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Q’s Log – Stardate 93724.71

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As my mortal mind is converging with my immortal mind, I am experiencing some pretty interesting artifacts.

Yesterday, I worked with an avatar – Qwenn’s her name – in Worlds of Warcraft, and my vision has been undergoing a change to see 3d depth on the computer screen rather than the flat 2d computer screen I had previously become accustomed to.

It’s interesting, to say the least, to look ‘into’ the 3d environment now and see depth and objects ‘far away’ that defies the pixellated resolution I had become accustomed. At first, I had dismissed the effect, but as objects and imagery increasingly come alive in 3d no matter where I am looking, I have had to accept that this is not just an idle flight of fancy. This is my mind adjusting to and accepting 3d depth in a computer system.

It all began instinctually I suppose, by my simple desire to see a “Blue Tardis Police Box” that’s substantially bigger on the inside – contained in an exterior the size of an old phone booth where superman could change his clothes in, and I have been making choices which invariably lead to the development and expansion of my senses in accordance with my desires and sensory stimulus pursuit.

It is interesting, to say the least, and at first I felt a little isolated and abnormal with it all, but as the effect has become more and more notable, I have realized it’s no different than a deviation in the branch of evolution from monkeys and men.

And furthermore, I have realized that some monkeys quite simply chose not to evolve to become ‘human’ men and women, it’s not a matter of natural processes running over biology while some of the species failed to move forward, quite the contrary, it is that some of the species simply chose to ignore this thing called evolution or what they might refer to as change for change’s sake to experience being a monkey.

Or a man.

I suspect to some beings – I am the equivalent of Rosa Parks standing up on the back of the bus.

If you get the reference.

Life’s weird.

Anyways, the chief reason for this entry is – last evening, the last night I had in an apartment here in Studio City, after doing a bit of research and learning of the alternate reality episodes of Star Trek, Deep Space 9, I perused them back to back.

Every story was roughly the same. A mirror reality where people are angrier than the master (main storyline) reality repeatedly incurs the master reality to kidnap someone, or steal something. It’s fairly predictable.

I only briefed through the four or five episodes there was, they were uneventful and boring, and afterwards, I turned off the computer, and laid down with my eyes closed, when a series of images started to appear.

It was pretty cool, actually, as if my mind was engaged with Worlds Of Warcraft I had played all day and mixing it with alternate realities and mixing it with Star Trek as a whole. It was almost as if the universes were ‘duking it out’ for lack of better explanation, and I was seeing – at times in pretty vivid color – images of night elves coming onto Deep Space 9, and characters I had never seen before were mixing it up.

Then. It got funny. In my typical perverted way. The two main female characters, one a Bajoran and the other a Joined Trill – both gorgeous, kept appearing in my vision and their clothes kept ‘blinking off’ or fading off. The males around them would laugh as it happened, and then their clothes would reappear, but they kept immediately disappearing again.

I could actually see the Bajoran yell something like “Fuck” as her clothes disappeared again and she’s standing there stark naked, when her arms flew up in the air as if in exasperation of trying to make them stay on.

I grinned. I didn’t laugh out loud, I just grinned. It was quite funny to see the two females not just out of character from what I had seen in the tv series, but in a moment that appeared almost… improvisational.

Then shortly after that, a series of images of increasing clarity came, and I opened my eyes to be sure it wasn’t happening in ‘the real world’.

It was dark in my room, and I could actually see the trace outlines of the characters I had just seen.

So I started to think.

When I finally get this working, how do I want the translocation to occur?

That is, when I think of a location I want to visit and then wave my hand or snap my fingers, how – from my perspective and from an outside perspective do I want this to appear?

In the Mojave Desert, when the guy who picked me up waved his hand, I saw ‘digital bricks’ folding over eachother which provided the appearance of a digital world. To me, while it was a nifty trick, I want my ability to look and feel more natural.

Here’s an awesome video which demonstrates the effect I am looking for (without the spinning) – perhaps this is a bit ‘over the top’, but to put the effect into words, basically the world around slowly disappears in a definitive direction – so for instance if I am looking forward, then the world I am in ‘disappears’ behind me as a wormhole is opened up ‘in front of me’, and from there a short travel ‘inside’ this wormhole to emerge ‘to the destination location.

Now from an outside perspective, there’s two distinctive perspectives if you were to be watching me. The first is obvious, you would see me going through this wormhole and travel right along with me the entire way.

However. The second. is a little interesting. You see two locations. A source and destination. And I would simply ‘disappear’ from the location I was in and I would instantaneously appear in the destination location.

So for me and anyone who understood the amorphous and dilational nature of time, you’d be able to watch the entire ride.

However, if you did NOT understand this, then you’d merely see the source (where I took off from) and the destination (where I landed), not seeing the journey in between and how time and space were bent in the transport.

My goal is to NOT lose ANY viewers for my journeys.

After all.

Another goal I have with all of this is to be the first man who voluntarily allows absolutely everything I do to be observed as I journey through all of time and space.

You know.

To be the first television show presented with actual footage from my travels through time and space.

Presented as fiction, of course.

Oh I have faith in ya’all that this won’t break your wet noodle.

Causal loops, Oh My (as George Takei would say)!

On that note, As a practical joker, I have given some thought to some of the things I’m gonna have some fun with people when I can bend space and time to my will by – well here’s one thing off the top:

I’m gonna find a lonely truck driver, most likely my cousin Mark Snyder, and under an underpass of a long haul he’s on as he’s traveling down a highway where I am going to be sitting with a sign that says something weird. Then, I am gonna snap my fingers, and appear instantly under the next underpass he passes by that says something else weird. I’ll persist with this for a few times. And hopefully, he doesn’t recognize who I am, as the goal is to have him pick me up and take me out for dinner where I just kick back and relax with him anonymously. Of course, introduce myself as Q, but give no hint to the fact that I’m Brian, his cousin.

This just makes me wonder.

Was that Scott or another one of my ‘old friends’ in the Mojave desert that day?

Is this just what we do?

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