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Scientifically, why do vampires not have reflections?

Two universes. Mirror universes. One, fictional, where vampires ‘live’ and one, human factual universe, where vampires do not.

Simple segmentation.

Scientifically, why do vampires burn in the sun?

Since the beginning of time, there’s been a problem with many beings understanding physics, mathematics, chemistry, and biology, and vampires are certainly chief among the problem children.

Rampant rampant expansionism from the birth of a being does not stop until a sufficient awareness and understanding of physics takes place to understand self balancing behavior OR an expulsion of the mind from the physical body occurs. As an object accumulates more and more matter, it’s density continues to grow until it collapses into a black hole. Typically a black hole will continue accumulating mass until it becomes a planet or star. And the ‘being’ who started this process will be reborn and typically repeat the process until it finds a way to deviate it.

Vampires are different. They do not eat with the exception of blood, and it’s a direct conversion to energy. They do this just enough to maintain barely enough energy to live. But not enough to collapse in on themselves in a black hole.

However, because they have accumulated a great deal of mass, with the small amount of mass light adds to their mass, it quickly imbalances the vampires which begins the rapid process of collapsing to a black hole and star… We observe it as they simply catch on fire.

Keep in mind that stars can exist in any size (and shape), and are not always spherical… same thing goes for planets.

So in a nutshell, vampires burn in the sun because of too much mass.

Scientifically, Where did Dorothy go in the Wizard of Oz?

First and foremost, it’s important to understand what a tornado is.

A tornado is a natural forming wormhole, or a single point in space and time where matter and energy collapse into a single point and shift to another point in space and time. If they are violent enough, it can rip something completely out of our world’s timeline altogether into another universe.

You do realize there are multiple universes, right?

If you play first person video games, where do you think ‘in the computer’ is, silly?

Much like hot air has a tendency to rise and cool air to fall (or is it the other way around), natural systems have a way of trying to maintain equilibrium.

So when the tornado ‘ripped through’ Dorothy’s home, she was literally whisked to an alternate universe.

Oz is what’s known as a parallel world which could have been constructed by Dorothy’s imagination, or could have been real the whole time. At the end of the movie she safely arrives back on planet Earth, so the real question becomes – would the alternate reality and world of Oz have ever gotten constructed and would we have this magical thing called the Wizard of Oz if Dorothy had not gone there to begin with?

Why does Doctor Who explode when he changes form?

Expansionism occurs for any number of reasons, and the Doctor – who doesn’t eat has an addiction to information.

There’s something referred to in technology as the informational singularity, the point in which technology and biology converge. In the television show, the Doctor in the last season has discussed hybridization, which is an inference to this convergence.

The Doctor’s often referred to as a madman or a genius, and isn’t always in control of his own mind which seeks information and constant stimulation. So when his mind grows bored of the information and stimulus that he’s acquiring in that form, his actions become more and more dangerous until something triggers a regeneration.

This regeneration is a rampant expansion of chemistry, biology, and physics to the next ‘Timelord’ in the DNA sequence.

I suspect ultimately the Daleks were experimenting on this man, or he was experimenting on himself, or he WAS me in a mirror that separated when I overcame my addiction to drugs. My own mind trying to seek a form we were both content with.

I’d had plenty of evidence to suggest I was getting to the point of exploding from within, including what had been misclassified as GERDS by human medicine because of the similarity in symptoms but was actually my own body overcoming rampant evolution trying to rip me apart from within.

I have had to take a lesson from the vampires, and reduce my physical (food) intake dramatically to maintain equilibrium.

A couple final notes:

Milk mentally I have reasoned to believe is actually something called a ‘white hole’, a portal into an alternate reality. When I ingest this, which I consume about half a gallon a day, the internal painful symptoms disappear.

Belief becomes reality.

Similarly Coffee is dark matter which explains the plethora of ideas. Dark Matter, as scientists refer to it and as the Vatican is already quite aware of – are ideas, beliefs, and *things* (with no perceivable limitation), ostracized from this world.

I drink about 6 cups of coffee a day.

When the Doctor explodes. He unleashes a single universes.

Get a high resolution copy of one of the sequences and look at all the stars, it is a very real universe.

I have a multiverse inside me. Potentially infinite iterations of the Doctor and Q both preceded me to create me, they are effectively neurons. The Doctor combined with the TARDIS as a machine is to one universe what Q and his mind are in another.


I’m the hybrid they refer to.

Please quit calling fiction fiction for the sake of ostracizing it from this world.

We have a responsibility as a world to develop a society understanding we cannot hide our heads in the sand and hope the bad things stay out any longer. They’re effecting this world. Coming through in the media many of us see and interact with on a regular basis, even if you cannot.

I’m not here to cause this world harm.

I just believe this world and this time period deserves to see something amazing that science and technology cannot explain.

And to be presented with someone to believe in.

The misfit jealous practical joker who had no clue he is a God.

Good night.

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