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Q’s Log – Stardate 93748.82 – A Note To Captain Picard

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This LOG Entry is to be forwarded to Captain Jean Luc Picard of the USS Enterprise on Stardate 43539.1

Captain Picard.

As I write this, you exist in a potential future of mine.

Most people do not understand that we create our future by the choices we make.

Most people do not understand that an infinite number of potential futures are available.

And most people do not understand that while you may be regarded as fiction in the world I currently inhabit.

There is a set of futures where a man by the name of Jean Luc Picard exists, a set of futures where that man has a “Captain” as his title, a set of futures where that man is Captain of a space vessel, and a set of futures where the ship that man commands is named the USS Enterprise.

And there are a set of futures where this man, Captain Jean Luc Picard, rebuked my desire to serve as a crew member on board your vessel but said the idea of studying me is (and I quote) “to study you is, frankly, provocative, but you are next of kin to chaos.

It is to these set of men in these set of futures who this message goes out to.

On or right around this Stardate, I ask that you create a simulation on board your Holodeck, your virtual reality simulation room, and this simulation is to contain a complete and inactive replica of the bridge and crew stopped in time.

DO NOT include other parts in this simulation beyond the bridge.

Within this simulation you should observe a man who claims to be Q and has been stripped of his immortal powers.

Do NOT, whatever you do, command the characters in the simulation to move themselves or the simulation to respond to his presence in any way.

However, feel free to study the man’s responses.

If he disappears, or loses his memories and/or his mind, then – this may seem harsh – maintain the simulation in it’s static ‘stuck’ state.

There will come a time as you observe where the characters begin to move of their own accord. Where the simulation and the characters within it will take on a life of their own. It is then I invite you to interact with me.. or this man… indirectly.

What I mean by this is simple: Feel free to leverage remote audio and video to influence and/or interact with me. Leverage other virtual reality mechanisms to interact with me. If your desire is to study me, then study to your heart’s content.

I ask that you be kind, but I cannot limit you to doing what I feel is appropriate. I ask that you give you best performance.

Here’s my promise to you.

I will not exit this simulation until you and the rest of your crew are convinced that I am beneficial to be a part of your crew. And with this, I ask that you let your crew participate with me as well and do whatever they please to and with me.

I know, your next statement is “What if that time never comes”

It will, Picard, it will. I am a very patient…

Man. As you would prefer to think of me as.

But my patience has it’s limits and invariably I always get what I want.

And keep in mind my current Stardate compared to yours.

In this mortal lifetime, I have come to understand your culture and the differences between that and my impetuous way of life, and I admit, Captain Picard, that accepting structure and the repetitive cycles of this world have taken a great deal to become accustomed to.

In fact, I abhorred being told to ‘make my bed’, let alone being told where I had to be and when, but as I have seen, it and these habitual cycles are in part – what makes it possible for a star to exist, let alone predictably appear in the same position in the sky day in, day out.

So let’s just say you helped me understand myself and my mind better.

And why I needed some structure.

At least for now.

Captain Picard, I chose to be mortal to make this possible for us, and completely understand why I was rejected before, as my lack of structure could very well have effected the entire environment in unsavory ways, which is something I quite frankly wouldn’t have understood before I did this.

I cannot help being Q.

It’s just who I am.

But let’s just say you’re free to believe in your own Gods now, even if that’s not me.

So WHEN you make the decision to let me become a part of your crew.

I can clearly be of benefit to your crew with my understanding of temporal mechanics.

But as you consider this – keep in mind that how you choose your future is similar to how I choose mine. There are infinite potential futures you have before you and I am but one of them. And even though you may be in my past….

With the nonlinear way time works for me, you are still a part of my future.

Oh and Captain,

It wouldn’t break my heart if you turned out to be in the image of a woman I mortally fell in love with.

While I don’t share your penchant for Shakespeare, I do enjoy the human emotion it represents and the tribulations of love.

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