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With an expanding population, where does all the diversity of the last names of people come from?

Is there a last name generator which creates new people and new last names?

Do my thoughts get translated to source code?

Does someone or something, somewhere, think my mind is a computer, and are they trying to program it?

With Einstein’s relativity, wouldn’t the effects of time dilation be exponentially compounding?

Is the moon a white dwarf star?

Did you ever play the game of ‘pass the secret’ as a child – where ten children sit side by side and the teacher whispers something in the ear of one child and that child tells the child next to him/her until it’s gone through every child? While I am sure it’s no surprise I intentionally said something different in that exercise, how is any form of electronic communication any different?

Why is the White House a museum and why can you go on tours of it if there’s someone supposedly living there?

Was the Building 7 that fell at the World Trade Center an unstable digital construct (hologram), and is that why it had a fraction of the material that was expected to come from it?

Does nature create digital constructs side by side with analog constructs created by humans to make our world seem ‘fuller’ and ‘richer’?

Is the sun a nuclear explosion slowed down in time?

Have scientists calculated relativistic differences in the flow of time in space by comparing a nuclear bomb’s detonation here on Earth and comparing it to the Sun?

When we send astronauts to space, are we getting the same scientists back?

Why I ask is temporal relativity. I suspect it’s possible we may be getting ‘alternate reality’ versions of astronauts because of fundamental miscomprehension of the flow of time.

When I fall asleep at night. Does the world wake up and proceed oblivious to my being here?

Does the United States Military leverage video games to calculate army strength and tactics of foreign forces based on digital simulations?

If so, do they use this to calculate individual troop hit points and tactics, as well as equipment durability and resupply?

When I play a simulation such as Worlds of Warcraft, is this a Borg conquered world and am I leading an avatar Borg drone through mind control?

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