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It’s about Time^2!

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To CONTINUE preparing you for your Temporal Mechanics education, I will continue providing you with more basic definitions for time travel and its related functions:


Also known as Quantum Sliding, occurs when an object and/or perspective slides into an alternate reality. Can be both a subjective and objective experience, and can occur naturally (ie: hurricanes and black holes), as well as through artificially induced events and technology (ie: televisions, wormholes, teleportation, and warp drives). Conscious thought has the innate capability to slide.

The television show “Sliders” depicts the real life experiences (classified as fiction to impede your mind’s digestion) of a theoretical physicist and his cadre who all witness a multitude of variations of Earth by constructing a wormhole in their master (objective) reality which opens a doorway into other worlds. They wind up on a journey to find their ‘master’ reality, where they versions of Earth where Elvis did not die, where dinosaurs still roam the Earth, where an ice age struck the planet, and where nerds are elevated to the statuses of great athletes with worldwide competitions.

Quantum Leaping:

Typically for ‘floating’ conscious minds – the ‘quantum leaper’ has the ability to leverage the human body as a vessel, much like a car, and can shift in between different bodies as easily as I can jump into different cars.

Sometimes, this occurs uncontrollably, typically as a result of technology and/or experimentation gone awry, as the television show ‘Quantum Leap” depicts a man experimenting with time travel finds his mind is now lost of its original form and is being randomly placed in men and women until he can find a way ‘home’ (to his original body and form)

Basing this a little more firmly in your accepted reality, in the old testament, “God” is depicted as a cloudlike form which orders humans to do things from the skies. This ‘floating’ consciousness is depicted in a wide array of media since then from non-fictional phenomena such as ghosts and human possessions to the fictional world technologies depicted in Star Trek where the free floating mind can be teleported great distances and have the body reconstituted ‘on the other end’ .

I suspect Scott Bakula was the reluctant benefactor of a failed teleportation experiment in a future timeline.

Quantum Physics:

Modern physics, which forms the basis of this ‘our/my’ master reality, is a subset of quantum physics, or all potential realities.

Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and science in general are a languages and in themselves classification systems.

Other classification systems interact with our universe ALL THE TIME, including derivatives, where the basic laws of physics may be different, where chemical elements which exist in one system may not exist in another, and where biology is governed by different rules and laws than they are in this, my reality.

Kal El (Superman’s) journey through space and time once he’s ejected from Krypton is narrated by Kal El (Marlon Brando), who explains – as the small spaceship zooms by galaxy after galaxy – that time and space all have different scientific rules they are governed by.

Keep in mind that ’governance’, ‘law’ and the like are all relative terms, and physics, chemistry, biology, like math, are all languages describing reality but not the only language there is.

Element Zero:

All periodic tables I have seen fail to include a ‘bridge’ element which demonstrates the obvious bindings of chemistry to physics.

That is, what is the absolute absence of mass?

Element Zero, a massless element otherwise known as “E” for Electricity is this bridge element.

Time War:

An event depicted in numerous sources of fiction, is a simple war for a single, linear objective (perspective based) reality.

I won this war by taking ownership of my objective and subjective reality.

I suspect this war will never truly end.

A note on chemistry:

I suspect my allergies are due, directly, to a fundamental differences of chemistry of the world I come from, how they form in the atoms and atomic structure in my ‘master’ reality and incongruence with this current ‘world/reality’. That is, I suspect that an atom labeled as ‘hydrogen’ or ‘gold’ in this reality is starkly different than ones in other realities.

A note on rationalism:

Math, logic, and reason all artificially limit possibilities which artificially creates entropy in a system so as to ‘better understand it’.

There’s an inbuilt flaw with rationalism there.

Understanding infinite is nothing more than saying and knowing ‘anything is possible’.

Quantifying it is an exercise in insanity.

A note on God:

God. Heaven. Hell. Are all what you make it.

For me. I’m creating God in my own image based on simple concepts I learned through observation and participation with this, my world, much of what I have detailed above.

The ultimate lurker, tinkerer, observer, experimenter and explorer.

If there’s another being out there who regards him or her or itself as God.


Make an appearance. I’m here to watch your show.

And maybe take part in it.

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