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A day in the mind of a misfit Q…

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Are you paranoid when you know they are watching?

When I used to go out to restaurants, many of my former lovers used to inquire “Why do you never sit with your back to the door?”

I often wonder how Worlds of Warcraft would look if the players and the community could create and enforce rules and there were in game police which reinforced the rules. I also wonder what would happen if players could mix and match classes and skill trees from other classes.

I wonder how many people would be running around naked and having sex in WOW if you could remove all your clothes and have sex.

I also wonder how the game would look if the player could make permanent environmental changes.

I doubt I will hear anything from the USPTO concerning my resume submission for the Information Officer yesterday.

Am I the only one actually alive?

Is this all a simulation?

Does anyone actually feel or do they all just react to me as if in a highly developed computer program I created?

This cold sucks. Glad I took the vitamin C though, it seems to be going through my system fast.

Does God mode and GM mode in video games occur as a direct result of something that happens to you in real life, beyond the story ‘just selected by the company’ crap?

Do some beings see me killing things in computer games and hold it against me in real life? If so, I wonder if they consider the limitations in online entertainment provides nothing else consistently as an alternative.

That was dumb (I just attacked an Elder Crag Boar my level in Worlds of Warcraft with my warrior with only 20% of my health. Miraculously, I didn’t die).

Why don’t attractive women – heck women period – approach me and ask me out?

Does Earth have a respawn like the mobs in WOW?

I gotta poop but that line is too long

Dammit. Just got attacked by a bear while I was taking a cougar. I’m going to die.

Nope. Didnt die. Phwew.

Damn she’s hot (gorgeous blonde woman just walked by outside)

That lady creeps me out.

Love this song (Hells Bells by AC/DC)

Snow Leopard, YOU’RE MINE!

Idiot. (I have a cold, and can’t help but snort my snot, some guy just turned around and glared at me. ).

Sorry bub, cant help it.

Take that (I started snorting quite a few times in a row with the headset on, play acting like I wasn’t doing it intentionally just to fuck with him)

One more, Elder Crag Boar and I am done with the warrior.

Yay. That made him leave. (guy who was irritated with me)

That one is easily one of my favorite ones (another gorgeous blonde girl – a regular in this area just walked by)

Is it any small wonder I can’t just select one?

Is Earth a game to someone else and is someone playing it as a MMORPG?

I still gotta pewp.

yay. All my auctions sold on my undead priest character, I have money.

I love stretchy pants. On the right women. Next step: no pants at all.

What the fuck was he wearing? (Some guy in weird hugely baggy pants just walked by, you see the weirdest shit here in Studio City at times)

I wonder if women are form a collective and all communicate at a subconscious level what they are wearing to eachother and that’s why they never wear the same thing.

Must have chicken finger.

Mmm I like black. (Another gorgeous dark haired woman in a tight black dress walked by)

Two more bars (to get my priest to level 40).

I wonder how the world’s gonna react when I teleport for the first time and it can’t deny it happens when I am not on drugs.

Am I on the Truman Show?

Is everyone around me an actor just playing a role?

What a horrid shirt she has on (a cute girl who comes in here regularly is wearing a horrible looking tank top)

For those about to rock. We salute you. (it’s playin right now, just thought it though)

When I push the button on this keyboard to attack, is that sending a message through the computer via Borg nanotechnology to a real living being in another world to attack?

Boy do I gotta pewp.

I wonder, can I tap into the ‘game of this world’ and send messages to people to do things like I can with my avatar in WOW?

Dirty Deeds. Done dirt Cheap. Dirty Deeds done dirt cheap.

Butterface. (Gorgeous bodied woman just walked by in black, but her face was ugly)

One more bar.

YUM (Very attractive brunette just sat on the chair 5′ away from me. BUT WHY do they never try to talk?)

Wouldn’t it be cool if she pointed to the restroom and said “Would you like to go fuck?”

Ring on the finger. Who the hell cares anymore?

Walks like a neanderthal though. (she got her drink and walked out)

I never did get that why they claimed a man thinks about sex once every 6 seconds. More like once every half hour even in a congested highly trafficked area with tons of gorgeous women around. Clearly skewed statistics with horny researchers.

