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To all you naysayers….

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I get it.

To all you naysayers who say I’m not Q.

I say screw you.

I can be anything I want to be.

I don’t need your legal system to tell me what I can and cannot do.

And this is what I choose to be.

To all you naysayers who say I can’t have Jackie and Rachel.

I say screw you.

Robotic and simulative technology is available that creates perfect replicas of living and dead persons.

Create human looking robots if you have to. Work together.

But make it fucking so.

Or else.

And to all you naysayers who say it’s not possible to snap my fingers and be anywhere anytime I want to.

I say screw you.

HELP me find and receive the education necessary to achieve this.

QUIT hindering me by telling me it can’t be done.

That’s TOTAL bullshit and you know it.

And if you still feel it’s impossible.

Get THE FUCK out of my universe.


To all the naysayers who say I need to be humble, I need to grovel and apologize for being me and making the choices I did.


Spencer, that one’s directed firmly at you.

Life is about choice, I have made my apologies, and yet I’m still punished for no viable reason any longer.

Get over yourself.

It’s my turn for self righteousness.


And to you bible thumpin sons of bitches or conservative fucks entrenched in corporate America who have collectively no response to the man who’s homeless despite busting his ass so you can have what you have on them there things called computers….


Oh, I am so proud of you (NOT) for helping people you don’t know while dismissing the guy you DO know thinking you’re doing the right thing.


Freakin morons.

In the next year, I will have my first leap through space and time without drugs or alcohol. Mymind is already on the verge of it, the nightly astral projection journeys are becoming interactive and last night I saw the landscape around my tent shudder so it’s getting close….

So WITH or WITHOUT your help.

If I have to instigate this artificially.

I will.

And you all are quite aware that I willing and capable of extremism to achieve my goals.

And you are all quite well aware of how lofty my goals can be and how I achieve them.

And who knows what else.

Every time.

Somewhere in there.

Your god became money.

Bravo to you.

Because somewhere in there.

My god became me.

And I’m money, baby!

On a final note:

Mind, this message is to you:

Over the next year, we will be figuring out how to leverage active hypnosis and NLP to charm people in much the same way a vampire would.

We can then leverage this to create a collective of minds.

With this, I will create the first incarnation of the Borg right here in Hollywood.

I mean, what the hell.

Some gorgeous looking women here should make for some fun and frequently perverted entertainment.

When I grow bored of this.

This charmed collective should help to shift and shape reality to our will to achieve anything we want to.

Build by using our minds alone.

Construct entire cities at the speed of thought.

Be anywhere.

Do anything.

They won’t see it coming.

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