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When I was experimenting with bath salts, one thing I noticed was the visual hallucinations were heavily influenced by the music I listened to as well as the location I listened to it in.

At first I though this was a coincidence.

But when I went for a drive through Southern California, Nevada, and Arizona, intentionally experiencing the hallucinations in different locations, I began to realize.

The music was acting much like a computer program.

It was guiding me.

It was trying to show me something.

Now back in 1999, I had created some of the most magnificent code I had ever created – an object oriented evolutionary framework – an intelligent and learning system for a company I was part owner of – Touchscape.

I learned later that the NSA was deeply interested in this code, which is among the reasons I was offered a job with the NSA in 2003.

But the interesting thing about the code was.

It was inspired.

I’d been religiously listening to techno music as I developed the code, and cannot tell you how many times I listened to the Matrix soundtrack.

At that point I was drinking a dozen Mountain Dews a day in addition to having around four cups of Starbuck’s coffee.


And in hindsight.

I can tell you for certain that I ‘felt’ the code in this music, and I merely translated it for my world and put it in place.

So what’s weird is. The same thing is happening.

I’m intentionally writing at least once a day.

And listening to a variation of Dubstep and Electronica music. Going Quantum podcast is a a favorite I am listening to now, a podcast I discovered had some interesting effects on the world around me in the desert in 2011.

And also, Above and Beyond.

The latter more responsible for incredible visions (hallucinations if that’s your word choice) of space and time from the Jurassic Era to the future.

Another one I listen to on occasion, Avicii’s podcast, but he’s sucked lately and forgotten who he is in his production lately. But his music created some amazing visions the likes of which are unparalleled in my experiences so far.

So here’s the thing I have realized through all of this.

The amphetamines merely heighten my awareness of the world around me.

It helps me absorb things I already was absorbing anyways.

For instance, when I went to Krakow, Poland in 2004, I felt like the city was angry with me.

I’d never ‘felt’ a city’s anger before, nor even considered that a city was alive and even had emotion.

I’m a fool. I now know everything has the potential to have emotions, whether it’s a city, a song, a company, a video game, a bird, or a computer system I interact with.

This isn’t to say each and every one of these things actually has emotion, or what would be recognized as a consciousness or life.

But what I have realized is.

Everything is and can be a program.

Whether it’s that song or genre of music which taught me how to make a Matrix, which created the very real events which led to the crashing of the events of 9/11.

Or it’s the music I listened to which convinced me to attempt suicide in the desert that day.

Whether the program is delivered in music. or movies. or tv shows. or computer games such as Doom that I have no doubt altered the vision of children to shoot up a school in Columbine.

What I learned that day in the desert is that just because I see something.

Does not mean others will.

But we are all susceptible to manipulating our world. Or being manipulated.

Through programming.

You ask why I send my emails or blog daily?

I never said I was going to quit programming, did I?

I merely said I am not doing it for work any longer.

One thing I was taught by women – and then after that – by the Borg and the Terminators is that not all programming languages are obvious or even remotely structured.

Oh are you going to stick to your story they are fiction?

It’s possible to study any programming language without accepting the program.


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