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“The Truth”

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One of the key things to understand about time travel is there are no real rules other than the rules we make for ourselves.

Sure, there are human invented paradoxes involving time and indeterminacy such as the grandfather paradox and Schrodinger’s  cat, which sound nifty and thought provoking but either one is undermined through simple and somewhat flippant rational logic.

For instance, the thought experiment called Schrodinger’s Cat is a very convoluted way of saying it is not truly possible to know the result of something unless you observe and measure it directly.

No shit, Sherlock, right?

Similarly, the Grandfather Paradox – means you can’t go back and kill your own grandfather….

Duh, right?

In the new television show 11.22.63 by Hulu, Jake Epping is introduced to a portal which takes Jake on journey to September 9, 1958, at precisely 11:58 a.m. No matter how long he stays there, when he returns only 2 minutes elapse.

His goal, after being apprised of the rules of how this time portal works by Al Templeton, a man who’s leveraged the portal extensively to have a great deal of personal experience (and failure) with it, is to uncover the truth of who assassinated JFK, and to stop it from occurring.

IF Jake returns to the present day, his changes carry forward. BUT IF he returns to the past. Since he’s once again at September 9, 1958 11:59am, the changes revert themselves to their prior state.

IF Jake makes changes which are inconsistent with the timeline, then it is claimed that time fights back and does its best to preserve the timeline. The show demonstrates this harshly, as Jake tries to eavesdrop on a conversation between the CIA and a man named George de Mohrenschildt who is said to have been a consort of Lee Harvey Oswald’s prior to the JFK assassination, and NUMEROUS things ‘coincidental’ events happen which try to prevent Jake from listening in on the conversation.

Now Al informed Jake of the problems he’d encounter at this meeting, problems which stopped Al from proceeded, but this time Jake manages to be fully prepared for where he narrowly learns that George had met with CIA agents.

While it’s a marvelous example of teamwork, the show’s explanation of how time functions is faulty.

The conversation was never simulated in a closed simulational system.

They – and the show – are real people in an alternate reality that exists within a holographic universe.

So as they try to explore beyond the boundaries of the original linear simulation, the finite resources of the closed holographic system they are contained in causes a programmed reaction to occur by the simulated world to prevent that path choice by the inhabitants of that world.

It’s not that time doesn’t want to be changed.

It is that they are living in a simulated world and the exploration of all the possibilities of the assassination of a President had never been fully developed to consider time traveler investigation of the incident.

But this gets back to the topic at hand.

When you have a blank canvas as an artist, you are restricted to the palette of colors you have chosen to paint with.

This restriction doesn’t seem limiting, at first, particularly if you have chosen all the colors in the rainbow, but if you go to the London museum and look, firsthand at early Michelangelo paintings, you’re going to see some mighty drab colors that favor browns.

It is similar to writing. If you were to look at all the words in the English dictionary today compared to a dictionary from 300 years ago, written works take on a whole new meaning.

Now this is NOT to say that the works produced 50, 100, 200+ years ago are any less powerful.

But in 50 years, people have learned to change the way they look at things, which has altered the words we use and the colors we use to draw with.

And technology has changed accordingly. This doesn’t mean it’s superior or inferior. It’s merely changed.

As I write this, I am listening to a podcast which gave me some ideas for this writing.

But the real question is, are my thoughts influencing time and space itself which sent an idea ‘back in time’ to the artist who created the music at the time he was creating it which would come out months later for me to present to you?

Yes, time and creation is that weird, and when you start hearing and seeing the digital world responding to your thoughts and ideas on a real time basis, at first it’s trippy but over time it becomes fun and engaging.

But here’s the thing.

As these men seek ‘the truth’, the truth their minds have been informed of is the linear history that JFK was shot.

The ‘holographic’ simulated reality is a construct by their own minds.

So as they pursue evidence to negate that linear history.

Thus unraveling their linear history.

Their minds are looking for a way to mitigate the risk to a linear understanding of the world.

Put specifically: Preventing JFK’s assassination would have huge implications in history. So their mind is looking for a way to either continue the storyline by supporting their pursuit of preventing his assassination. Which may have actually shifted the show from their reality to mine ‘as fiction’ to where I could provide them hints on how to get by this hurdle.

And how to get by this hurdle is simple: You choose which linear reality you want to call your own.

That’s the beautiful thing about time travel.

Reality is your canvas.

You are the artist.

And your education, your experience, your wants and needs, passions and desires, and the choices you have made throughout your life provide the palette for you to write a new story.

Yes. I’d love to see what happens with JFK’s assassination prevented.

But I had to accept the linear timeline of my life as being my main timeline, I had to accept an immortal existence, and I had to accept the branches and alternate timelines I create by investigating the ‘what ifs’ or revisiting past experiences in my own life only add to the fictional entertainment choices and sources in my world.

Yes, Jake, You can prevent an assassination.

But what if the primary timeline kills your grandfather days before your father was born?

Because time travel is quite literally a byproduct of the mind, you quite literally have to mentally resolve the paradoxes.

Or have faith that one day you will.

That’s how I did it.

The truth for me is, yes, JFK was shot, but EVERY conspiracy is absolutely accurate and only I am capable of exploring them.

Multiple alternate realities collided to create that single event, not a single one of them more accurate than the other, but that one single event went down in history and is now my fact.

For now 😉

And for all I know, A body double or clone could have been put in JFK’s place and JFK went into hiding until now.

Timeline, consistent and stable, and JFK’s assassination is prevented.

Win/Win. The trick would be getting JFK to go along with it.

That’s a long time to be in hiding.

Maybe taking him ‘to the future’ via time travel could do that trick.


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