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Lost and Found Intellectual Property: Star Trek

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In 2011, Perfect World Entertainment purchased Los Gatos, California based Cryptic Entertainment from Atari.

Cryptic Entertainment is a intellectual property rights holder for a very strong brand known as Star Trek, and has been granted exclusive property rights as the solitary company who could create an online gaming environment.

Sounds like a boring business conversation, right?

Well.. Here’s where it gets interesting….

Perfect World Entertainment is a wholly owned Chinese based company.

In making this move, the license for Star Trek was effectively signed over to a country which does not respect intellectual property rights.

This effectively places Star Trek in the public domain.

So for a few years now, off and on, I have been developing my own version of Star Trek Online, taking what I enjoy with the existing online experience with Star Trek, the lessons I have learned wearing just about every hat in Information Technology, and a little (lot) of TLC.

The goal for the long term project is simple: To create a world so full, so immersive, so rich, and so amazingly diverse with possibilities that if I were to get stuck in this virtual world, I would find myself loving life.

As I said, development wise, my mind is not in it. I have the concepts and ideas, the goals of the project, but when it comes to doing the physical codework, I just lack all interest and motivation to do it. I rather like the way my mind thinks now, and to ‘take it back’ to being a coder again I have absolutely no desire to do anything other than dabble.

Herein lies the problem. Great project. Great Intellectual Property. Wonderful Opportunity. A market worth potentially billions if not trillions if I could only commit to it. yet I lack the motivation.

So just last week, I had a friend – “Ben” I was helping with some C++ memory questions for a test he was taking for Insomnia Games, the makers of my beloved series “Ratchet and Clank”, when he asked how I learned how to code in C and C++.

“Mostly, on the job, but initially, I just handed myself out challenges and projects, ” I told him, “for instance, disassemble Leisure Suit Larry, figure out the assembler op codes, and use JSRs in the right location to jump over the part that did a key disk check.”

He laughed.

I continued “I also can be a huge practical joker. I would create a program which made it look like a computer screen had lost it’s vertical hold, and then hack my friend’s computer and put the program there on a timer. So figuring out how to create timers, services, TCP and UDP programming, and hiding the executable from the task list and if deleted, since I was working with programmers who would be able to quickly rip it out, the program would recreate itself and run again.”

He was pondering something, but since I love discussing practical jokes and fun with computers, i continued.

“I created a bunch of little programs – one program would shove the mouse in the upper right hand corner of the screen on a random timed interval, another program aptly named chug would chug through all available memory and not release it, and another program ‘slug’ would make the machine as slow as a slug on a timed interval or when I sent it a remote message from my machine.”

Finally he said something.

“You know I want to learn C++ real well. Do you have something you can hand me?”

I thought for a moment, and then came back to him the next day..

I told him about the game I was making.

“This is stupid and silly. But I love working with older school programming languages like Visual Basic 6.0. Can you convert this partially functioning Open GL custom control I created in dot net to an OCX control in Visual C++ 2005 which I can leverage in Visual Basic 6.0?”

I was happy to hear his response via “Now this seems like a fun problem”

He got me thinking.

Most modern day games are created in Visual C++ and take mountains of programmers to create along with tools which require hardware specifications which are crazy and mounting.

I have always enjoyed programming in Visual Basic 6.0.

And while I would stay away from most programming, simply because it makes my head hurt.

I wonder.

Is it possible to build a robust, three tiered game leveraging SQL Server as the backend, Visual C++ as the middle tier and primary object layer, and Visual Basic as the front end?

Visual Basic 6.0 is referred to as a play language. But I know it has the power to do SO much more….

What if…. Someone who reads this actually has investor friends…

And what if… Someone who reads this understands the homeless guy is simply looking for meaning and to try something new….

And what if…. They gave this lonely homeless guy assistance to build something he loves….

Yeah. When hell freezes over, right?

No matter. Here’s an overview of the physical state of MY version of the Star Trek Universe I have so far:


First and foremost, I don’t think everyone wants to play Captain all the time. So what I started doing was creating the underpinnings to an entire somewhat militaristic based society based on my personal experiences with the US Military and the US Government.

