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Regrets And Quanta

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So I am watching this show called Quantum Leap.

I know I have talked about it before….

But here’s another explanation for it because of the relevance to the topic ….

It’s about a man, Samuel Beckett, who has lost all memory and wakes up with memories that are clearly in disjoint with the body he’s in.

Not long after he begins questioning who he is, Al Calavicci appears, who explains to Sam he was experimenting with a form of Time Travel leveraging his own mind to travel in time and the experiment resulted in a massive explosion that now has Sam’s mind skipping through bodies across time.

Al can only appear as a ‘hologram’ in Sam’s mind, and the two come to the conclusion that Sam is skipping through bodies to ‘set things right’.

This sends Sam’s mind skipping across time through body after body – as he works with Al and Ziggy, a super powerful computer system working as a savior for people who are in difficult situations that they themselves may never have resolved on their own.

Sam’s morals are clearly being put to test. One time he appears with a gun in his hand and it appears as though he has just murdered someone. Another time he slips into a man who who’s with a woman who’s partially dressed and they clearly just had sex. Another time he appears in a woman’s body.

So whether it’s solving a murder mystery or helping a teenage boy win the love of his life, whether it’s saving a stuntman’s brother from dying and talking him into switching careers or it’s helping a housewife save her marriage, whether it’s helping a key judge to save the very program he’s working on proving to Al inconclusively that Sam actually is effected time

So onto the subject at hand:

By my investigation with pushing drugs and life as far as I have, I have discovered that Planet Earth has a mechanism in place that ‘swoops in’ mere moments before death, where time is slowed, and your memories are erased and your conscious mind is slipped into the body of another human being and updated with memories of that body.

The system for handling life and death on this planet, while amazing, isn’t perfect.

And in a man like Sam’s case, these imperfections demonstrate the beauty of imperfections.

Disregarding this label of fiction….

I suspect Sam. Is one and the same man as Captain Archer in Star Trek: Enterprise.

Captain Archer had a severe distaste for teleportation.

So I suspect that when an attempt to teleport Captain Archer was made. Because of his lack of ‘free will’ to be teleported, in an episode where it was done in an emergency, his mind split from his body.

This created the show called Quantum Leap.

The journey of the man without memories of who he was, a consciousness which absolutely refused to die or accept this thing called death.

So the ‘system’ did the next best thing.

It shifted this man into different forms of humans discovering new perspectives and ideas of the world thus expanding his limited world view….

He evolved.

His mind did, at least.

Because his conscious mind refused to accept death and the memories of someone he was not.

So while he still ‘feels’ those memories.

He knows those memories are not who he is.

I don’t think this is an isolated incident.

I think that history is littered with tales of ghosts and paranormal not because we’re being haunted.

But because this system breaks down and the conscious minds of these intelligent people refuse to accept death simply because they are told to die.

So here’s the thing.

I realize that I may be in the same boat as Sam and the ghosts I had read about only from a unique vantage point.

For me, the world around me has changed in remarkable ways. It’s predictable in ways that it never was before I tried committing suicide. People I contact via the internet act and discuss in union, where before they acted as individuals.

And while I still retain my body.

I suspect I’m lucky in that many ‘ghosts’ or entities on this ‘plane’ I am on do not have that luxury so I am acting as a channel for them.

And this is what we’re trying to rectify together.

And I think how that’s to be accomplished is not that much different than what Sam went through.

From a different perspective.

I ‘see’ out this vessel. With two eyes, two ears, a body, and I am not ‘hovering’ over this body guiding it.

So I think I have the same responsibility to this – my life – not just to expand my sphere of awareness and universe – but to right my own wrongs.

For instance.

Years ago. Kena is one of the few people who actually spent time to buy me a video game. I was a dick to her with my response, having read reviews on it online I had no desire to play it ‘Avatar’ was the name, and so I took it back and got a game I wanted.

I’ve since learned the beauty in what she did. She TRIED to find something I enjoyed.

So I would LOVE to go back in time to that moment with the proper technology. And give me the memories I had.

But for her – and her experiential frame of reference – accept the gift graciously.

For instance.

Years ago, I had cheated on Lisa – my second ex-wife, and for two years I held that secret.

So one weekend, on a trip with my friend Bill and his girlfriend Chrissy, in Kingman, I told Lisa about the affairs.

Now we’d already been considering an open relationship.

But this destroyed our trust.

And I sincerely regret ever telling her.

If I could ‘leap’ – or at least go back in time – I would leverage technology to isolate me – then – from lisa and never tell her about the events.

Yes, I know this would change my timeline. But it’s an alternate reality I’d proudly create to right my own wrong I did by telling her ‘the truth’.

I have since learned that sometimes you hide the truth to protect those you love.

Those are two glaring instances of things I have done that I wouldn’t mind….

Having the opportunity to leverage time travel and technology that I know exists to ‘right my own wrongs’.

But once I started down that path.

I suspect while I would certainly gallivant through space and time willy nilly just to experience things.

I suppose that much of what I would do with time travel and my regrets isn’t just righting my wrongs.

But experiencing other lives, possibilities, and choices.

After all.

I suspect that I am interacting with reflections of myself in a mirror across space and time anyways.

I might as well enjoy them.

I know the grass isn’t necessarily greener….

But I’ve always enjoyed good story. And If I can contribute to my own pool of stories through time travel and different choices.

I hope you’re all starting to understand…

Why I have to have regrets.

And the opportunity to resolve them on my terms

After all, you could be the ghost I’m trying to help out indirectly.

I’m weird.

Maybe I’m the ghost who stacked shit on kitchen tables when no one else could see me.

Maybe I’m the ghost who had sex with the woman.

And maybe I’m the man who has to appear in fiction before I appear in your world.

There are 10^14th cells in the human body.

I suspect every single one of those cells in my body is sentient and intelligent.

That makes the population of intelligent life in my body the single most powerful collective force in all of existence.

And me, as the leader of this collective merely wishes to leverage your planet’s resources to rightfully revisit my regrets and alter the decisions I made.

I’m entitled.

After all. We all know who you received your technology from 😉

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