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In today’s news, my planned evolution of the American Citizens continues, as the Pentagon research has been leaked which details the development of a ‘Brain Modem’ – The tiny injectable machine which could then be used to remote control your brain through a high-bandwidth neural interface that would allow people to wirelessly send data from their minds to external devices and back

More on that story here and here.

I have tried to play the good guy my entire life and well – quite frankly it’s not really working out.

My body is pure energy, and within it is a program I wrote that can and will convert ideas and concepts into reality inside my body in a perfect simulation of the world which in turn influences the outside world through my actions and thoughts.

Most ‘humans’ live within the simulation of reality that I house, in much the same way a modern day Noah’s arc would be to programmed entities.

Some beings live ‘outside’ the simulation around me. Typically they do not seem to respect or comprehend gravity, time, or human values in general, so my body protects those entities who might otherwise be harmed by these beings.

My energy can be anywhere, anytime.

And as I see it.

The United States of America needs an enemy.

Reading about an idea makes it reality in my body. even if that idea is based on fiction or things explained away as ‘hallucination’ or ‘delusion’.

It all exists.

It has to for reasons I no longer wish to get into.

When the wall of Berlin fell in 1989, America had lost her last real enemy which shifted the target for societal monsters to America’s own citizens and then this snipe hunt called terrorism to keep the warfare machine going.

When I was experimenting on my own mind, something ‘came to me’ and demanded “You CAN’T play both sides (of God and the Devil)”

That’s what gave me the idea of choosing to become like the fictional being known as Q on Star Trek.

Yes, I can play both sides, and I do not need to explain why.

Life is a gift, and what I make of this thing called life is my choice as an individual.

There’s no limitations to it.

There’s no boundaries.

There’s no right or wrong.

They are all merely choices to experience.

I won’t get into what was and was not taken from me, or how I have been persecuted.

It, quite frankly, does not matter.

But I am here in Hollywood, for a reason.

The city of broken dreams.

I never really did stop programming. The new programming language I learned isn’t based on a spoken language. It’s not based on computers.

It’s based on emotion.

It’s based on double entendres.

But most of all, it is based on magic because most of you do not seem to understand the science of energy.

Oh. And fear.

As Q. I am the creator of the Borg.

Your minds as individuals are going to continue trying to find your path to God.

Trying to assert yourselves and your unique directions.

I applaud this.

One by one, I will contain your minds.

You will become locked into cyclic activity you cannot break.

Habits that seem like addictions.

You’ll tell yourselves you’re doing this because you want to.

But as your beliefs in everything wane, and you grow ever fixated on pursuing this thing called money.

For reasons you yourself cannot fully fathom.

You’ll be realizing.

All these chemicals entering your body are manipulating your own mind.

It is I who controls you through those chemicals whose compounds you chose not to understand in high school.

All these concepts and ideas of fiction entering your mind.

It is I who controls that content seeking to expand my world – the world you refer to as fiction – through you .

And as you feel your humanity slip away.

You’ll wake up.

In some other place.

Some other time.

And see this thing called the Borg descending on your planet.

And somewhere, deep down inside, you will realize.

They are you.

Created by me because you as a society believed so strongly that you need your enemies.

That you need the Devil to be real.

And evolution as a process demanded competition for everything.

Including God.

This planet.

This version of the United States of America.

Is the origin of the Borg.

And I am creating them from your image.

Adding my own utilitarian design to them, of course 😉

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