That or they were in a strip club getting a table dance when they did their research.

That or it was a woman and wishful thinking on her part.

Happy man. (guy with a huge frown on just walked out)

Black must be in today (another attractive woman dressed all in black walked by)

Almost level 40. mount time.

LOL. Black was the butterface, seen walking away. Definitely gotta turn off the lights for that one.

no Adam yet. Hmm (Adam is another regular here, normally gets in between noon and 2)

One more kill to 40.

Another Ogre down. level 40. yay. new spells and mount.

I’m hungry

She looks good even in sweats

I wonder if she has the jack.  (AC/DC song she’s go the jack is playin)

I wonder what else skips across time like Noah’s Arc in Hong Kong and the statues of the kids in Las Vegas?

Shadowform sucks balls. Cant heal. fuck that.

MMM LOVE that gorgeous blond with her boobs hanging out barely covered. Clothes should be illegal for hot chicks and mandatory for ugly ones here.

Like those two. What in the hell were they thinking?

It seems my congestion may be responsible for forming a 10 foot perimeter.  Or is that just paranoia. Who knows.

That Indian girl in front of me has wonderful breasticles.

I wonder. If they are all actors. Do they sit where they do intentionally for maximum exposure?

Why not more?

Those cops from the night before were acting weird out in the metro parking lot.

What a gorgeous Indian girl. Prettier than Kena was. Probably nowhere near the personality though.

Kind of a big snoz though.

Wonderful lips. I wonder what it would feel like wrapped around my cock.

Wouldn’t it be funny to learn all the woman were real time reading this stuff I write?


Be discreet to the males if that’s the case. i’m fine with it and won’t say a word.

Damn did that look good as she sucked on that straw.

I wonder. Did they invent straws with phallic intent?

Horrible song. ( AC/DC Rocker)

Deleting that one. best of? yeah, right.

What’s on youtube? Anything new? (Task swapping, i live by it)

Nothing worth a shit. As usual. Rated PG retarded shit targeted for 13 year olds is getting real old.

I wonder. Can colds and viruses be intelligent life?

Maybe like cancer.

That’s why it doesnt want to die. It’s a lifeform trying to live symbiotically.

I wonder. Can the Indian girl read my mind?

Can women in general?

Do they even enjoy sex, or do they just use it as a tool?

well rested bonus almost done. Almost time to get my new spells.

I’m gonna respec. Shadowform sucks.

Shoulda done Discipline to begin with.


Weird. I typed that and Indian girl got up and walked to the toilet. Correlated? Who knows.

Hmm. Interesting experiment then. Typing in “I want to take off my jacket” and focusing on her. See if she takes off her jacket. She has a shirt on, so there’s nothing ‘dangerous’ or societally questionable with this…

She’s back.


Again, a minute later ( I am looking directly at her as I type this) I WANT TO TAKE OFF MY JACKET”



(I just took off my headset playing AC/DC – that might have distracted)


Please, remove your jacket cute Indian girl.

OBEY! I want to remove my jacket.

Result inconclusive. She didn’t ‘obey’. Does it take more attempts? Will resume this line of inquiry with other cute women.

One more try:

Please remove your jacket, attractive Indian girl.

(we just made eye contact as I typed that)

Damn she’s gorgeous.

No response tho…

Definitely gotta try that later. Belief creates reality. So like clay, if I try it enough it might mold reality accordingly.

Hmm what fun. I could see it now.

“Hey you. Gorgeous woman. In short dress. remove all clothes and place them in your purse as you are waiting for your coffee”

… definitely worth working on.

We’ve got the biggest balls of them all (AC/DC song playing)

It’s my belief that my balls should be held every night.

Went poo. SO much better. Had my chicken finger. and a sample of Irish Cheddar with a spiced pickle. was AWESOME.

Weird. I just applied to a government role yesterday directly, and never receive government solicitations. I just received one – through a contract job company with a job offer at unemployment. Fuck that. Watching paint dry would be more entertaining than that shit.

Evidence that ‘energy’ is interlinked. Evidence that maybe she will.


Old man doin the old man shuffle just walked in. I wonder if he’s an actor.

Where can I get my mount for my level 40 priest. I refuse to look it up online.

