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It’s about TIME!

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To prepare you for your Temporal Mechanics education, I am providing you with some basic definitions for time travel and its related functions:

Time (objective form)

A sequence of events occurring in a predictable and documentable fashion on an object based perspective.

For example:

In its most simplistic fashion, it is the diurnal cycle and the notation of those days through a system called a calendar.

At the atomic level, it’s the precise number of vibrations of a cesium atom which happens at a predictable rate which are then used to create the definition of a second.

For a photon, it’s the constant and highly predictable duration it takes a single photon to cover roughly 186,000 miles.

Objective time leverages an OBJECTIVE concept and idea to measures the flow of time based on external (non-subjective) data.

This form of time is typically DISCRETE, and is highly mutable and rarely static.

Time (subjective form):

The individual observer’s perspective of time, independent of external measures.

This form of time is typically fluid, wavelike and analog in form.

Time Slip:

A time slip is a disjoint of the objective and subjective forms of time which creates a perceptible glitch in what was witnessed (observed) subjectively versus what was documented objectively.. A leading cause of time slips is largely attributed to natural collective pressure and influences on the documenting of time.

Typically this is written off as human error, or equipment malfunctions.

Example: I witnessed a time slip while observing Spencer while living with him. One day, he was 3 months from bankruptcy, two weeks later his bankruptcy was a month behind him and two weeks later it was three months behind him and he was approved for a new car he’d been looking at for months.

Most time slips are far less obvious and less manipulable.

Example 2: I witnessed a variation of a time slip in Nicaragua when looking for a school to teach at. The satellite maps on Google were dramatically different than the ground terrain. Why is this a time slip? Geography and political boundaries are a direct result of events in time, and I suspect a deviation in time occurred between the time the digital satellite photo was taken and the time I saw it which reshaped the physical locations of buildings as I witnessed.

Temporal Anomaly:

A temporal anomaly is an event which loops or dilates time in an typically unexpected or unpredictable fashion.

The root causes of temporal anomalies are widely varied, and in many circumstances require the direct intervention of sentient species to mitigate.

Example: While traveling through Sedona, I saw three different versions of Sedona in two months.

Example 2: While traveling not far from Big Bear, my GPS maps whacked out and showed me no less than three different variations of the same road I was on, pulled over to the side, in a period of 15 minutes as I was trying to figure out how to leave the area I was in.

Example 3 (Fictional): In Star Trek, Voyager, the Episode “Blink of an Eye” – an entire planet is rapidly evolving from iron age to information age, over and over again, as a starship entered and remained stuck in orbit. Had the starship not entered orbit, the society may never have developed. In hours, the society technologically advanced past the starship, technologically, who then pulls the stuck starship out of orbit. The anomaly being the investigation by a starship of a planet rapidly spinning and replaying in time.

Temporal anomalies can occur anywhere and can be ANY size, from the subatomic to the planetary – and larger.

Time Loop:

A sequence of time played and replayed again and again, typically to the confusion of those reliving those sequences. Can occur for ANY number of reasons, both natural and artificial.

The movie “Groundhog Day” exhibited one man’s frustration of dealing with a time loop.

Special note: Some temporally aware intelligences and businesses leverage time loops chiefly for profit, but also for a variety of other reasons such as rapidly creating an Army, eliminating competition, developing products, and more. Nature at one time leveraged a time loop to defeat intelligent and self-questioning life from ever developing.

Nature’s since gotten much kinder, fortunately.

Déjà vu:

A direct result of a time loop, occurs when a sentient being internalizes awareness of being caught/trapped in a time loop and begins to remember having experienced things before.

Alternate Reality:

A reality/world where the flow of time and/or temporally associated events is notably different than that which is considered ‘home’.

Largely created naturally through subjective choices in time coming in contention with objective (temporal) reality. Can also be created by any number of mechanism other than mind and conscious choice, and through simulation and conjecture.

Example: A Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) is an alternate reality.

Multiple Realities:

The mindbogglingly infintintudinally complex number of subjective realities.

Time Travel:

Traveling and witnessing temporally OBJECTIVE events in a displaced and/or deviated subjective order.

Example: One form of Time Travel is accomplished through simulation.

Temporally Associated Diseases

Alzheimer’s (A memory loss ‘disease’) is often misdiagnosed and misunderstood mental awareness of the subjective and objective forms of time, and an increasing distrust of the subjective form in favor of the objective form. This generally leads to dissociative identity disorders and a loss of individuality for the mind in general.

Multiple Personalities are often a direct result of a distrust of the subjective form of time and/or the mind not comprehending observations of objective deviations of time and witnessing events out of discrete order. Schizophrenia is the very real development of alternate egos

Schizophrenia is a subjective split from objective reality, quite literally creating an alternate reality for the observed. The observer’s experience is dramatically different than the observee, up to and including the observee having absolutely no awareness of a condition…

That’s all I can think of for now.

More to come later!


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