “How long do you think til I get PVP killed again?”

“47 seconds” he responds, he hasn’t been around to see what’s going on.

Was killed in about 45 seconds by Beruthiel. Nice, right? I’m doing nothing but sitting, having a drink and healing, and phwack, he appears out of stealth in cat form and nails me. Now that’s fair.

So now I am running back to my corpse again. No wonder I cant make money in this game. I dont fight.

… and again killed by Lucifica and Beruthiel, as I was healing. Lovely.

I swear sometimes I spend more time in ghost form than I do living.

And killed AGAIN by Lucifica as I fought a MOB. That was fair.

it’s 6:40pm, started this character at about 5, little progress because of this crap.

What I wouldnt give to see a gorgeous naked woman walk nonchalantly through here at Starbuck’s right about now.

Break time. Jim, a guy who makes custom guitar cases, just brought me chinese food. Chinese for lunch. Chinese for dinner.

That’s the beauty of ghost form. I’m invulnerable and can hang out without being killed.

Seal form. Stay at sea. Avoid the PVP killers by staying underwater

Just took a break, walked over to Ralph’s. Gorgeous night here in Studio City.

What if every person’s life leads to them emerging from their own ‘Truman show’, to find out their entire lives had been… staged.  And they were the richest person in the world, richer than those who had been ‘fabricated’ to lead me to believe i was only average… What if it actually HAD to be that way, for the developing mind to understand what having a mind actually meant and the responsibilities it entailed?

Then there’s a lot of what if’s.

Qlanna’s well rested bonus is gone. Enough dying for today.

Off to Qvalti. My level 12 mage.

And some dubstep techno. Going Quantum, Episode 119 – Glitch Hop Mix + Snail.

Ray’s leavin. Good man, he is.

Bennett just had me listen to one of his tracks on Soundcloud called “Is your head in a Trash Can”.

It’s funny but it’s absolutely horrible.


I wonder. Will I see a square planet in my lifetime?

Just died with my mage, soloing 2 level 10’s, despite the fact I’m 12, because I can’t heal it makes it incredibly tougher to play that character. Must use potions (expensive), must boost up stamina to increase hit points (long time between fights), or must learn to fight without touching them or being touched myself….

What level do I get that AOE spell?


That seems to work. Frost Nova them if they get close, then back up as that freezes them in place, they can’t hit. From there, I can pelt them from a distance with fireballs, until they free. So I gotta work to decrease the 25 second recast time. Wonder if there’s a skill tree item that lets that happen.

Sweet. Sure is….



Just noticed this in my inventory. What an odd drop from a level 10ish chest. Shimmering Stave of the Wolf… That’s a keeper. Nice..


Hanging up the Mage for tonight. Off to my level 8 Gnome Warrior, Qrena…


Isn’t she adorable?

Downloading a few new torrents. Deadpool? I wonder if it’s a good copy…  Gods Of Egypt? I’ll pull it down but probably not worth a crap by the description. I’ll probably last five minutes with this one. Nothing else looks intriguing there.

Got attacked by two wolves right away. Died within minutes of logging in.

Ghost mode. You know ghosts can’t wave? Weird.  In any case, here’s Qrena posing as a ghost.


Yep. In Worlds of Warcraft when I die, I turn into a ghost and the world turns black and white losing it’s color, and I have to run back to my corpse to ‘restore the color’ to the world – as well as allow me to interact with the world.

Wouldn’t it be interesting to have quests and a side game in ghost form? Where maybe there were alternative ways to restore color other than returning to your corpse?

World Of Warcraft is static and war based, so chances are nearly zero they’d ever change that.

Why does it feel like I have a huge booger lodged in my nose that I cannot get out? ANNOYING I TELL YOU.

Funky. I started fighting a wolf in Worlds of Warcraft and the Quantum song starts saying “Let’s play like dogs and cats”

Coincidence? I think not.

Do you disagree? Too bad. My reality. My rules.

Level up. level 9.

Brenda’s here. I’m gonna call it a night once this conversation’s done and I hop on my shaman afterwards.



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