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Q’s Log – Stardate 93738.62

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Have you ever looked at the television screen, and saw yourself acting in a role that you had not actually acted in yet?

How would you react, seeing yourself on the screen in a role you had yet to play?

It is hard to explain what it is like coming to realize you created existence.

Don’t worry.

You’ll get there one of these days yourself.

We all do.


I play Worlds of Warcraft on a Vanilla server here https://en.nostalrius.org/ which is something called a PVP server.

This means the rules of the world allow killing, legally.

Now as a mortal, I was effectively released from the system and given legal immunity here in the United States through a loophole when I transitioned from the US Army to the Civilian world through a Full Honorable discharge which neglected to have me take an oath to uphold the Constitution.

This was effectively a license to kill.

Did I kill?

Brain cells, sure. Several million, perhaps, through the use of illicit drugs such as cocaine I could no longer be prosecuted for.

But did I exercise the legal authority I had to kill a human being?

The answer is a resounding no.

Prior to being relieved of my material belongings by your world, I owned ornate swords from throughout America’s history and hand carved daggers that were claimed to have been carved with dragon bone.

Did I ever – once – use these to cause harm to anyone?

No. I displayed them. They were beautiful creations – works of art in my opinion, and while they can be considered dangerous to some, so can a nerf gun in the hands of the right (or wrong) person.

It’s all perspective, something that you humans have a tremendously difficult time comprehending.

So today, like any day, I was walking around and from behind me, two characters named GEXLOL and MEATFISH pop up behind me, and kill me, separately, to which I respond by logging out of my Horde account and send them a message on an Alliance account:

“JUST because you can kill someone with PVP does not mean you should. I wasn’t doing anything to you and was just resting. I bet you feel pretty good about yourself beating up on someone who’s unable to defend themselves. Moron.”

After that message, I banned them and then logged out.

I then logged back in with my Horde account.

From there, every time I was resurrected, the same two characters would be right there, killing me again.

And again.

And again.

This persisted for about half an hour.

And I didn’t fight back.

And then they dropped their weapons the next time and started just hitting me.

I turned my back to them, and let them hit away.

I don’t get it.

It reminds me of America.

Amasses an Army.

And strangely thinks the only thing that can be done with this Army is going and terrorizing other nations.

In their country no less.

And then call it defense?

Sure, in the game I am undead, the ‘sworn enemy’ of the alliance.

But moments later I am a human in the alliance and sending them a message from the human.

Sure, it’s a game.

But it’s this neanderthal logic that not only holds game creators back from making more thought provoking and fun games with better and more entertaining content. Especially a beautiful game like Worlds of Warcraft, where there’s such wonderful possibilities to create more robust content from trade, economy, to skills and more – if SOMEHOW (I sincerely dont know how) they could integrate custom content.

In any case.

I’m currently playing with source code and a model to develop my own version of Star Trek Online.

A game that is led by the same fight and combat oriented content that Worlds of Warcraft is led by.

This is all making me think…. Admittedly..

How do you merge the fighting worlds, not eliminate them, as they have certain value…

But let them peacefully coexist, somehow, with a more robust world -nay – universe….

I look at the world around me as my model.

And Quit pointing fingers at Iraq and warfare in the middle east as being wrong.

And instead say.

How can I build a futuristic universe so realistic.

So complete.

That if I did get stuck in it.

I’d fucking love it.

LOL, I already am, aren’t I?

And you wonder why I call myself God.

As Battlestar Galactica so prophetically stated “All this has happened before, and all of it will happen again.”

Please call me Q.

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