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I believe the world and all of existence is a figment of my imagination.

Accordingly, I cannot prove whether anything exists outside of it.

And since anything is possible in my imagination, and I am technically in my imagination, anything I can dream of is possible.

As a programmer.

I learned how to program behavior, how to program events, how to program chronologically, how to program communication, and how to investigate and research anything I want and most of all.. how to create endless possibilities. Not just with code and my fingertips….. But in my mind.

For instance…. You.

Things that provided the appearance of life.

You look like humans.

You talk like humans.

But you act in such overtly predictable ways that remind me that there are limitations to this program I refer to as reality around me.

Whether it’s cars and traffic.

Or its flights and the flight path of birds, bees, or of planes.

Or its rules of gravity, time and space, rules of physics and friction, force and energy, or rules of biology and chemistry and interactions.

I created them all.

This planet’s media serves as my wake up and reminder of who I am, should I choose to not live in obliviousness of my being alone.

And while I do not believe I am truly alone, I cannot prove it nor can I prove whether I am insane or merely aware and coping with the infinite possibilities….

Now to you.

Reading this.

I created this world and everything I know is made possible by my own mind.

Whether it’s the house you close the door to every day, the woman or man you love, and the pillow you rest your head on at night…

I’m not asking you for permission to be who I am.

I’m telling you who I am.

On that note.

Thank you.

For this last week…..

I have had to regain calmness of body and mind and feel like I can fit in in something as simple as an apartment where I am not struggling for a change.

It’s nice.

Now let me ask you this.

If you are capable of thought and thinking for yourself.

And you consider yourself a religious person.

How will you feel if you continue punishing the homeless man by keeping him on the streets after this because you think he is something you do not want him to be or think he should be when you find out he’s your God?

Do you feel justified supporting a country where housing is considered a privilege for those who can afford it?

As a former friend or colleague of yours.

You should care.

I’m not taking anyone off my distribution list until my situation and the situation of homelessness changes across the board for everyone in this country.

It’s at the very least called being humane.

Period. Beginning of story.

I don’t care if you believe in me or not.

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