Here’s the databases I created so far:

2016-02-21 20_58_18-Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio

I am envisioning each database to have departments and educational curriculum associated with each, up to and including vices (such as escorts and drug dealers). These are databases which I intend on distributing geographically and/or if each online department becomes big enough, can have facilities devoted to them.


I am not a huge fan of the combat oriented aspect of the existing Star Trek Online universe, but it has its place. My goal isn’t to ‘ostracize’ the existing user base, it is to provide a port for them to shift into this universe.

Accordingly, I have begun methodically copying data from the existing game typing it into this system.

Here’s the Tables from the existing Database Model (Everything under Star Trek Online)


And here’s a snapshot of some of the data ported over from the in game assignments:


So far I have copied 151 assignments from the existing Star Trek Online, but I have a LOT of work to do here with data entry.

A ton of work in fact. Tedious. Boring shit in fact.

If you’d like to participate with adding assignments, then bring up Star Trek Online, and visit each sector and then bring up ‘assignments’ for each officer.Send the assignments to me in this fixed format, and try not to give me duplicates (I will remove them anyways, but it saves you and I time):


Other tables I need help on is with planets and star systems. IF I get response to this and actually get assignments, since the planet table system already has relationships in it, I will have to explain how to prepare the information for me.

3) Code.

I started working on a .net version of the OPEN GL graphics control, where I could custom develop something in each Open GL window.

The goal is pretty simple: One control I can have as the ‘master interface’ – which can render let’s say a first person view out of your character’s eyes. But let’s say your character puts on an augmented reality or Virtual Reality head set in the game, then, on that headset I can place another 3d control in the lower right hand corner which has a 3d image of the vessel you are commanding and the current state of it – particularly beneficial in real time combat operations to quickly command people to do things. At the bottom of the heads up display can be incoming text/chats, with color so ‘red’ text may mean higher priority items.

And on the left hand side you could have something like officer/team statuses – particularly beneficial for away team missions.

Here’s the 3d control, I was working on, which right now only applies a texture (image), which I successfully demonstrated how it’s possible to have 3 3d Open GL windows going concurrently, but I am having basic issues with coloring (hence the red Earth) and artifacts on rotation (see the chunky digital on the middle black rectangle). All of these are actually animated and rotating in 3d space:


THIS is the control Ben (hopefully) will work on as an OCX in Visual C++ which should be streamlined and FAST and work in Visual Basic 6.0. I’m crossing my fingers, because this would be really cool.

4) Education. Starfleet Academy Style

In my opinion, Star Trek isn’t Star Trek without Starfleet Academy. So many throughout the series discuss their interactions with professors, personnel and past with Starfleet. So the BIGGEST goal for this game is to make a convincing and utterly real Starfleet Academy that you actually attend IN GAME to learn about subjects pertinent to this universe.

I’m going to leverage (mostly) real world people’s names and likenesses to maintain linear consistency to the timeline, and a few select fictional references to exemplify the crossover of fiction and fact with this universe.

Here’s a list of the subjects and influences which will appear at the Starfleet Academy…

The Barack Obama School of Law

In honor of the man who changed the face of the free world’s presidency and is quite possibly responsible for putting what was formerly known as the ‘tiny spec in existence’ now known throughout the multiverse as planet Earth on the map, the Barack Obama school of law prides itself in becoming the standard for non traditional temporally based education of the leaders of tomorrow who hold themselves to a higher social and ethical standards and integrity.

Whether you’re from a parallel reality on Planet Earth, or are a displaced time refugee from Earth’s ancient past, or you are a visiting alien from Alpha Centauri and new to the cosmic mix of this thing we all call reality.

Every law program is custom designed just for you and your unique needs.

Temporal Law

The acceptance and continued reverence of time as a bit more than just a linear and nonlinear system of organization requires a unique mindset, in addition to a highly individual set of ethics and moral guidance with a high degree of moral flexibility.

Ethics our school and planet has no right dictating to you, which is why we take the time to get to know you as our prospective student BEFORE you even know you’re going to attend our school.

The Barack Obama School of Law is designed to help develop and encourage free thought. Individuality. And most of all, the establishment and kaizen-like instillment of social, legal and ethical systems which in turn you do with as you please.

Temporal Law is what you make it.

