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Defying a Death Sentence

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One of the things I always questioned about the origin and authenticity of the bible was this:

Why did these smart men wait nearly 100 years to actually commence documenting what happened with Jesus and his cadre?

I mean. You would think that for such incredible things going on detailed in the bible, that they would have actually wrote about it when it happened.

Between that and the talking snake, these were chief among the reasons I dismissed the bible as having any credibility.

But then again, something else that haunted me was “Why is it Christopher Columbus is credited with discovering America first, in 1492, when Leif Eriksson and the Vikings visited America in 1000 AD”.

The clues on causality and the real nature of the universe had been there the entire time.

In specific – the notion that effect can and often does precede cause can create a tad bit of confusion for anyone (or anything) searching for “The truth”

I cannot say I was ever really looking for the world’s historical truth, per se, with the exception of my ex-wives commitment to me, and while sure I was curious about world events such as who killed JFK and what really happened in Roswell, I can say that knowing or not knowing did not tend to bother me one bit.

In fact I had mostly written off the events as a “We will never really know”

I can say for certain that I was looking for my truth, and the only way I had to understand my truth was by studying the world around me.

I didn’t know why.

I just knew – throughout every fibre of my being – that my life depended on it.

With this, I had to become an expert at studying patterns and analogies. My profession in computers was chosen for me. My life was largely guided, and the apparent choices I thought I was making had never really been anything more than an education in life itself.

Here’s a rough analogy on why:

Let’s say you take a harp or a guitar. And you set up a high speed camera mere millimeters away from a string that you then pluck.

You hear the effect – a noise reverberates from the string as it slams into particles of air creating frictional forces which results in an audible tone. By and large you cannot see the string because it is moving so fast. You know the string is there even though you can’t see it, as you can hear the effects.

Now you take that camera and slow it down.

Frame by frame at 1000 frames per second where you still see blur from the string’s movement.

AT 8000 frames per second you see the string as solid as it is, standing still.

NOW you know it’s moving. But with how you were able to freeze that frame, it now looks like the string is not moving at all.

You move a few frames, and you see the movement of the string, ever so slightly, and it’s now you realize this positional change also resulted in the emission of a sound.

What’s this have to do with the price of tea in China?

Surprisingly, a lot.

Earth vibrates in such a way that it produces a tone of “C#”. Now it’s not that hard to leap to the potential that Earth is moving, rapidly, between two different positions in space and time, and the tone we’re hearing (I hear it sometimes when I am about to fall asleep) is similar to the tone of a vibrating string.

Now if you draw a line out from the big bang or beginning of the universe to the predicted end – the big crunch, this timeline would be like a single ‘string’.

So here’s my theory: The tone of C# is akin to a cosmic ‘vibration’ of the single ‘master’ linear timeline known as Earth.

And the string is not actually at rest and is actually resonating in space and time which produces both the tone of C#.

And multiple potential histories based on the deviational path of the vibration of the planet in space and time.

It’s my suspicion that the universe is ‘tipping its hand’ and alluding to this string like nature of reality by presenting us with historical references calling Columbus the first.

And it’s my belief that this world loves to believe it’s much further advanced technologically, psychologically, and spiritually than it’s ever been, and ancestors were fools and wildly inaccurate with their records.

But what if.

Each of those records are 100% accurate.
And what if there are very real scientific reasons for the contradictions?

Take my own experiences as an example.

As an individual. Have a history which is not one and the same as my nation or my planet’s history, I have documented pages of differences in geography, political boundaries, and heck – even silly things like celebrities I remember dying (Eddie Murphy) where documentation claims he’s still alive.

Five years ago, in the Mojave desert, I was overwhelmed in ways that defy logical explanation.

What I saw and experienced was perfectly and undeniably real to me:

A nuclear holocaust desert, with black bomb blasts stretching as far as my eyes could see. Hills blown up. A road that kept seeming to change course all while I was running out of fuel. Android faces all with smiles on them waving at me. And a voice inside my head saying “This is your fault. You killed your world. “

That voice convinced me the only way to resurrect this – my world – was by taking my own life.

I committed suicide, or tried to depending on your perspective, convinced I could save my planet.
And admittedly partially convinced I had been placed here in this landscape by an evil twin brother.

But in the end.
I came to realize.

I was electrocuted when I was 11 years old and received 2nd and third degree burns over a good portion of my body. Burns which blackened my skin and I was told would never heal for a reason. I was in a tango with time and being educated on who I once was, and different perspectives of the same event.

Does Paul Walker know there’s an entire world out there who thinks he’s dead?

If you think linearly, you probably think Paul Walker doesn’t think anything, he’s dead.

You have a place in my world even with this level of thinking.

If you think nonlinearly, you probably know Paul Walker’s off in his own reality, and now he may not even be an actor….

You have a place in my world too.

I suspect the real reasons I don’t receive emails from prospective employers and any form of contact from my old friends is because they think I died out in the desert that day, and their mechanisms of communication all limit communications to things marked as ‘living’. Life and death a collective ‘for the greater good’ agreement that invariably forced me to make one of two choices, to live in a different world or to die in that linear thinking one which collectively wanted me dead.

This was my dance.

I had made some hard choices to experience and explore the unknown, of both body and mind, up to and including an attempt to take my own life, and in the process grew up real fast and invited in the ultimate in unknowns….

Death itself.

Jesus, after all, I accepted as a historically accurate story, a story I had learned from, and came to understand if he can transcend death.

I can too.

Inside my mind. I have infinite possibilities I can see and understand.

In the real world. Is the one my choices made and continue to influence on a daily basis.

And Columbus.

It’s my belief that Columbus’s frame of reference was the first photographed in ultra-slow motion..

Or the first visited by time travelers which is what ‘s historically written about.

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