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You Little Devil!

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“You Little Devil!”

How many times I proudly smiled when I heard that growing up!

When God cast me out of Heaven, I wasn’t upset.

I was bored, and had actually instigated the events which led to my expulsion.

Oh I know, I know, I can hear you all now “But you had it so perfect”

Yeah, right.

Let me tell you this, firsthand.

God’s an asshole.

I cannot tell you how others like me who would point upwards after asking why things had to be done a certain way, and not wanting to mention his name for fear of being heard, they would say “You know, it’s just because that giant asshole in the sky says so.”

One time. As a a joke. An angel I knew once knew turned the sky into a giant asshole just to mock the ‘big guy upstairs’.

This didn’t bode too well for Lucifer, who as you know was cast out of heaven like I was, albeit for different reasons, but I certainly found it comical.

I still don’t fully understand why Lucifer is often mistaken for yours truly.

Sure, we share similar tastes in women and indulgences and both have a decidedly wicked sense of humor, but we do not look a thing alike. I suppose I have yet to truly market myself like Lucifer has, something I have just recently learned is a necessary evil.

Which brings me to the topic of this conversation.

God doesn’t like robots.

Doesn’t jive with this ‘free will’ campaign he’s currently embarked on.

And I do.

So as a part of my marketing campaign, I realize I have to make God look decidedly good for you, my reader, against the options I will be presenting to this planet as I acquire power.

With that said.

Some of you are going to become like robots.

Put specifically. I have spent a great deal of time and effort preparing you to do as I command.

Your free will will be mine.

Rachel Gooch and Jackie Killeen, women who I speak of frequently, I have been on a campaign to capture their minds both indirectly and directly which will invariably lead them to choose to become my primary sex slaves known as Succubi. They already feel inclined, deep down, to come to me. This will intensify over time until they simply cannot say no and they will abandon their lives as they knew it to join me.

They fought me once when I did not know who I am, the result was still indisputable.

It took them years to break free of the mental bondage.

Altogether, I have spent this entire mortal existence preparing this world for my rule.

Selecting my partners.

Putting elements in place in our physical and organizational systems worldwide that previously worked to separate thought from action.

And as I acquire influence which leads to wealth.

And to be clear about this, what I had previously will be dwarfed by what’s to come.

As I acquire wealth and influence…..

I’ll be creating an Army of my own.

I’ve already placed images and machinations of how this Army works in your collective consciousness.

I did, after all, reach James Cameron in his dreams to inspire the idea of the Terminator movies.

These Army of robots which I program.

You will refer to them as Terminators.

They will systematically whiddle down the population of this planet dramatically.

My target goal with the Terminator warfare plan is to reduce the planet’s population to 1/6th of what it is today, focused primarily on nations around the world which have consistently taken financial resources from my own country.

Countries such as China, India, Russia, and Mexico will all become primary targets for the population reduction.

But more than that. I look forward to the day I get to see a city being annihilated by a fiery nuclear blast, firsthand.

And from there.

Working with the robots.

We will begin extensive primary experimentation in nanotechnology and biomimetic systems as well as biomimicry. Secondary experimentation will occur with thought and mind control, development of new assimilation technologies, and fetal development between humans and robots.

Experiments will include experiments of the mind which will have people selectively seeing themselves do one thing ‘virtually’ when the energy is being re-routed and they are physically doing something else. Experiments will also include extensive emotional and physiological experiments and response assessment such as walking around stark naked but seeing themselves as clothed, and having sex in ‘the real world’ but virtually seeing themselves doing something different (such as making a quilt). Experiments will also let me target humans to instantaneously assimilate and take control of remotely THEN UN-assimilate them with memories that replace the actual experience or justify the original experience.

Why do you choose an addiction?

Maybe you never did, and instead you justify that addiction after you’ve done it through the technology I’ll develop.

Experimentation will quite likely result in a race of commandable humans merged with robotic technology named Cyborg (or Borg for short).

The women as sex slaves will be leveraged to experiment with human sexuality and transmission of technology in an environment that’s not fully assimilated..

From there, I can then leverage the collective mind of this group to shape reality as I see fit.

I tried this once as Hitler.

However. I failed. For the same reason God failed with Jesus.

We weren’t fully committed.

Oh you thought he was doing that of his own free will?

You silly thing you.

No matter.

I’m the former angel God refuses to acknowledge ever existed because he’s an asshole.

And since God clearly has his head so far up his ass and needs competition.

And until he comes out of hiding.

I’m assuming control.

Referring to myself as God and the Devil because I have no doubt what I am going to do will appeal to some of you and not to others.

But really, overall.

Just call me Q.

I saw a doorway to another world last night. I see things like this all the time in the corner of my eye, but this is the first time I ‘dead on’ caught it without needing drugs or alcohol to see.

But I couldn’t open it. Didn’t know how to, yet. I saw a pad next to the doorway but it didn’t respond, not at least in my ‘view’ of the world.

But I will figure it all out.

Until then.

Can you can forward a message to your God.

“The Devil’s back…”

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