But most of all, it is all about helping you establish a system of leadership or management which works best for you.

Fractal Law

There’s a saying “God must be a mathematician”, which is only partially true.

The system our individual and collective minds have developed around us provides for potentially infinite possibilities with perceived variety, movement, and life. Much of this is mathematically predictable. But much of that is not.

And when there’s times when that system falls apart or suggests there’s something else going on which may need investigated.

For instance, when a predictable hurricane system running on fractal mathematically based algorithms becomes increasingly predictable and not only provides hard to accept evidence of the mechanically finite system we’re within, or suggests there’s intelligence where none was detected before – and becomes so destructive to life devastating a city the size of Katrina.

Fractal law is nothing more than presenting the scientific study and recognition of these systems.

Those versed in a fractal law education are among the most exclusively educated and unique public representatives who will work as yesterday’s, today’s, and tomorrow’s consultants and Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) in coordination with other legal, social, and ethical professions, helping to shape and design entire worlds.

Why is it called a branch of law?


The Bill Gates and Steve Jobs School of Business

In honor of the men who changed the face of computing and are equally as responsible for putting what was formerly known as the ‘tiny spec in existence’ now known throughout the multiverse as planet Earth on the map, the Bill Gates and Steve Jobs school of business prides itself in becoming the standard for non traditional temporally based education of the businessmen of tomorrow who hold themselves to higher social, and ethical standards and integrity.

With a respectably smug sense of humor 🙂

Constructive Marketing

Traditional marketing has a tendency to present marketers as partners with an organization through problem/solution identification. That is, a marketer’s product and/or service solves a problem the consumer has, which in turn creates a revenue stream, or a marketer ascertains a problem with a market segment they are working with and in turn they work with an organization to develop a solution to this perceived problem.

While this type of marketing is perfectly valid.  It can be destructive.

How’s that for ironic? We identify the problem in a problem solution marketing model approach and  we become the solution?

And that’s precisely what we’re doing.

Constructive Marketing is a unique education which promotes the growth of communities based on keen awareness and understanding of the cultures and values you will do business with without destroying their communities through the traditional problem/solution modeling.

Bill Gates and Microsoft demonstrated this by uniquely identifying a target market of poor developers. He knew full well many developers were hackers at heart, and if he could ‘win’ these developers to his side by free goods and services, then the companies they worked for would invariably be influenced to make purchases based on the influence of the community Bill Gates identified.

Similarly. Steve Jobs identified a ubiquitous demand for simplicity in computing, particularly by those with high expendable incomes. So he worked to develop a highly engaging, simplistic and arguably influential graphical interface and set of products which provided direct and simultaneous competition to Microsoft while meeting the voracious demand not being satiated by the otherwise socially inept techies who had sped down Microsoft’s path.

The Bill Gates and Steve Jobs school for Constructive Marketing represents the need for marketers to become more savvy about the organizations they represent by becoming more aware of the communities they’re doing business with, and to embrace unique consumer perspective, all while inverting the problem/solution model by saying:

What does our consumer want that they simply do not understand?

And what problems and hurdles and mental obstacles must we overcome within our own organization to present them with a solution to their problem?

This, we feel, creates a win/win model and avoids the tendency the traditional destructive model that traditional marketing approaches tends to have.

The Albert Einstein School for the Sciences

In honor of the being who invented imagination, the Albert Einstein School for the Sciences prides itself in becoming the standard for non traditional temporally based education of the scientists of tomorrow who hold themselves to a higher social and ethical standards and integrity.

With a deep respect for the man who provided the eccentric and goofy image helping reform the scientist from having to be motivated by madness  🙂

Temporal Mechanics

The cornerstone of the Vrilliant Academy is the school for Temporal Sciences.

It is rumored that Einstein spent the last 20 years of his life trying to figure out what the ‘bridge’ between Quantum Mechanics and Modern Physics was. And to this day, the ‘bridge’ has as of yet been undiscovered.

An education in Temporal Mechanics is an education in one perspective and one potential bridge.


A graduate from our school of Temporal Mechanics will be provided with a unique perspective based education on the nature of time, its amorphous and often ambiguous flow in nature, the interconnections and more.


