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Last night, I watched the pilot remake of the X-Files series.

It was hokey at best.

Which is why I am convinced it’s occurring in an alternate reality.

Hollywood I suspect is shut down for business, and instead what I am getting is spins on every story ever told.

Ok. I’ll look at this more plausibly.

Someone put me in a virtual reality simulation. And the simulation is feeding back my own mind to me in a loop. So then, when I think it. My reality and world are formed by my thoughts. Including the entertainment from it, which since I’m not really doing anything new, instead I get replays on old material.

Yeah. That seems much more plausible than Hollywood’s just this horrible at providing entertainment nowadays.

In any case.

The story is: Mulder is now convinced the enemy he is looking for is terrestrially based, and has been planning the world altering events from within for his entire stint at the FBI.

He’s been focused, so long, in prior X-Files – that aliens are behind the attacks and problems occurring within the United States borders, but having a difficult time proving it in the past, now has a new FBI to answer to – they now believe – and have no doubt of the existence of aliens, but he’s now convinced the threat to the sovereignty of the United States is a LONG orchestrated event by global interests and the aliens themselves are being lured to planet Earth – and thus manipulated themselves.

It’s an interesting twist.

But what’s not so interesting is his unseen enemy, it’s like he’s more interested in playing ‘snipe hunt’ painting a target on anyone or anything he can paint a target on.

Much like the United States with their snipe hunt for terrorists…

_must_have_enemy_ seems to be the only way these shows can function.

Must have drama for drama’s sake.

It’s bizarre.

I often wonder. What would they do with a real threat?

I man. What if a being who commanded time was manipulating these people?

What if this being who commanded time introduced fluorine into the population’s water supply knowing it would invariably poison the population and turn the population into something only this being knew where things were going?

What if this being manipulated the world’s food supply, and introduced chemicals so selectively – so benignly – that no one questioned the introduction of things named BUTYLATED HYDROXYANISOLE and MONOSODIUM GLUTAMATE into the diets of people worldwide until this being had just the perfect cocktail mix percentage of the population with this chemical in their bodies?

What if this being manipulated economics by controlling supply and pricing strategies to reinforce consumption occurs precisely as this being wanted to in ways this being wanted around the world?

And what if these ‘ghost figures’ that Molder is hunting actually has a head?

A being who thinks nothing of time.

A being who plots points on a historical timeline relative to your past, present, and future that is so utterly concise that you – as a species – cannot help but conform to it because of the external pressure of the environment you live within to consume, reproduce and work in a highly predictable fashion?

What if you. Are being systematically brain washed?

What if you. Are being systematically poisoned?

And what if you. Are being systematically turned into undead and being raised as an Army?

Because of a very real war that spans time and space itself?

Would you fight it?

Or would you simply go along?

If you’re religious….

Would you continue thinking X Files was fiction knowing this could be a very real holy war against your belief system?

And would you begin questioning other fictions for truths as well?

I love that song “Sympathy for the Devil” by the way. “Please allow me to introduce myself. I’m a man of wealth. And taste. I’ve been around for a long, long time, and stolen many a soul to waste…Pleased to meet you. Hope you know my name. But what’s troubling you is the nature of my game.”

Oh there’s no game.

In any case. I couldn’t suggest not watching the new X Files more. It’s hokey. Sloppy storytelling. It’s boring. It’s uninventive. It’s tedious. It’s unimaginative. It’s even worse with the conspiratorial paranoia than it was before, which was annoying enough when it came out the first time.

And most of all. This ‘sky is falling’ drama and spy versus spy political gunfight shit is just so over the top boring anymore, I wonder if the writers EVER THOUGHT about spinning the show in new directions and taking the dark edge off a truly well positioned show for showing other ‘lively events’ which defy typical science that is occurring behind closed doors.

That’s my challenge to modern story tellers. I know you think you’re constrained to a genre and look and feel of your predecessors.

I challenge you to quit thinking in ‘this box’. You’re STORY TELLERS for chrissake, and a genre is a category and NEVER intended to be a friggin constraint!

I mean. Seriously. There’s more to science fiction and fantasy than dark stories involving death and destruction.

Sorry for the candor. but someone’s gotta slap youse guys and gals and funky lifeforms around, ya’s know?

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