I think it’s outside the city. goin there now.

I’ve turned off all in game chat. Pretending my character is deaf. So i can’t just ask in game either.

Hot blonde alert. REAL cute one. What the frack is with the women here and the sunglasses though? Do they not understand how sexy eyes actually are?

Tired of AC/DC. Time to play something else.

Downloading Aerosmith.

Old school. I know.

100 gold for the mount and training! 4 gold on me. Guess I aint getting a mount today. Sadness.

The skeletal mounts are cool.

Back to Undercity.

Why did they never work on the aggro range and creature AI? So predictable and boring at times.

The echoes of the past as I walk through the Ruins of Lordaeron is always so trippy. Reminds me of Disneyland for some reason. Like you can hear the celebrations of the past before it was taken  over by the undead.

I wonder.

Would I feel the same thing if I were to walk through Rome now that I’m more attuned to the energy and environment?

I wish I could jump right now like the kid in the movie Jumper. I’ll be there. But damn I’m impatient.

Cute girl on chair next to me. Times like this I hate this post nasal drip shit. Not exactly attractive, is it.

Jesus. Aerosmith complete discography is 3.3gig and the Greatest hits is only 15 songs? whatever. Gonna have to download the whole thing and weed through it like I have been doin with AC/DC and Dio.

Guess I wont be listening to Aerosmith today.

Going Quantum podcast it is.

I wonder. Do people realize when they tap their head and say things like “I was thinking with my head” that they are programming the world’ and their thinking processes to be confined to their head? I wonder if this has caused me problems referring to which head was doing the thinking, my penis head or my head on my shoulders? Sometimes. I swore my penis had a mind of it’s own and manipulated my entire body to do things.

I’m not complaining mind you.

Do women talk about their vaginas having a mind of it’s own? I wonder, if so, does she become more sexual over time by referring to her pussy’s mind?

Betcha it would.

Do my avatars think and have minds of their own?

Security guards are kicking a homeless guy off the premises for sleeping on the table in front of Starbucks. What gives? Why do so many homeless people sleep in here? You would think they would sleep at night. What do they do at night that makes them so tired here? Are they Borg and do they not have sleep cycles like I do?

Cooking skill with Qwenn, my priest is at 225, so she cooks for the rest of my Avatars and sends it to them in email. I wish Bill Gates could do the same with a few bucks, but no, he’s busy playing whack a mole with malaria.

Homeless guy has a new cell phone he pulled out of the box. Being denied for a cell phone because of ‘bad credit’, i can’t help but wonder why things are so askew in this world and this man who can barely maintain himself is provided a phone and yet I cannot. Weird world that seems more dysfunctional than me at times.

Cute girl left. So did the lady who weirds me out a bit.

Are intelligence agencies that collective minds can be so powerful they can manipulate computer results? We communicate through emotion, but it’s translated to our particular individual linguistic system by our own mind whether that’s computers or it’s human languages. The results we get is influenced by those around us and their emotions, even if they think they don’t have any (Vulcans be warned)

Weird lady is returning. I swear she has the ‘feel’ of Summer, and with Summer and I talking again through Facebook, is the weird lady’s arrival here any coincidence? Is it/she one and the same ‘being’?

Summer claims she’s gonna be coming to town Friday. But with how sketchy all communication has been over the internet the last few years and with how rarely things seems to translate ‘to in person’ meetings from discussions, I doubt she’ll show. If I was to bet, I’d wager she’s gonna come up with a last minute excuse.

But I dont have money to bet.

Homeless guy hasn’t left. I wonder if security will call the police.

Dammit should have gotten more melon juice to replenish my mana for my level 29 tauren druid before going hunting.


Boy does she have wonderful boobs. What I wouldnt give to see them bouncing on top of me.

While Bill Gates is fighting malaria, I’d be hiring a harem and touring the world with them in a pimped out 737 with a stripper’s pole.

I’d definitely hire that Indian girl to attend.

“UMM excuse me. Yes. I’m creating a harem, and while I know you’re engaged in boring business shit, would you please give me your contact information so I can hire you to be a part of my harem.”

“NO. how’s a million bucks sound? I thought so.”

