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Expanding the Illusion

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A famous scientist named Albert Einstein originally said “Reality is an illusion”

Aldo Nova, a one hit wonder 80’s band sung “Life is just a fantasy”

Oh you know what, I’ve been taking this all wayyy too seriously, ya know?

It’s like, lighten the hell up, right?

Have some fun, me, this is a new me we’re creating, together!

Life’s insane. Crazy insane. I mean. It really is. It’s an illusion, anything is possible, for every law or rule there is on this planet Earth there’s an equal and opposite law or rule somewhere else. For every God there’s a competing God somewhere else, for every religion another religion, and for every company selling a product there’s 10 more just like it. For every idea you have, there’s a company or person already selling it, and for every woman who thinks she’s wearing something unique that no one else does there’s 100 women thinking the same thing.

And for all we know, Gilligan really was stuck on that island and self sabotaging everything no matter what was thrown at them.

Throughout my life, I have wished I could have a holodeck to simulate things on and not suffer the recourse of society and/or physics. You know, try things out that I’m not going to suffer physical harm from or get sent to jail or ostracized from society any more than I already am.

This is not Virtual Reality I am talking about.

When you put on the goggles and gear for a virtual reality experience, it is a partially immersive experience.

Put specifically, I would not feel the excitement of walking naked through a shopping mall because I would feel the contact of my head against the Virtual Reality helmet and the tactile feedback mechanisms against me. And while I could attach quasi-realistic sexual devices to a Virtual Reality computer, the plain and simple truth of the matter is it simply wouldn’t be the same thing as the real experience.

That’s why holodecks are so appealing to me and Virtual Reality in it’s current incarnation is not.

When I would walk into a 10 foot by 10 foot room, it assumes the appearance of a different place and time.

I can snap my fingers. And instantly travel from my apartment or home in Los Angeles to a simulated red light district in Bangkok.

Without ever having to leave the comforts of my home.

When I would walk into this 10 foot by 10 foot room, I program it to look like a planet I have seen in the fictional show called Star Trek.

I myself can look at the planet with three stars, firsthand, or take a walk through the Deep Space 9 or USS Starship Enterprise without ever leaving my home.

As a programmer, when I walk into this 10 foot by 10 foot room, I can program it to take me to the past.

I can investigate the dinosaurs firsthand, and take virtual pictures with a virtual camera that materializes only in the holodeck.

I can meet with Einstein and chat with him about theoretical physics.

I can have a Champagne brunch with Rockefeller or Al Capone.

I can even cross the great divide of fiction and meet with Arthur Ford from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, or watch a simulated Terminator war, or real, or challenge Hitler to go streaking across a stage instead of invading Europe.

I could create virtual wings, and fly like a bird and develop muscles I never knew I had.

I could learn to play keyboards and play a concert with Eddie Van Halen and David Lee Roth.

I could create new bands, and blend them together.

Liberace playing piano with Slash from Guns n Roses on Guitar playing with Alex Van Halen on Drums and Lindsay Stirling on Violin and Katey Perry singing vocals.

I could create new movies – sequels to favorites with actors and actresses I loved and play bit parts in them.

Sure, I could create porn featuring my favorite actresses. but i have no doubt that would get old.

What wouldn’t would be exploring the possibilities. Not just of what I can create.

But what of others can create.

How do you introduce levity and fun into that kind of world?

Hollywood’s given me some fantastic ideas.

Feature the unexpected.

An old black homeless man walking down the streets without pants on.

Ashley Judd taking communion completely naked amidst a fully packed church where everyone acts… oblivious to what she’s doing.

Nudity aside.

I think this is the biggest area I have to explore.

I know the unpredictable makes things funny.

But I know it can make things scary too.

I’d like to explore this all.

In a simulated environment.

You see, one day I will be the man known as Q who can snap his fingers and truly be anywhere, anytime.

But for now I’d merely like a holodeck simulation of it all to do it all safely and with some control in place to teach myself how to become the man I ultimately wish to be.

I’ve been taking life too seriously.

And I am not going to beat myself up if this society refuses to help me or provide the basics for me as I choose to treat it all like a simulation and simply start taking like the guy in Grand Theft Auto.

I love you, planet Earth.

But I as an explorer deserve more.

Even if you do not approve of my choices. I’m glad you don’t.

That makes us different 🙂



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