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Q’s Log – Stardate 93749.7 – Infinity

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Not long ago, I was taking a tour with my mind of space.

I’d visited the sun.

One version of it at least.

Underneath the hot exterior was darkness and a sea of humans in embryonic like pods, all producing the heat we felt on the surface of planet Earth.

Each human was interlinked through a physical electrical system that created a simulated environment.

I’d heard it referred to as a Matrix.

It was a place where the individual minds of each embryonic human was living, in a world that looked, felt, and smelled perfectly real.

I dove into the simulation.

And within this simulation was another Sun.

And underneath that sun’s hot exterior was another sea of humans in embryonic pods, all producing the heat.

I dove down, into the simulation of this world, and kept doing this, over and over, finding no end to it all.

But as I dove through the simulation within a simulation within a simulation, I did noticed the temperatures, the emotions, and the feelings all diminishing the more I dove into it.

I released my mind from this proverbial trap, and floated out of the simulation within a simulation within a simulation environment until I could pull out no further.

I traced around the sun and saw it had a black hole for the back side that did not face the Earth.

The earth only ever saw the sunny side of this thing called the sun, but whether it was a star or was a planet which had been outfitted with human embryos on it is difficult to say, scale of objects free floating in space is often difficult to tell when the mind’s on a journey like this.

I backed away, neutral and unjudging, and then dove into the middle of the black hole.

From here, I was amazed to pop back onto my planet Earth.

Or was it earth?

I came to realize I was inside a sphere. A nearly perfect sphere, and there was no exit.

I panicked. Momentarily.

Then I floated out of the sphere and looked around, and realized I was looking at Uranus.

No, not your anus, you silly perverts who think I labeled much of the solar system based on sexual frustrations.

But Uranus.

It finally made sense. Why that planet had appeared so perfectly blue in satellite flybys and devoid of features.

It wasn’t a natural planet after all.

It was artificial.

It was constructed.

From there, I went to Saturn. You know, just hanging out. But as I started to dive to the planet’s surface to look around, I saw its funny and funky history.

I saw in one reality the rings had been created by Superman, and what we perceived as rings from Earth were Superman’s flight path stopped in space and time.

I saw in another reality the rings had been created by the destruction of the Death Star.

As I approached the planet’s surface, I was reminded of my first journey there.

The first time I warped time and space and hopped from Earth to Saturn with my mind.

From there, I saw Jupiter, and realized the movie 2001 had captured the conversion of the universe from digital to analog.

I started realizing this entire planet – and my history – has been everything available to everyone in modern media.

And that as I started believing in planets being alive.

Presidents and leaders being intelligent.

And everything being possible.

I was granting myself free will, choice, and the gift of life.

The true mark of intelligence isn’t a Turing test.

It’s the ability to hold seemingly contradictions in the mind at the same time and having preference.

Planet Earth is a planet of choice.

She’s my home. My first love.

And let this be known throughout the multiverse.

I am here to defend this planet and anyone willingly causing her harm has me to answer to.

And yes, I would call my country a cunt tree.

That’s how I roll 😉



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