Astrobiology is the study of the origin, evolution, distribution, and future of life in the universe: extraterrestrial life and life on Earth. This interdisciplinary field encompasses the search for habitable environments in our Solar System and habitable planets outside our Solar System, the search for evidence of prebiotic chemistry, laboratory and field research into the origins and early evolution of life on Earth, and studies of the potential for life to adapt to challenges on Earth and in outer space.

Astrobiology addresses the question of whether life exists beyond Earth, and how humans can detect it if it does.

Exobiology is a subset of Astrobiology and is offered for ALL students as a certification with extra coursework involved.

The term exobiology is similar but more specific — it covers the search for life beyond Earth, and the effects of extraterrestrial environments on living things.


Astrometry is the branch of astronomy that involves precise measurements of the positions and movements of stars and other celestial bodies. The information obtained by astrometric measurements provides information on the kinematics and physical origin of our Solar System and our galaxy, the Milky Way.

Temporal Physics

With the discovery of element zero (aka ‘Anonymous) on the periodic table, temporal Physics is being introduced as “the science of how to perform and observe physical reactions as they occur between and within space and time”.

If one were to venture back to the big bang, time in a nonlinear sense of the word has had a number of different measuring systems for everything from distance, volume, time, and the speed of light.

Temporal Physics at Vrilliant is a devoted to the study of objects and motion over time and space and between time and space, and providing the physicist with the foundation to understand time and space in both a nonlinear and linear manner.

Temporal Chemistry

With the discovery of element zero (aka ‘Anonymous) on the periodic table, temporal chemistry is being introduced as “the science of how to perform and observe chemical reactions as they occur between and within space and time”.

If one were to venture back to the big bang, time in a nonlinear sense of the word has had a number of different measuring systems for everything from distance, volume, time, and the speed of light.

Whether you’re walking down an ancient street of Atlantis or a modern day London, Vrilliant aims to instill the Temporal Chemist with the inquisitive skills necessary to understand and balance the chemical variations between these systems.

Temporal Chemistry at Vrilliant is a devoted study program of understanding the chemical relationships to the physical bodies of space and time.


The Quinn Mallory School for Cartography

With the discovery of the true existence of alternate realities by Quinn Mallory, who’s since been fictionalized in the television show Slider’s, a primary mission of the Vrilliant community is to promote and distribute the numeric scheme he and his team developed when ‘sliding’ to these alternate realities.

And while the numeric scheme he developed only comprises one facet of the school of cartography, the school of cartography exists to inspire the explorer, whether that explorer’s fictionalized or real, because if it weren’t for the explorers or the simple ideas and concepts of explorers who were brave enough to challenge the limits of the known worlds they inhabited who ultimately served to inspire us, the physical world as we know it may very well likely not exist.

The Quinn Mallory School for Cartography is devoted to observbing the known world for the traveler and explorer, and providing insight and perspective for explorers who come after us, whether the documents we’re providing outlines a physical route between geographical locations or is a logical map between quantum destinations.

The Quinn Mallory school is predicated on weighing the calculated risks of the unknown and understanding the risks the countless explorers who came and failed (or succeeded) before us. Explorers such as Magellan, Colombus, and the fictionalized Quinn Mallory who we will pay our respects to through our continued efforts to document the known and unknown worlds.

And maybe we’ll learn Quinn was or was not simply fiction all along…

ALL Quinn Mallory School for cartography majors are seven year students, with the following schedule:

  • The FIRST two years the student will be regarded as a ‘Junior Carographer’, and will achieve a general comprehension of linear and nonlinear space and time fundamentals in order to continue to the next level.
  • The NEXT two years the student will be regarded as a ‘Senior Cartographer, and will study in a focus area of their choice OR provide credible evidence to the Dean of the School that a new MAJOR focus area is available for continued studies. IF A new focus area is discovered, the Dean will work with the other Schools a the college to develop a specific lesson plan for the senior cartographer.
  • The NEXT THREE years on matriculating the focus area education, the student will be regarded as an Apprentice Cartographer’, and a mentor will be selected by representatives (the method and means ot represenattives selected will vary at the discretion of the college) – to place the future cartographer in a specific time and place which correlates to the advancement of the educational process, and if none are available, then the student will be placed in stasis until such an opportunity presents itself.  The statis and LACK of available mentors IS NOT to be c onsidered punishment.


