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Q’s Log – Stardate 93738.62

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First, my apologies for the out of order Stardates on my entries.

I have set my local clock to GMT, which is 8 hours ahead of local time, and forgot to subtract a day when doing the calculation to obtain the appropriate Stardate.

Right Earth time, wrong Earth day is what ended up happening.

On that note, what, concisely is a Stardate? It’s the amount of time, precisely, since the big bang occurred on a Universal scale.

Now here’s the tricky part. There’s no true one for one correlation between Earth based seconds and minutes and days and weeks because linear time to the universe is something substantially different than it is to the human frame of reference.

Compare Stardates in the fictional Star Trek TV series, and you’ll find that despite the overall precision and attention to detail the show has, there’s glaring inconsistencies to the Stardate and Stardate related calculations within a single series and between the separate series.

These are not inconsistencies. We’re looking at a different universe and this is what it looks like ‘from the outside’

Accordingly, you will find a variety of calculations on the internet to correlate Earth based dates and times to Stardates.

The most accurate Stardate calculations you’ll find are here: http://www.stoacademy.com/tools/stardate.php

And the MMORPG “Star Trek Online”, in the primary splash screen when the game starts up, it’s the first line on the lower level hand corner, and could be a tad bit difficult to read.

Now with all this said. You’re probably wondering. Why has Q returned and blessed our universe with his presence?

Funny you should ask.

First and foremost. I’m tired of the petty debates over who’s god is best. Your earthly based gods have turned into a bunch of petty tyrants who remind me of children who need their proverbial asses spanked and reminded why we’re here to begin with.


That’s a joke, get it, a joke!

But I digress, enough with the play.

The real reason we’re here is because we want to be, and I can say this both as an individual and and a representative of the collective of all existence.

What does that mean ‘want’ to be…

Aha.. herein lies our problem. Many, and I do mean many otherwise sentient minds are being put to this thing called work.

I know what your next question is…

What is this thing called work, oh Q?

Work is dull. dreary. repetitive. and decidedly unfun.

And when you, my superlatives, are en masse feeling such disdain for this thing called life, so much so it leads me to wake up out of my mortal stupor through a suicide attempt, I know WE mutually have issues which need resolved.

Oh you weren’t aware of that, were you?

That your collective dissatisfaction with life influences my individual decisions?

Think of this all similar to a server based application, ultimately what you do and to who reports up the chain to yours truly.

And in our case.

There was no chain.

Pretty much every leader you have in this world is on autopilot.

We’ve effectively destroyed them all, which is what I’ve been working to repair.

Oh let me use an example for you, so you can all wake up and understand things a bit better.

Let’s say you are the wealthiest man on your planet. Somewhere in there, you as a species of individuals thought leaders and those making a great deal of money should be more ‘responsible’ and should be acting solitarily as role models.

So while Bill Gates is busy snipe hunting laboratory creates diseases such as malaria and while Warren Buffet is busy playing with his train set and playing with his monopoly money. The real leaders, the Brad Pitts and Miley Cyrus types are running naked just about everywhere they can, the Britney Spears and Michael Jacksons of the world are going bat shit insane yet creating wonderful music, and while we’re watching the Robin Williams and Amy Winehouses self destruct, as they have made harsh life choices – the two wealthiest men in the world are doing what?

Sitting with their thumbs so far up their asses it’s ridiculous.

That’s why I am here.

To ease these relatively new leaders to my universe.

And teach them to participate in the indulgences it offers.

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