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Homeless Guy’s need list

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My shoes are falling apart.

This is the pair I want – Timberland Hiking Boots, Size 10 – US – waterproof:


I’m putting this out ‘to the universe’, because no one is responding to my resume (last time I sent it out, last week). I have no income, and there’s no shoes available at the Homeless center and my shoes are falling apart at the seams and I just rolled my ankle two days ago because of it.

Not dealing with this any longer.

So if I do NOT receive shoes from someone here in Studio City. I will have no options other than to steal a pair.

Now to be clear: I DO NOT want to steal. YOU, collectively, are making me do this against my will.

Don’t give me this crap I do. I do not.

Be homeless with me for a while and you’ll understand.

And since I sincerely have no other viable options.

You’re forcing me to do something I do not want to do.


I’ll give you one week.

Something else I would like to have:

An inexpensive, used (if necessary) Digital HD Camera, as I want to put together some ‘Short Films’ and document my journeys more using video I create and Adobe Photoshop. Here’s one that’s a little expensive at Best Buy but you get the gyst:


As a homeless guy, i am trying VERY hard to reinvent myself.

Since I cannot fit in in corporate IT and am not getting callbacks, from anyone, then my only other option is to focus on what I enjoy making and take care of myself and equipment/clothes in the meantime.

YOU as a society are NOT providing options.

YOU as a society are providing excuses and blaming me for things beyond my control at this point.

YOU as a society are responsible NOT just for me.

But for other people on the streets.

NOT just to pick ourselves up and get ourselves out of your sight.

BUT to help us find roles in society where we can be of benefit rather than leaching on the system through welfare and state subsidized housing.

YOU have a responsibility NOT just to me.

But to yourself SHOULD YOU EVER find yourself in this position.

Do YOU SINCERELY THINK YOU are doing society any good by handing out food?

FOR EVERY ONE OF YOU there are ten just like you right behind you thinking you’ve done what’s right.

TAKE a homeless person out for a meal. Buy him or her a burger and listen to their story.

QUIT thinking there’s something wrong with homeless people, and start considering there’s something wrong with you for sending creative people who don’t fit nicely into your work cubes and break a few rules to enjoy their lives to the streets because they do not fit in.

What threatens society the most?

The society that doesn’t listen to the homeless man who calls himself God.

And then says “I will not be held responsible for what you bring upon yourselves by depriving me of free will and choice”

You have one week from yesterday to complete my order or I’ll take the first steps towards becoming a thief.

On that note, I’ll make a damned good thief.

Perhaps the best in the world.

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