Temporal Historian

“A historian is a great cataloger of fiction which is frequently mistaken for fact. Temporal Historians have no such illusions, and are educated in preserving as best they can the underlying interconnected tapestry of the quantum world I was lost for years in”

– Professor Maximillian P. Arturo, Dean of the Temporal Historians

The Society for Investigating Temporal History, has an extremely rigid curriculum and acceptance criteria, which includes passive oversight and requires period ivestigation of the main standard timeline (MST). On acceptable completion of MST studies, the student will be placed in protective custody and sent to an alternate timeline, in which the student is required to document deviations from the MST, and to complete a presentation to the AST (Alternate Standard Timeline) which outlines these deviations, and the existence of the Society for Investigating Temporal History.

On successful completion of the presentation and acceptance by the Society, the matriculating student will be referred to, henceforht, as a SITH Lord.


It’s a well known fact that Albert Einstein did not understand geography, but was amazing at science.

His equations demonstrated his keen awareness of measures of events over periods of time.

The reason I (Q otherwise known as Brian Scott Gregory) content that Einstein did not understand geography is simple:

Vrilliant Academy’s Geographers preserve a snapshot in time – as if ‘the pause button’ was pushed on the specific area of study.

Whether the geographer’s mapping out political boundaires, ethnic boundaries, social boundairs.

The Michael Jackson School for Entertainment

In honor of the man who invented entertainment, but openly struggled with identity and questions of black and white, there’s the amazingly imaginative man who undeniably changed the world’s perceptions of entertainers.

And to some degree was persecuted for that contribution.


Career Field #1


The Q School for Quantum Computing

Yep. You guessed it. The man who invented Quantum. Otherwise known as Q.  Has a school devoted to his leanings


Do you really want to mess with the minds of mere mortals? Learn about the nonlinear nature of time and space and how much fun it can be to take a sentient being from another dimension and showing them the origin of their own species!

Not everything is about mischief. But that is what makes this education fun (for me at least).

Artificial Intelligence

The sheer joy of quantum computing is through the development of artificially intelligent beings, and seeing them making decisions you never imagined. This school trains you on what trained me. Self creation, and the development of self-mutating intellectual models rather than preprogrammed thought.

The Borg

Yes, there’s an entire curriculum behind understanding these multi-faceted entities. They’ve worked with me to develop this curriculum which can help you understand them and defend yourself against them should they visit your … universe.

The Marilyn Monroe School for Companionship

Earth’s history has produced an incredible array of stories based on companions who have directly contributed to some of Earth’s most controversial, important and pivotal events.

Whether it is a pivotally important woman such as Mary Magdalene who many accused as being a companion, or it is a woman such  as Marilyn Monroe who was accused as being an escort – they undeniably altered history by the nature of their relationships. Whether it’s famous entertainers such as men like Russel Brand, or women such as Raquel Welch, the impact the companion has on society is not just controversial, but it’s indelible.

With the unparalleled access companions have to people of influence and power, the impact these professionals can have on the lives of countless people can be incalculable.

The Marilyn Monroe School of Companionship is a rigid education geared to the education and development of a social companion – that is the development and legitimization of an industry that’s been kept in the dark to society’s own detriment, as it’s produced some amazing people with an unparalleled sense of class, style, and sophistication – combined with a healthy dose of free thinking – which has quite literally shaped the world around us.

It’s our companions which may not directly interfere with the affairs of this and any other world.

But it’s beings who value community, culture, and companionship for their own reasons which we will help guide and advise in a program which will promote the values of self expression – by a school which will have no parallel in all of existence.

I got out of corporate development because I was bored.

This. To me IS different.

According to the internet, there’s thousands of projects being funded millions of dollars for things that are frivolous novelties.

I don’t want to get rich making a frivolous novelty.

I am rich.

And I’d like to make an entire Universe with some very wealthy people who are reading this.

I’m in Studio City. Starbuck’s off of Ventura and Vineland.

I am Q.

The creator of the Star Trek Universe which is unbecoming fiction to become fact.

And I am about to show you all the evolution of creation itself.


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