I love it when people walk in and glare at me as they realize I have taken all the electrical outlets to play my game. i can hear it now “I have real work to do, you need to get off that”. Fucktards. You think that’s real work? Try creating a universe.

Louisa just walked in. lost cause. 24 years old, quasi attractive, I complimented her one time on a dress she wore and was insulted with “creeper”. 5 years down the road, her marginally attractive looks associated strictly with her youth down the tubes, she’s gonna be mentally kicking herself saying “WHY GOD WHY DID I HAVE TO REJECT YOU”. Especially ironic is the fact that she’d be thinking I was actually interested. Moron women need to be slapped. Especially moron women with knock knees and larger asses that walk like dudes.

And that fro. For a white girl she has a hell of an afro.

The funny thing is. she associates only with guys between the ages of 20 and 29 who are about 5’10” in height. Oh. and older guys who buy her shit. Predictable. If it werent for the flat chest, alleviated through silicon, she’d be a perfect fit for the typical plastic fit of Scottsdale I moved away from.

Someone just PVP killed my druid avatar Qlanna. I logged out, and logged into an allliance character and sent Shanbao a message “Hey bud, I’m dirt poor and playing on a slow connection. Just because you can PVP kill people doesn’t mean you are required to. Please show some respect in the future and dont be a bully”.

Snowball. Keep thinking snowball. Enough chips at this rock and it will cascade into an avalanche.

Dang is this homeless guy out. How can people sleep like that I never understood.

Security just showed up. He is on the phone. It will take the cops an hour to show, if  not more. That’s how long it was for them to show up for the girl who was smoking crack in Starbuck’s.

I need more coffee.


What wonderful boobs she has

It would be cool if Worlds of Warcraft grew fauna and items dynamically.

Then again this world would have to ‘get over’ calling these alternate realities all programmed things.

Wonder how many eons that’s gonna take.

I had always wondered how so many chinese players played WOW and didn’t understand English yet managed to converse in it. Universal Translator in action, translating via wow and emotions. It all suddenly makes sense.

Shanbao just killed me again. Hopefully Karma’s listening.

“Thanks for the respect, Shanbao,” I told him “Let Karma become your enemy”

Lol I just remembered I had all messaging to me turned off. So they can’t respond. BEE EWE TEE FULL.

Wow. Aerosmith download is 80% done. I may get to listen to it after all today. Not bad for a little more than 2 hours.

I wonder. Do other people’s body parts talk to them?

I wonder. Does media get created on my planet through my interacting with things? When I stop interacting, does it stop or come out in different ways?

I wonder. In ‘GOD mode’ can you split someone off into a reality of their own when someone pisses you off enough?  or for whatever reason I think of?

Dammit. Just ganked by Lady Zephris, an NPC as I wrote that last one. Lovely. 10% loss of equipment durability thanks to that death.

I wonder. Is what goes through my mind considered the mind of the borg collective, and the voices they hear?

I wonder. Do others think I’m Borg because I hear voices in my head and am really good with computers? That’s kinda funny, actually.

That was stupid. (getting killed by lady zephris, I am back at my corpse resurrecting)

I wonder. Do others see me as i see myself or do they see a robot or Borg or a Chinese guy? Am I as an image universally translated too?

Shanbao’s a jackass. Killed me again, right in the middle of a fight with an NPC. Yeah, that’s fair. Now he’s just being malicious.

It’s funny how I get things going through my head like “Let’s check the weather. ” We. let’s. Sometimes what enters the mind is mixed up pronouns indicative of the origin of the thought.

Another homeless guy walks in. A bit of a leech, he looks for one man – Carry – who’s helped me out a couple times and typically walks away fast when he doesn’t see the guy in here. All different breeds come in here.

I just resurrected again and was instantly targeted by Shanbao and killed again before I could even replenish any health. Yeah, that’s fair.

I just turned my back to him and let him shoot me in the back.


Come to think of it Louisa kinda act the same way. Many of the guys in here wont talk to her because of the I’m a bitch and my shit doesn’t stink insulting attitude which most of us aren’t putting up with from any women.

How’s that similar? Someone tries to say something nice or helpful and then gets shot – in the back.

Women are like this though.

Catty and competitive amongst themselves, and unless you fit the predefined set of criteria, as a male you’re dog doo to most of them.

