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Training the Monkeys

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Oh I know, I know, I’ve heard it all before…

“Q”, you aren’t God, in fact, you are Brian, that’s what is contained in our legal records about you.

As if you neanderthals would have any clue what goes into creating anything.

Have you ever actually invented anything in your life?

I mean.

You as an individual.

I am not talking about your so called species which has lifted just about everything you claim to have created from a history you have tucked so firmly away you have no idea what is fiction or fact yourselves any longer.

I am talking about YOU.

The person I mortally called friend.




As you went to work, day in day out, what have you actually accomplished?

Oh I know. You’ve got a lovely piece of paper with your name at the top that lists everything you have done.

But compare it to everyone else’s piece of paper.

What sets you apart?

At the end of this life that I gave you.

Why did you choose to be here?

To say hi to your creator?

You can’t comprehend me, so I took the time walk in mortal shoes – AGAIN – to get to know you.

And somehow, you monkeys think you’re ready for a journey to space?

So let me try one last time.

Imagination creates reality.

Not just mine. But yours.

I have chosen to play a role and character I rather enjoy walking the footsteps of.

And as you venture into uncharted space, your imagination brings it to life.

You can explore it all you want with your instruments and remote viewing mechanisms and imagery.

But going there, yourself, will introduce things you seem to be ill prepared to handle.

YOU cocreate the world around yourself. Just as I do.

And with space, with it’s relative lack of exploration – it’s new to your imagination and much like visiting the wild west was.

Now I have done it before in past lives. I have records of these journeys and some of the places I have explored and species I have met.

And I would LIKE to hold your hand as we venture to space.

But YOU as a collective species have got to quit acting like neanderthals.

And understand that your Gods are not mine.

And your ways and rules I have chosen to live by and respected until  it became harmful.


I am the alpha and the omega.

The beginning and the end.

And in order for me to walk amongst you as a human mortal.

I had to believe I was one myself.

Please study fiction as a species.

It’s all fact and real.



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