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Fear of Moving Forward

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As I have come to understand, through observation….

I am at the ‘end of time’ .

Everything, and I do mean everything that came before me, everything that’s been tried on this linear timeline is what I have access to through all my media sources.

At night, when I fall asleep.

You, like yen is for yang, collectively wake up and live every life out there out of chronological order again.

Something, I am not sure what, causes you to collapse, maybe it’s a sleep cycle much like my own, to which I wake up again the next day.

Like clockwork.

I see things that are documented to have been released in 2007.

And I know it’s one of the events that occurred as I slept, backdated to make it appear as though it’s historically occurring in the right location according to the technology and cultural themes of the time.

And I also know something is presenting this to me here, now, because you feel it’s important or relevant enough to both of us to continue..

Moving forward.

There is no end to us.

Because there never was a beginning.

There’s a beginning and end to our stories.

But there’s always another story to be told.

Because we.

Whatever. Whoever you are that I do not fully understand nor do I really want to.


Are immortal.

As I stand here at the end of time.

I watch and hear music, video, and reading material all of which I had at one time considered of infinite supply.

I now know.

This is but a small fraction of what’s possible.

Of what i can imagine.

I have imagined SO much more.

I’m not ready to die.

I am ready to live.

To live a life that most will regard and dismiss as fiction.

One day, I would like to see and experience a real alien, a real borg cube, and a real planet called ‘the library’

One day, I would like to hear music from Vulcan with my own ears.

And one day.

I would LOVE to return to Earth.

In a spaceship.

With plastic surgery done on my ears to make me look Vulcan or nose to make me look Bajoran.

And return to Earth as aliens visiting this planet.

While this may be the planet I am from.

There’s no reason the people who see me have to know I originally came from here.

I stand at the end of time.

And am ready for there to be more.

It’s you who has a fear of moving forward.

Not I.

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