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Q’s Log – Stardate 93735.78 – Bendy/Foldy

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Dd you know Tom Sawyer Island at Disneyland in Anaheim, California has a Missouri Zip Code?

It’s true. Tom Sawyer island has a Missouri zip code and, on opening day, was annexed to Missouri.

I had visited Tom Sawyer island numerous times when I was young, especially during the summertime, and remember telling my friend Jim who would join me frequently “It’s always cool on the island compared to the rest of the park, let’s go there and cool down…”

The temperature difference was substantially more than a few degrees and that could be attributed to being surrounded by (warm) water…

And later, when I learned that Tom Sawyer island had a different zip code, it began making sense in a weird way.

Mr Disney had experimented with Quantum Physics with his park via inconsistency and had forced a bridge – or a fold in space if you will between Missouri and California, which created a very measurable difference in the weather patterns on the island.

Chief among the reasons Disney does not sell things on Tom Sawyer island is because it makes it too difficult with accounting to accrue income in two states for the one park. So they choose to sell nothing on Tom Sawyer island.

In Star Trek Voyager, B’Elanna Torres said “The Borg wouldn’t know fun if they assimilated an amusement park.”

What if the Borg had assimilated Disneyland?

Would they make absolutely no physical changes to the park that could be directly witnessed?

Would they create a fixed wormhole and route all passengers who ride through Space Mountain through a real Borg ship and back?

Would they create a wormhole to shift the Haunted Mansion to the inside of a black hole and the elongation of the entry room you’re seeing where the paintings are stretching is because of a very real warp in space and time?

Would they convert the Peter Pan ride, the ride in the child’s area which takes you on a journey high over London in the 1860s – would they create a stable wormhole to real London in the 1860’s, and you were really flying high over that very real city?

Would they convert the ride that pretends to miniaturize you – “Adventures through inner space”, to add in technology which REALLY miniaturizes you and you really are subatomic in level and what you see is your mind’s interpretation of that realm?

Would they bring in real robots to sing “It’s a Small World” to you on the It’s a Small World ride?

Would they bring in a cloned version of JFK as he was seen publicly in the 1960s and would your mind be able to comprehend why he looks like a robot?

A worm hole is basically a black hole joined through quantum entanglement with another black hole.

They occur in nature, all the time, and typically the reaction is violent and can be witnessed by external observers in weather phenomena such as hurricanes and tornadoes, or in the ocean in whirlpools and even tsunamis.

These are what are known as ‘unstable’ black holes, and typically occurs as nature attempts to ‘balance’ one part of the universe with another one by shifting matter and energy from a place where there’s too much to a place where it’s needed.

There are three forms of wormholes in use at Disneyland.

One which shifts through vast distances in space and is structured in such a way to maintain consistency rules with linear space by shifting the occupants of Space Mountain to a remote location in what’s known as the Delta Quadrant of space in the same exact timeline.

Put specifically, a rider will experience some unusual sensations with this ride but the time is one for one and consistent with both source and destination. This is done to ensure exploration of the Delta Quadrant can be accomplished by Earth Scientists.

The second type of wormhole in use at Disneyland is the miniaturization wormhole. While some versions of Disneyland have disassembled this ride for investigation “Adventures through Inner Space”, many still have it open. This technology can be leveraged to investigate Ant Man style miniaturization for reducing the size of physical bodies and apparatuses to the size of a subatomic particle, or vice versa, to the size of a planet.

This, again, is done on the same timeline. So the conversion in scale and size is instantaneous.

The final type of wormhole leveraged is one that traverses space and time.

In a literal sense, the wormhole will take you to a remote preserved location in time and space with the primary intention of educating your physical senses to become temporally aware.

There are NUMEROUS of these temporally adjusted wormholes in place at Disneylands around the world, in varying different shapes and sizes.

Now keep in mind that it’s relatively (pardon the pun) easy to build in variety and options into the natural world.

It’s exceedingly difficult to dismantle and remove them.

Until now.

This technology should demonstrate to you how to accomplish this.

On your terms.


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