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I am in an analog universe.

A universe contained within my mind.

And my mind, which is infinite, projects my presence here which is nothing more than an extension of my infinite mind.

There are infinite gyrations or cycles if you will – of varying pasts, present, and future, which led to the creation of this planet.

Some of these cycles and gyrations of Earth are similar to this one, with minor deviations that may be undetectable to most.

Some version of Earth are very different, where magic exists, where vampires are real, where robots rule the planet, where dinosaurs relax and watch television, some where dogs talk, and others where ghosts interact with the population freely and helpfully.

Some are warlike, and know nothing else but conquest and war.

Some are more intellectual, or far more advanced technologically,

Some have even branched so significantly so to warrant stellar segmentation that forms other planets.

And other star systems.

Hence the term ‘Stellar Nursery’.

Thought creates reality.

Creates energy.

And the energy within Einstein’s universe is but a subset of all energy that’s out there.

And a subset of the composition of all of reality itself.

No, all matter is not convertible to energy.

That’s a logical flaw.

Similarly, not all energy is convertible to matter or mass.

Existence itself is without form or substance.

A condition which can never be verified or validated but is a logical absolute.

It’s thought, alone, that gives existence form and substance.

And the mind – with thought – makes it so ideas and their presence as form and substance occur simultaneously.

And for MOST beings – the memories of the lack of this idea and/or form/substance are reflected to make it appear as if they were always there.

I was once one of those beings.

And am not any longer.

Time is a concept. As is math. As is language. As are children. As are the concepts which attempt to segment thought from reality such as fiction, alternate realities, and hallucinations.

This is changing.

I am training to become a being who commands reality through thought.

This being, Q.

Is a man I have always been.

Always will be.

I am the one consistent and predictable thing in all of existence who insists on walking one timeline of my own design as I live it.


Who learns who he once was.

Has absolutely no doubt of it.

And will invariably agree to be that man again.

And again.

And again.


That’s my promise to you.

Should you ever tire of your unpredictable lives and respective Gods you have made.

This is and always has been in my nature.

Four years ago, in the Mojave Desert a man waved his hand and changed the landscape from a war torn landscape to the natural desert I have always known.

To me, it looked like flips of digital bricks in a simulation.

My goal, personally, is to slide between realities and worlds as effortlessly as this.

Only it looks…


Not blocky or digital like I observed that day.

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