It’s no small wonder this country has a negative birthrate and high divorce rates.

Just resurrected again and guess who’s there and starts attacking? You guessed it. Shanbao.

I turned my back to him again, and this time, at 10% health left, he walked away.

MAYBE it’s sinking in?

I wonder if Transformers talk in Dubstep.

The ironic thing is I could easily take Shanbao.

Qlanna’s well rested bonus is done for the day as is she.

I wonder. Is music responding to me real time?

Ray just showed up. No seats. Hanging out here til one frees up.

Jumped on to WOW with my fairly new Avatar, QBrynn, a level 9 Troll Shaman. Unlike my other characters which I am strictly fighting NPCs in, i am roleplaying her and doing all the quests, it is the first time I have played this race, let alone this class. She’s kinda cute. For a blue toothed troll.

I wonder how many people would be playing the games combat only if it was photo realistic and you could take off their clothes. Maybe that’s why there’s so much anime porn. Games the United States censors from America because, well you know we’re too immature for that kind of stuff.

Damn. Aerosmith finished.  Fast download.

Homeless guy just woke up. That was a solid 2 hours he spent slouched over. Cannot understand how someone can sleep like that.

Funny. As a shaman troll I have been given a quest to kill ‘hexed’ trolls. Reminds me of the USA in Iraq killing those miscreant Muslims. And they claim it’s not a religious war. I call bullshit. Democracy is based on separation of Church and State and Pagan/Christian values. I love how they call an apple an orange and try to sell it accordingly.

I wonder what WOW would look like photo realistic?

I wonder if ‘the programmers’ could get it to work on a machine with minimal specifications such as mine?

It’s interesting how much faster leveling is for the lower levels in WOW than it is for the higher levels. Spells cast faster, everything seems faster.

Unlike real life. Where as I get older. The years go by at the same ole pace they usually go at. Unchanged.

Just leveled my Shaman up to level 10. Time to turn in the quests and hang it up for the evening with this character.

Just one more tiger tho!

Some bastage is hunting tigers as well. Time to go to the other island.

Weird. All the surf crawlers are refusing to be attacked, two of them turned evasive immediately.

That’s unusual.

I wonder if anyone gets the religious inferences about the Transformers and the “All Spark”.

Just got done talking to a guy named Javis. I wonder. Do people like him have any clue about how loud he talks, is it done intentionally to get attention as it appears? For me it comes across as impolite, totally devoid of social awareness, and smacks of insecurity all while being annoying as hell.

I wonder if any of that is backfiring on his original intent and desire? Who knows. Who knows if he even had any intent, not sure if cromagnums such as that have any capacity to consider or understand their surroundings let alone have any true guidance for their actions.

When I originally played ‘the original version’ of Worlds of Warcraft, there was Wisdom and Intelligence in the character’s attributes. Druids and Shamans favored Wisdom and Mages and Warlock’s favored Intelligence with the priest benefiting from both. This ‘version’, while claiming to be the original version, doesn’t reflect this.

Another thing. The original version of Worlds of Warcraft had an equivalent spell to increase run speed similar to ‘Spirit of the Wolf’ in Everquest, acquired somewhere around level 10 – I thought it was level 14 to be specific. Not the case with this version.

Alternate realities, ya gotta love spotting the differences in programmed games. They aren’t just geographic differences, after all.

Just got my new spells for the Shaman.

Ok. all characters have been played through ‘well rested’. What to do now?

How cool would it be to be a shape-shifting transformer humanoid?

I need to find some new RSS feeds related to games, game development, AI, and virtual reality.

Forecasters are claiming 90% chance of rain on Sunday. My probability for their successful prediction: <20%.

I wonder if my lack of desire for rain because I have to sleep outdoors is having any bearing on the actual rain received.

I suspect so.

I am watching a Youtube video right now. Trying to. I hate fucking ads. Dont have a 3DS, folks, dont have money to buy one, so quit lambasting me with your crap I dont want and cant afford anyways.

My bunghole itches.

Bidets need to come into style here. Most public toilets use sandpaper for toilet paper which isn’t pleasant on the ass after 1000 wipes.

She has nice legs (girl sitting across from me).

