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Are YOU alone?

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Are we alone?

Oh come on now, are you seriously still wondering about this?

SETI, or the Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence is a NGO project which pursues scientific search for the sake of uncovering intelligent extraterrestrial life.

But to be clear: SETI is and always has been a project which is focused on finding life like us.

Back in 1974, the spacecraft Pioneer 11, containing ‘songs of the stars’ packed with an engraved plate – swung past Jupiter on December 4, 1974, shortly after the November 16, 1974 Original Arecibo Transmission radio telescope transmission.

The Arecibo transmission contained a cryptic encoded message that not anyone could understand, that when decoded, looked like this:


Starting in and around 1991, crop circles began to appear around the world. Numerous were faked, but the increasing complexity of the crop circles made it clear, there’s more to these crop circles than can be dismissed as simple pranksters.

In 2001, near Chilbolton, England, two extremely intricate crop images appeared next to a radio telescope.


The first image contained a face.


Which bore a remarkable resemblance to something referred to as Cydonia, or better known as “The face on Mars”



The second crop design contained what appeared to be a response to the Arecibo message sent in 1974.



More on this particular set of crop designs and a detailed investigation into its legitimacy can be found here:


Now what was interesting about this response was this: The original message outlined the base chemical compound of human DNA, which is largely referred to as carbon based, and the response contained the DNA compound of something which was clearly silicon based.

Here’s a breakdown of the response message,




Prior to this point, it had always been assumed that first contact would occur with little green men with pointy ears would predictably pop out of a spaceship and say ‘we come in peace’.

But we all know the real world isn’t always quite so neatly confined to the comfortable little labels and boxes we try to assign to it, don’t we?

The two questions which presented themselves were:

Why had corn fields worldwide been targeted for these ever increasing intricate designs?

Designs such as this:


And this:


And this:


And this:

-...PIC: Lucy Pringle/apexnewspix.com 29/05/2009. View of an intricate crop circle sculpted into a sea of barley beneath Windmill Hill near Devizes, Wilts. The graceful formation measures approx' 350ft in length and consists of a centre circle with two large and two small arcs extended and connected by circles of decreasing size. The green and golden fields of the world's crop circle capital of Wiltshire have spawned an array of patterns in the past that have continued to fascinate those who seek them out. ** SEE STORY BY APEX NEWS - 01392 823144 **

As report after report came back indicating the authenticity of each of these with no witnesses, no one claiming responsibility, and surveillance equipment showing absolutely nothing, with each of these appearing literally overnight, the question became not who.

But how?

In 1993, the CERN Supercollider in Geneva was cancelled as a project due to a withdrawal of funding by the United States government. The primary goal of the project was simple: to study particle interactions at the lowest constituent levels of matter.

In 1998, it received funding to continue, and in 2001, shortly after receiving the Arecibo messages, the President authorized the United States participation in the project with one caveat: The project would also study black hole physics.

The goal was to figure out if black hole physics had been involved in manipulating matter at a distance both remotely and uniformly.

CERN agreed to the conditions, which delayed the project’s completion date by 5 years and increased it’s scope and complexity substantially, all funded by the United States government through largely black budget funding that didn’t go through Senate approval.

Here was the leap scientists were making: They’d suspected that some form of technology was being used to use large crop fields like a painter would a canvas. With farms ubiquitous around the world, if the only method of interaction with our world was indirectly, rather than ridicule the messages or blow them off as a hoax, take them at face value – as a means of communication by being(s) with limited means of communicating.

So the scientists began investigating potential origins of the communication and ways to respond in a more direct manner, because 20 years was just far too long to wait for the next response.

So what CERN was doing on behalf of the US government was investigating was what happens when a black hole forms? Where does information and matter go? Is it converted? Is the process predictable? And most of all, can it or a derivative be used to manipulate matter remotely?

In 2009, the first test at CERN was a wild success. A directed subatomic particle referred to as tachyon was discovered which the physicists had found was both faster than light and capable of influencing atoms, but it not directly interacting with them.

In any case, Physicists figured out how to do the crop circles themselves without ever being there, as they learned how to manipulate matter through quantum manipulation of matter. An article on that can be found here.

But this all wasn’t helping discover the origins, as all the scientists had done was reverse engineer the technology, but they’d done little to figure out the source. Was it a foreign government messing with the collective minds of the American scientists?

Or was it a legitimate alien contact?

In 2011, America got it’s answer.

A signal was found which pointed the Kepler telescope towards a region of space known as star KIC 8462852 after receiving signals which were clearly not terrestrially based in origin. On investigation, Megastructures were found partially encircling a planet there, too large to be natural in formation.

More on that story can be found here.

On August 7, 2012, another signal was received by SETI, to which human scientists responded with ‘WOW’, which was extra terrestrially based in origin.

More on that story can be seen here.

And more recently, NASA decided to declassify information about odd sounds and space music received while on the ‘far side of the moon’ in 1974, which details a conversation and recording between NASA and Apollo 10 astronauts as John W. Young says “We’re going to have to find out about that. Nobody will believe us.”

Here’s the story, which contains the sounds they heard.

And here’s the complete dialog between the astronauts, which is actually an interesting read.

So the long and short answer is: No, we’re not alone.

We’re receiving responses to our messages, and responses from every facet of communication – whether it’s radio, visual, or more, but because of the great distances involved in space, the time to receive a message, let alone respond is extraordinarily slow.

We’re discovering structures which are clearly not natural off planet. Whether it’s the long known Cydonia and Pyramids on Mars which have frequently been dismissed, or more recently the massive structures on distant planets, there’s plenty of evidence to suggest there’s physical beings who are much like us ‘out there’.

And finally. We’re seeing technology being applied to our crops that’s making it clear there’s something ‘out there’ which knows more than we do.

The question you all should be asking is:

Silicon life forms…

What does that mean to you?

Keep in mind that most modern computer processors are made from silicon…..

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