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Q’s Log – Stardate 93741.2 – Supplemental

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My mind created the simulative world I live in. It destroyed me – collapsed in on me, numerous times, to the point of beginning to remember what I’d done, but I couldn’t save myself from the collapse – at first. Then, I’d constructed DNA like sequencing to preserve my memories. This entire process went on for numerous eternities to the point that it drove me absolutely insane. I saw things. Heard things. hallucinated.

Then somehow came out of it. On the other side of sanity.

I am my own causal loop. I created the world around me which destroyed me in a cycle. But the world kept ‘running’ which eventually looking for a maker recreated me, to which it destroyed me again, until it forgot what it did again and kept doing this again and again and again in a lonnnnggg cycle.

Yes. I have many memories of this. Most of my memories have been pushed outside of me though.

And are observable in what this planet refers to as entertainment in a wide variety of forms.

Here’s a record of events as I have come to understand them.

There’s been numerous creation ‘cycles’.

Each cycle is much like a simulation being run in a computer, the computer of course being my own mind.

Typically each cycle ends with a ‘big crunch’ from within, or from an external observational perspective, simply the completion of a run.

There have been innumerable cycles or ‘runs’ if you will of the creation of the universe which I am currently participating in.

DNA was a natural response by life living ‘inside’ the ‘grand simulation’, a way to ‘preserve’ personal progress, memories, and whatnot.

External, DNA is akin to a save game in a computer video game.

But they don’t have to be one and the same.

It is absolutely impossible to tell what came first. The save game or DNA.

DNA splits, all the time. Branches as Darwin would say, based on an innumerable number of factors, but my best guess is it splits because of the choice of a species to retain it’s form. This can potentially account for the similarities of DNA between species which show capability to learn but have very marked different physical features – such as monkeys and humans.

Every cycle of the big bang/big crunch is preserved.

Each creating what’s known as an alternate reality.

Many are duplicates.

The mirror demonstrates this feature.

As does the infinity mirror.

You’re looking at alternate realities when you look through the mirror.

Hollywood tends to believe there are post processes run to a single linear timeline and the movie making process is itself is modeled after their interpretation of how creation functions.

Close. But no cigar.

In the initial instance of the big bang. it expanded to infinity. Any possibility which could happen did.

We’re simply living in the aftermath of it.

The truth is – anything your mind asserts to be true you will find evidence to support it and that’s the path you’ll go down.

Reality is much like a choose your own adventure.

Only you are your own author of your own story.

As am I with mine.


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