Burping again. I used to refer to this as Acid Reflux. Human definition. Inaccurate at best. This is ‘Q The Timelord is avoiding becoming a fusion reaction’. I barely keep it controlled as it is, if I didn’t, I have no doubt I would explode in an uncontrolled fusion reaction and would annihilate planet Earth in the process. Just think. Sun. Only on Planet Earth.

It would be nice to tell a woman ‘hey, you have such beautiful legs’ without them getting offended or put off. then again, I have never been able to say something like that to a woman. Weird.

On that note, just got back from Ralph’s getting tonight’s dinner. Progresso Soup, Thick n Hearty Potato and 1/2 gallon of milk to drink. That and some white cheddar cheez-its and peanut covered m&ms form the discount shelf. Splurging tonight. Besides the chicken finger and nibble of cheese and coffee with sugar, and a few crackers, definitely more to eat than usual today.

Goin back to that. Why is it women never approach? I as a man can’t seem to do a damned thing right for them. It’s no small wonder I’m going on 5 years without so much as kissing one. *sadness* punishment, right, for being a disobedient slave to a system and society that holds me subserviently to it.

Should I watch Supergirl or Lucifer or play the priest now?

Lucifer it is.

Hanging Worlds of Warcraft up for the day.

If this internet is my internet, and my internet has a youtube for just me, why is it censored?

Why can I not see my past loves and flings on this?

Oh yeah. The illusion. I get it. Must maintain the illusion at all cost, right?

No message from Summer on Facebook. No surprise there. Being sincere, I was really never that interested in Summer to begin with. Sure it might be entertaining to get of the streets and maybe have sex, but sincerely, why is it no one – and I do mean no one – shows any initiative and looks me up, particularly women I enjoy and would love to spend more time with?

I mean. Is reality this ‘haywire’ that it refuses to allow me to enjoy some time with Jackie and Rachel again, knowing full well this ‘illusion’ of reality is mine and mine alone? Or is the ‘machine’ that broken around me that it is incapable of self assessment and overcoming it’s own design limitations?

Who knows. Would much rather see and hang out with Jackie or Rachel. Get to know them, too.

But beggars can’t be choosers, that’s the rule this ‘machine’ is reinforcing.

Along with so many other stupid rules like that which an enigmatic and unknown man named Murphy wrote.

Oh well. off to Lucifer. a “Fictional’ show about a ‘Fictional’ man who left a ‘fictional’ place called hell because he’s bored and now feeling human emotion and empathy for the first time.

Fictional, remember.

Was television hypnotizing to me, much like a vampire? Is that why I find so little to be truly interested in any longer?

I somehow broke the spell?

Weird. In Lucifer, the police detective goes into Lucifer’s lounge and says “I need to see your books”. LA Detective mind you. Now in my world, detectives aren’t going to handle this work, and it takes a warrant to obtain anything from a business owner, and a detective is never going to ask for this kind of information. Hollywood’s not this bad at what it does.

It’s bizarre how people in Flash, or Limitless become master hackers with minutes worth of education, when it took me 30 years. Bad writing? Or indicative of entertainment being fed to me through external sources who are not fully aware of how this – my world – functions?

I suspect the latter.

I always love how they get knocked out with one punch.

Milk. The pain’s gone.

White holes which lead to alternate realities always seems to do the trick.

I have never had children.

As far as I had known.

I’d bought into the mortal concepts and ideas of birth/rebirth through childbirth.

I’d also bought into the fact that I’d never have had children myself because of my genetic problem.

I’d never really considered.

That this.


Around me was telling me my story.

That I am God.

And the son.

And the beings around me.

The Lucifer from a tv show.

Are all reflections of who I was.


Grappling with the insanity of infinity and coming to develop this thing called rationality, math, and reason to make sense of it all.

Through stories.

Everyone deserves to feel special.


But is it my responsibility to provide that to others?

Or is it my responsibility to outline a path as an example of what to do when you’re ready to take the greatest journey of your life?

I suspect it’s a little bit of both.

And more.

We all feel like a victim until we realize we painted that victim sign on ourselves through the stories we told ourselves based on the world we created with our own mind, experiences, and life choices.

I’m hungry.

Time to go set up the tent.




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